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They have envisioned futility and false divination, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD!’ But the LORD has not sent them; yet they hope that the word may be confirmed.

Ezekiel 13:6

For more than three decades, Toronto-raised Benny Hinn has been one of the most high-profile and controversial Christian televangelists in the world. His international crusades and “miracles” on stage have become legendary.

His recent apparent renunciation of asking for money for blessings is the subject of debate and skepticism. The Fifth Estate revisits the Benny Hinn story it started 10 years ago. The public has had little chance to get inside the tight-knit world of the Benny Hinn Ministries.

Until now. His nephew, Costi Hinn, has broken with the family and to tell-it-all about his experience with what he knows. In this Youtube video uploaded 2 years ago, Costi Hinn bares it all, to tell his story of one of the greatest liar and false prophet of all times; his uncle Benny Hinn.

The funny this is this, we at Spinning Shekel are astonished by the fact that most of these high profile exposes began roughly about two years ago. As though, any false prophets have been allowed to do according to their will and the time has now come for their end to be proclaimed, all at once, and globally.

The insider: Tales from inside Benny Hinn Ministries – The Fifth Estate

Other than the interview he did for The Fifth Estate, Costi Hinn wrote several books, including “God, Greed & The (Propserity) Gospel”, “More Than A Healer” and “Defining Deception”.

Costi Hinn

“The greatest threats to conservative Christians is not the Liberals. The greatest threat is from within. It’s those who appear like they are sheep but they are wolves.

“You know what the track record shows? That man like my uncle, they are devouring people. The way that the prosperity gospel works is that if you believe in Jesus and you follow Jesus that He is gonna make you happy, healthy and wealthy. The problem is this; it’s just like a Ponzi scheme. The only guy getting rich, is the guy at the top. Costi Hinn

Grace Burlotte

Born with curvature of the joints, Grace Brulotte participate in this interview with The Fifth Estate, to give an account of her story in what she described as, “It was something that I focused on for like eighteen years of my life … just the healing (the potential of being healed by Benny Hinn). And you kinda think of, it’s going to happen today, it’ll happen this time. And that it’s going to be, your life is going to change.

“Emotionally it was a little damaging to me, so to go back and even just to think about it is difficult for me. When you wanted something so bad (to be healed), when you want to be made well because you don’t want to be in pain anymore, you kind of ignore all the signs that may be this isn’t right and that becomes what you fixate on.

“And I think he (Benny Hinn) takes advantage of people who are vulnerable.” Grace Brulotte.

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