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For thus says the Lord God of Israel to me: “Take this wine cup of fury from My hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I send you, to drink it. And they will drink and stagger and go mad because of the sword that I will send among them.”

Jeremiah 25:15-16

That’s who he claims he is; Elijah from the Old Testament. He went on Facebook Live, to caution people not to provoke him, said that he almost died, did not sleep for fourteen days, and in the process he claimed that God had spoken to him and anointed him further.

And he had multiple posts on his wall, challenging those who do not believe him, to prove that he is not Elijah. In essence, he is placing the burden or proof on others, to show him that he is not the reincarnation of Elijah. What a joke! And he told the public, to go read and check their Bibles. He also left behind links leading to Wikipedia’s description of Elijah, and he persistently claimed, that is him.

The past 14 days will go down in history as the worst weeks for Victor M. Sidhu, in the ways which he presented himself, for the entire world to see who he really is. Calling this man a frivolous orator, is in fact an understatement.

Honestly, I’m not sure what he is attempting to do, he started with his sudden explosion of commentary in Punjab politics, then he laced his sentences with veil threats that everyone should be afraid of him, on grounds that he said he is the Elijah of the Old Testament, and that he had lived in this world before.

In one section of his wall, he proudly bragged about his own Victor M. Sidhu Ministries, and how he branched out to India, and appointed an Arif Masih Chohan, to become his spokesperson in Punjab.

Recently, he also revived his church, FGCCI Rawang, located at Rawang Tin. He posted several images of people attending his services, most of the men shown by him, are likely foreign nationals, or probably people from Punjab, Victor Sidhu’s hometown. And his tirade begins.

But for the sake of this man’s well-being, I shall keep this article short and not go further into details. If you wish to find out more about Victor M. Sidhu and his Elijah claims, go visit his page on Facebook. The stuff he is posting there, is sufficient for anyone, to read and understand what is actually happening to him.

Instead, I will leave necessary information for those taking care of this man, on what to look out for, when dealing with the difficult conditions this man is going through now. Nevertheless, what you choose to do with the following information, is up to you. It is not my concern, whether you elect to accept or reject what is written here.

The medical condition, causing him sleeplessness, is called insomnia. And, insomnia is an early warning sign of heart failure, and possibly attributed to AstraZeneca. In the West, there are already dozens of lawsuits filed against the maker of AstraZeneca, for causing deaths and serious adverse effects, including many cases of heart failures. This man is currently not experiencing any divine intervention. As a result of insomnia, he is but hallucinating, thinking that God is calling him or talking to him.

The Demons In Victor M Sidhu

The real voice speaking from his mouth now, is not of himself, but of the legion of demons residing in this man. Some of these demons, are from the same pack who fought Elijah, when Elijah confronted hundreds of Jezebel’s false prophets in 1 Kings 18:20-40. These foul spirits specialize in invading false preachers. And they are afraid to be confronted again, to feed on bitter wormwood, or to be forced again to drink the water from gall (Jeremiah 23:15).

Knowing what is coming, some of these demons had fled and escaped recently, and a pet dog was drowned as a result, just as how it happened when Christ confronted the evil spirits and directed them to go into the swines instead (Matthew 8:32).

The town of Rawang in Malaysia, is a breeding ground for demons and all kinds of evil beings. These malignant spirits have been residing and hiding in this town for a very long time. And they can be found loitering everywhere, including in places known to man as churches or houses of prayer.

Their mistake is their attempt to take over these places of worship. They have inadvertently demonstrated their incompetence by their persistent rejection of the Light, and components of which constitutes the Light. Confronted once more, they are now manifesting themselves, and their tyranny began with threatening anyone who try to expose them. You can see these demons in action, explicitly, among the famous five false preachers from Rawang (link here).

These demons are now borrowing ideas from recent spiritual incursions that happened in this sleepy town. And they are blasting out and firing blanks at every preacher (both legit and false ones) in far away Punjab, calling them all kinds of unfitting words, and hoping that by masquerading as the true Elijah, their cover won’t be exposed. The demons are doing this, to avoid being compelled to drink bitter water again.

After this man, there’s four more left. Who wants to be next? And who do you wish to masquerade as; Jonah, David or Ezekiel? Our God is a Person known to always save the best for the last (John 2:10). Likewise, when He fight demons and evil, be absolutely certain that the last one will get the hardest brunt from His iron scepter. So to all you false preachers and fake prophets; drink, stagger and go mad. Because the sword of the Lord is coming.

Make no mistake, when Light enters this town, darkness shall have nowhere to hide. But before this shall come to past, some shake up will take place, to warn those who chose to be righteous, to leave and not look back or see. The wages of sin is death, and will always be death. And blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is unforgivable and will eternally remain unforgivable. There’s nothing we can do to alter what God has decreed, other than to recognize and obey.