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“Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. FOR I SAY TO YOU, THAT UNLESS YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS EXCEEDS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES, YOU WILL BY NO MEANS ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

Matthew 5:17-20

David Lee wrote:-

“Rupa-rupanya orang yang membuat tuduhan itu tidak suka hamba Tuhan mengatakan orang yang memberi persepuluhan akan diberkati oleh Tuhan. Tapi bukankah itu yang diajar dalam Alkitab? Bahawa kepada orang-orang yang memberi persepuluhan, Tuhan akan membuka tingkat-tingkap langit dan mencurahkan berkat kepada mereka sampai kelimpahan?

Orang yang membuat tuduhan itu menganggap bahawa itulah Injil Kemakmuran apabila hamba Tuhan memberitahu jemaat bahawa mereka yang menghulurkan pemberian akan juga diberi oleh Tuhan. “

In his blog, he quoted Malachi 3:10, as the Scriptural basis to support the giving of tithes to the House Of God. And he quoted Luke 6:38, claiming that the act of giving is perceived, by his accusers, to be prosperity gospel. Allow me to correct his wrong perception and address his concerns.

Corrupt Pastor In A Corrupt Church

Dear David,

Firstly, nowhere in this blog, have I ever mentioned anything against the giving of tithes to the House of God. What I am against is the blatant giving away of wealth to wolves and hirelings, thinking that it is giving to the House of God. The people are not getting anything back from God, because God’s House did not receive anything from them, and every penny is plundered by unscrupulous preachers like you, who pretend to be a shepherd from God.

Secondly, how do you comprehend the church founded by you, namely The City Of Praise Church Rawang, to be a house of God? The house that you yourself owned and lived in, is infested with evil spirits and demons, how is it then that the other house founded by you (a person coming from a house filled with foul spirits), can be treated as a House Of God? Therefore, how is putting money in your pockets, equates to giving tithes to the House of God?

A church member of yours, was once diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, resulting in him losing his job as a truck driver. I specifically asked you, how is the church going to provide assistance to him. Your answer came as a disappointment to me, when you told me you have given him RM200.00 one off, and that’s all that the church can do for him. Even after much persuasion, you hesitated, and started handing out two offering bags during Sunday services, and directed others to contribute to him, by putting money in one of the other bag.

So, where is the church money? Unlike tithing in the House of God, and given this example, am I correct to say that money handed over to your custody, will never be given back to the people?

If you take a closer look at other established, legit Houses Of God, the giving of tithes is often handled properly, audited and every cent is usually accounted for. The money is then given back to the people in times of need, similar to what Joseph did during the medieval past. After Joseph taxed the people in the bountiful seven years, he gave back to the people in the following seven years of famine. What have you given back to the people in COP? While you stole from them, yet you have the audacity to put yourself as a person equal to Joseph. In one of your sermons not too long ago, you said that someday your own brothers will return and bow before you, on your claim that you will forgive them, despite no one having committed any sin against you.

Or how about conducting a thorough healing process, so that the said member don’t need to undergo expensive dialysis treatment anymore? In times of need, where are your preacher friends, who claim to have powers from God to heal, why are they not doing anything for him? Let me remind you, when Pak Ahmad (not his real name) was diagnosed with CKD, he once came to my house together with his wife, and I shared with him that I too had been diagnosed with end-stage CKD similar to him. I showed him my swollen legs and my dry skin. Similar to his. That was like 7 to 8 years ago.

Today, Pak Ahmad is still undergoing medical dialysis treatment, while I never had any single needle pierced my hands or neck since. And my wife and I are still eating out supper every night, enjoying our usual ‘teh tarik’ and ‘roti canai’, as though nothing had happened to me. The difference between Pak Ahmad and me is this; he is still under the spells of your false prophet friends and you, whereas I am not. I knew that in order to be healed, we have to first deal with our sins. I told that to my ex-church friends, but instead you and your wife took on the offensive and began launching personal attacks against me and my family; calling us apostates and demons, before it was announced that we have left Christ, without any reference to my family and I.

Isn’t it bizarre now that you are claiming a ‘Christian’ is accusing you? So how did this happened? That I left Christ, became a demon and started haunting you, and once finished, I converted back to become a Christian again? Is this how it is to you? You owe a proper explanation, not only to my family and I, but also to the public in Rawang. On the day of your trial, it will not be me but your own children and the people who heard from you directly, they shall be the ones to bear witness against you and your wife. Because no one will dare to speak lies while standing in front of God’s altar. And if they lie, they will fall and die instantly in the presence of other holy men, exactly as how it happened to Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11).

Authority To Question

By misquoting Luke 6:38, you also appear to be attempting to distort the biblical meaning of giving. If you care to consider the context of Luke chapter 6, verse 38 refers to the giving to the needy, and not to false preachers. But then again, I am also curious, in what ways have you yourself been giving to others, contrary to your many years of taking and looting, from people who trusted you?

Your church members never receive blessings from God, due to the fact that their giving never once reached any House of God. And the same goes to you as well. You and your family are always running short at the end of each month, because you gave nothing to the needy, and therefore nothing is given back to you. What is yours, is barely the toiling in the fields done by the sweat of your family and your own hands, as a result of your transgressions. However, you were able to deceive many among the poor and the desperate, into believing that it was God who is blessing you.

I may no longer be a member of your house, therefore the money today is no more my concern. But otherwise, my family and I were once active members who not only served, preached, cooked for others, but we also paid what we thought were tithes, substantially more than others do. I have every authority to question you until I get satisfactory answers.

Who Are The Pharisees You’re Referring To?

While it is correct to state that the Pharisees are learned people, well-versed with the Commandments of God, the Pharisees are also people who made up of the governing council of the Sanhedrin in ancient Israel. Matthew chapter 23 gives us a complete picture of whom these Pharisees actually are.

Jesus started by saying, “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.” Therefore, not only they are familiar with the Commandments of God, they are also people in positions of power and leadership. Further, Jesus describes them as hypocrites who prioritize payment of tithes, but neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith (Matthew 23:23).

But in the definition of David Lee and people in his false church, it is those who obey God’s Commandments, they are the modern equivalent of the Pharisees. While they being the ones questioned, they see themselves equivalent to Christ, as though Christ was being rejected by law abiding believers. David Lee claims that the Pharisees were too strict in following God’s laws and rejected Jesus Christ when He was with them.

Let me correct what this false preacher is stating. The Pharisees were never law obeying people. Christ called them like whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanliness. How can a law-abiding person be unclean and dead? Secondly, instead of teaching the people to obey God’s laws, the Pharisees taught them to obey useless customs like the importance of payment of tithes, exactly like how David Lee is telling the people in his church – to put money in his pockets. Then they ignored the Commandments of God, again exactly as in how David Lee treats the Commandments; not relevant anymore. To David Lee and his legion of false preachers, obeying God’s laws is now obsolete. Today, every believer in his church, can do as they wish, and if they sin, they can readily use God’s Name in vain to claim that they have been forgiven. And they thought they are all going to heaven on this ticket.

And worse, David Lee claims that it was Christ who rebuked law-abiding Pharisees, when he stated “Mereka memang amat teliti mengenai amalan mereka menurut Taurat tetapi Yesus membidas mereka…”. Let me realign his perspective back to the truth and expose his lie; Christ DID NOT rebuke law-abiding Pharisees, but He rebuked the lawless Pharisees who knew the laws, but weren’t obeying them. Jesus said it clearly, who these Pharisees really are – they say but do not do (Matthew 23:3). And Jesus called them hypocrites, multiple times in Matthew 23. If these Pharisees practiced what they preached concerning God’s laws, it would HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE for Christ to label them as hypocrites.

In Matthew 5:17, Christ said it clearly, “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill.”

Thus, the blind followers in The City Of Praise Church Rawang, will agree with David Lee, that giving money to him and his wife is a biblical commandment from God. And they will also believe this false preacher, as he devoured them with their ignorance, and telling them that it was Jesus who taught in the Bible, that there is no more need to obey God’s Commandments today. As long as you put money in David Lee’s pockets on Sundays, you can live out the rest of the six days in your week, in sin and in darkness.

Hence, other than himself and his bandit of false preachers, who else is David Lee accusing, of behaving and doing what the Pharisees did?

Not A Small Matter

In one article, David Lee stated this, “Orang-orang Farisi amat teliti dengan hal-hal yang kecil tetapi mengabaikan hal yang paling utama.” Allow me to put forth a few pertinent questions, and ask David Lee for answers, if these matters are small to him:-

(1) Fabricating legal evidence to trap another, is this a small matter?
(2) Destroying the career of an 18-year-old who started out in business, for own selfish gains, is this a small matter?
(3) A senior member in a church, bullying and threatening a junior into submission, is this a small matter?
(4) Pastors colluding with one another, to lie and to bring down others, is this a small matter?
(5) Falsely calling another Christian an apostate, and subsequently calling him a demon, is this a small matter?
(6) Protecting the wrongdoer but rebuking the one who did what is right, is this a small matter?
(7) Gathering church members to pray for the downfall of another who did them no wrong, is this a small matter?
(8) Pastors and preachers speak blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and against what is good, IS THIS A SMALL MATTER???

I’m not sure if these people who call themselves anointed by God, actually know what they are doing, but it is obvious, they themselves have fallen into pits they dug for others, and now they find it extremely difficult to get out. And they thought that Jesus will be siding them, that they can easily get away with what they did.

But by observing the conduct of his church members, we can easily tell what kind of preacher, David Lee is. A saying goes like this, when the father smokes, the whole family chokes together. Likewise, when you see sin roaming freely among the members of The City of Praise Church in Rawang, you can tell from afar, that someone above them is responsible for their carnal upbringing.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

David Lee expressly mentioned this lie, “Rupa-rupanya orang yang membuat tuduhan itu tidak suka hamba Tuhan mengatakan orang yang memberi persepuluhan akan diberkati oleh Tuhan.”

How did he conclude that the person who accused him, did not like him saying that those who give will be blessed by God? That David Lee himself has supernatural powers, that he is able to know the thought process of others, what others like or do not like, without any form of expression by others? David Lee can begin to put things right, by answering and explaining, what he claims he know, that I don’t.

On the other hand, David Lee ought to revert back to his old ways of translating and republishing on his blog, articles that are not written by him. This would be a safer route for a liar like him who does things in darkness, than for him to carelessly and publicly air his opinions, without putting on his thinking cap.

That’s what liars do best, they put words into other people’s mouth, calls it the truth, and eventually they have to speak more lies in order to cover up their existing lies.