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For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries.

Hebrews 10:26-27

In year 2020, they were fluffed up, and like trained warriors, ready to fight any battle before them. Back then these futile preachers were eager and willing to use anything within their means from the pulpit, to acridly speak ill against anyone, who dare to stand up against their counterfeit authority in the church.

They use all kinds of tactics, from displaying anger to instilling fear in the hearts of those they thought they could oppress easily.

Tam Wah Fiong: Between The Lines

From warning others to “know who he is” before lifting to “beat his dogs”, those words came from none other than false preacher, Tam Wah Fiong from Diakonia Christian Church, Rawang. Between his lines, he is practically demanding others to be afraid of him. When all else failed, like a wounded dog returning to his own vomit, he retreated into seclusion, resigned as pastor from his church, and indefinitely stayed behind his own shadows, hardly to be heard again as in how he once proudly was.

But, occasionally you could hear mutterings from people in Tam Wah Fiong’s church, other pastors speaking subtly to defend their wounded wolf. Calvyn Laang, another senior preacher from Diakonia, once said some people may be doing what is right, but it is the way they deliver their speech that really turns and put them off. Well, let me be clear on this point; if you cross the red line of blasphemy and start calling others as devil or demons when they are not, REST BE ASSURED THAT IT IS AN ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, YOU WILL earn harsh retaliation as wages in return for your deeds.

It is even recorded in the Bible, that blasphemers ought not to expect cordial treatment for their impiety. After the Pharisees accused Jesus of casting out demons with the help of other demons, Christ angrily scolded and yelled at them, “Brood vipers ….” (Matthew 12:34-37) He also cautioned them that for every idle word they spoke, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by their words they will be justified, and by their words they will be condemned.

However, inside churches, any act of harsh treatment against anyone will be regarded as a very “un-Christian” thing to do. To church folks, Christianity is always about congregating together weekly, putting on a big smile all the time, and be nice to one another unceasingly. Everyone else outside their premise, who do not do as they do, shall be treated as ungodly or not Christ-like. Well, if that is their standard, I won’t stop them from doing what they think is brotherly christian, and I’m more than happy to stick to what is written in the Bible. I have no qualms, because I don’t think Christ will rebuke anyone, who does exactly what He Himself did to blasphemers.

Nevertheless, it must be emphasized that the grevious episode of spiritual blasphemy in Rawang started with this man, AND IN COMING YEARS, IT WILL END WITH THIS MAN, TAM WAH FIONG.

David Lee: Accusing With Lies

Blasphemy is always ladened with lies. They are like two sides of the same coin. In the case of disgraced preacher, David Lee from City Of Praise Church Rawang, he had to cook up stories to speak lies against others, in order to blaspheme, to cover up his blasphemous deeds, to bring down those who oppose him, and to persuade his own followers to continue having faith in him and his wife, co-pastor Grace Tsen.

Similarly, the Pharisees had to lie that Christ must have driven out demons with aid from other demons. The examples of blasphemy as written in the Bible, clearly draws the indisputable relation between the unforgivable sin and lying; that unless the heart is so utterly tainted and corrupted, it is impossible for anyone’s mouth to even come close to the point of speaking things that is blasphemous. That person needs to be an exact recalcitrant, or probably a serial liar all his life, in order to be capable speaking such things.

Jesus said, “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” (Matthew 12:35) Unless the heart is so extremely filthy and full of evil, terrible things such as blasphemy couldn’t have come from such a person. The irony is this; we’re not calling out an unbeliever , but church-leading pastors and preachers whose allegiance to Christ had been declared, being seen committing such heinous deeds of blasphemy, calling what is good as evil, and evil as good. Terribly shameful, the kind of infamy they bring to the name of God.

At this point, I have to admit that I no longer see hopes of atonement coming from any one of these preachers, because Christ made it clear in the Bible, after he drew our attention to the type of hearts capable of blasphemy, and they are most likely unforgivable because the good spirit of repentance no longer resides in them. But isn’t it bizarre, to see and read this coming not from any common folk, but preachers who spend their Sundays in churches telling others about God’s love, forgiveness and faith? How do they even equate their deeds as being Christ-like at all?

Exactly like how Christ describes the Pharisees, the people given authority over Israel’s religious institutions, these preachers in our modern churches do the same as the Pharisees do – they say but do not do (Matthew 23:3).

Paul & Christina Ang: the Parents Of Other False Preachers

A Malay idiom goes, “nasi menjadi bubur”, the cancer of sin have manifested, and now it has already spread throughout their bodies. Today, we are at post-judgment stage, and entered the sentencing phase. For this couple, that is true.

In a blog post earlier, I wrote extensively how this false preaching couple, Paul and Christina Ang, had gravely mistaken being slewed by God, as their God-given victory against death. They thought the devil is responsible for their recent, harrowing experience, that nearly took the life of their one and only son. And they also thought I was speaking to them, and them having no interest in what I wrote. Of course they are not interested; their darkness cannot approach any truth, or light. If you tell them the bible says their sins is killing them, that statement won’t gel in their heads, because from where Paul and Christina Ang originated, their authority is not from Scripture, but from things they speak with their mouths.

This couple draws people to themselves in the name of the real God, and thereafter they train others to address them as ‘father’. Indirectly, they are treating themselves as gods, and thinking they have powers given them from heaven above. What absolute rubbish!

Well, this is how selfish people like Paul and Christina Ang perceive their surroundings; because everything they do is all about they, them and themselves. Likewise when they read anything that has their names on it, immediately and without assessment, they conclude the writers must have been meticulously trying to drive the point, reaching out to seek their agreement. Does anyone require their consent, before exposing their sham? On the contrary, the authority given to expose them, comes straight and direct from Scripture (Ephesians 5:11).

Just as they are so blinded by their sins, they too are blinded to the fact that if they start an all out war against those who did nothing less than what is right, the retaliation that they’ll be receiving is going to prolong until they perish. Their prayers to God to fight their battles for them are now ringing hollow. God don’t listen to sinners, but only those who does His will (John 9:31). As such, their enemies, instead of dying, are as healthy as ever. Instead, what they prayed to happen on others, schemes from their evil hearts, had disastrously befallen on themselves, and on their own.

Even in the most unlikely and remotely impossible circumstances, should they succeed in ‘killing’ their enemies, still they can’t get away with it either. For it is written in the Bible, that the voice of the righteous shall remain to be heard eternally, reaching the altar of God, day and night (Revelation 6:9-10). Stated clearly in Scripture, it was by faith and his sacrifice witnessing his righteousness, THAT ALTHOUGH HE IS DEAD BUT YET ABEL STILL SPEAKS (Hebrews 11:4). But worse for Paul and Christina Ang, they planned and plotted, they sharpened their swords and arrows, but they did not manage to ‘kill’ anyone, and ended up shooting themselves in the foot. Therefore, these false preachers today have to confront not with a dead man’s voice, but a living one that have the power to oppose, defy and overcome them.

Paul and Christina Ang should make no mistake about this fact; anything written on this blog concerning them is not penned in any way to require their permission or opinion of any sort. When they choose to sin, they should be aware that they choose to have no authority to speak. The rule is as simple as that. Likewise, from a biblical perspective, we never heard from Cain again, after his death.

What is written here, is written with one and only one intention; to expose them, Paul and Christina Ang, these liars and false prophets, through non-stop documentation of what they say, what they do, and the consequences they had to endure as a result of their decades of bad conduct, claiming to speak of things from God, that God never told them to speak.

And on a lesser scale, if they believe that this is nothing more than attempts to interfere with their lives, well then they should first and foremost learn to mind their own business and don’t get involved in other people’s affairs. By minding their own business, that would have placed them on better footing, at telling others off not to interfere with their lives or what they do.

But let’s be truthful here, this couple conduct themselves in total darkness. They are fond of going to other peoples’ churches, stir poop, and be ready to hit the fan as soon as any truth or light touches or come in close contact with what they do. Goodness, they knew who I am, they pretended that they don’t, they demanded that I should come out from anonymity, but yet for years, they are too afraid of calling me out publicly, for fear of being legally reprimanded for defamation.

Otherwise, what else do they want or expect in return for what they did? That this intentional episode of blasphemy they executed in cahoots with other false preachers to undermine believers in the town of Rawang, should be simply swept under the carpet, let everyone pretend nothing had happened, and thereafter the world shall spin correctly again once more, according to their terms. Is that it?

Victor M Sidhu: A Full Blown, End-Of-Life False Preacher

Precisely, he is like a five-year-old computer hardware, reaching its end-of-life, and ready to be thrown or discarded at any moment. And Victor M. Sidhu is his name.

What soul other than his, could be nearing its end, than he who had gone insane, started hallucinating, and calling himself the reincarnation of Elijah?

Three years ago, he was like a mighty Samson in high spirits and good health, speaking pompous things wherever he goes. He connivingly agreed with other preachers, in person and on social media, that the big devil has landed on earth, and the devil brought with him an evil virus, to wipe out mankind.

So, without any second thought or hesitation, he played the pertinent role and acted in cohesion with the authorities, the World Health Organization, and other pastors and preachers in Malaysia, to promote what he thought was the antidote for mankind, in man’s new-found battle against the evil virus.

Not only he convinced others that inoculation programs are God’s answer to the evil virus, he took the jabs together with his wife, and openly preached the message of false deliverance to others; that everyone must take the jabs like him in order to be protected from evil harm.

And as always, this man is all about showmanship. It is often about how he pose himself in front of his own camera, and uploading postures of him on Facebook for the entire world to see. To Victor M Sidhu, it is always about glamour and recognition.

As such, when the authorities provided the props for individuals to promote, large scale nationwide inoculation programs on social media, there was nothing stopping this man from jumping onto the bandwagon, to ride the popular waves of hysteria, that was gaining traction globally back then. Together with his wife, he impressed on others, that they have taken the shots in order to fight evil and the big devil. And those who oppose, will soon be dead.

Later, he went on his own promotional tour, by posting pictures of himself and his friends, showing them as qualifying to dine in restaurants, proudly exhibiting that he is allowed to enter and sit at the table, because he had already taken the jabs. Imagine Elijah doing what he did. What an idiot he must have been.

He taught others how to fight spiritual battles against those who chose to live righteously. He taught men how to pray for the end of those they erroneously perceived as God’s enemies. However, recently he had trouble sleeping due to insomnia, started hallucinating and calling himself the Elijah of the old, whom once lived on earth before. And his situation has only to turn from bad to worse, as the external elements he allowed to be injected into his own body, starts manifesting and gradually takes over his life.

Like a man caught in his own bear trap that he set for others, his days are obviously numbered, and counting them, is all that is possibly left for him to sanely do for himself. And the rest, shall soon be history.

The Never Ending Story Of Rawang

The story of what transpired in the town of Rawang is almost half told, and we’re about to enter the next phase of what is soon arriving at the doorstep of these false preachers. However, we have yet to see in action, the unsung heroes of this plot; the micro-Jezebels, the women and the bitches who speak, talk idly and those who orated without putting on their thinking caps. Trouble is already brewing for this group, and someday their cover too shall become exposed, revealing their spiritual nakedness and shame.

But regardless of how long it takes from beginning to its closing chapters, what is written in this blog will serve as stark warnings to anyone desiring to commit spiritual blasphemy against what is good and right. The consequences of committing blasphemy, cannot be easily handled by any human standards or means. One can steal, cheat or murder, and yet be forgiven easily, but once he crosses the line of blasphemy, he risk venturing into the point of no return. In Scripture, there’s no other sin more severe than blasphemy, to the extent that Christ Himself calls blasphemy, the unforgivable sin. Needless to mention, this story tells us the deadly ramifications of blasphemy and its underlying acrimony thereto.

And I can pointly assure Paul and Christina Ang, and the folks at the Diakonia Christian church, that this story will remain embedded in the history of Rawang Malaysia for a very, very long time to come. So, buckle up, stay calm and praise God that bible prophecy is unfolding. All evil shall soon come to pass, and evil men in the town of Rawang shall in no time, inherit the opposing end of God’s goodness.

Having said that, therefore, who are these men mentioned in this post? Are they not Christians saved by the blood of Christ? Or are they not forgiven and people with their sins already blotted out? Are they not repented believers living lives in true faith? Or are they among those described by the author of the book of Hebrews; those who continued sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, and fearfully awaiting judgment, and fiery indignation? (Hebrews 10:26-27)

Anyone who question their deeds or authority, these self-anointed preachers will not hesitate to call them demons. But after they saw that they themselves are being reprimanded instead, they did a one hundred eighty degrees turn, and pretended they did not demonize anyone. Then they started to recognize the fact that their adversaries are indeed believers and followers of the Almighty God. However, they still saw it fitting within their context, to label them as their enemies.

In fact, they are correct and I see no reason to disagree with them. They themselves are enemies of the Holy Spirit and His ways of truth, righteousness and non-biased character. And thus it follows, anyone who choose to conduct their lives according to God’s holiness and to abide in Christ, will become their enemies. These false preachers and fake prophets are not from God, but ninnies who willingly allowed themselves to the used by the devil, as conduits to distort God’s plan in bringing His true salvation to mankind.

What kind of evil are we dealing with in Rawang, that the consequences of one terrible thing happening after another, can be so easily read, as though one is reading aloud and straight out from the scripts of a horror movie? The story of Rawang is never ending, because the preachers from its churches who ignited the feud, refused to resolve and to bring the matter to proper closure. But instead they are attempting to rewrite the rules of biblical engagement according to their own wimps, and desperately seeking to replace what is lawfully righteous with their own evil ways, that penalizes the right and justifies the wrong.