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False Prophets In Malaysia – A Short Article Written With ChatGPT

Reading Time: 3 minutes Refusing to be held accountable. False prophets may resist scrutiny or accountability for their actions, often isolating themselves and their followers from the wider community and dismissing criticism or concerns from others.

Lew Lee Choo: God Will Judge You If You Do Not Vote

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’m going to say categorically to all of us who are believers, don’t complain about the government on the day of judgment. And on the day you meet the Lord. Because the Lord would ask you, where were you, when I needed you to exercise your vote? Lew Lee Choo, SIBKL

How Did We Arrive At This?

Reading Time: 7 minutes While reading from the book of Deuteronomy 13:1-5, Dr Chee Weng Chee, the senior pastor of SIBKL, once said during a sermon, that the death penalty for being a false prophet is only valid in the olden days and not now. In his own words, this man read verse 5 as follows, “… that prophet or dreamer, olden days ah, not now, must be put to death”.

The Perversion of Truth

Reading Time: 5 minutes “We don’t understand a lot of things about the spiritual world. Sometimes, there are spiritual forces TRYING TO BLOCK OUR BLESSINGS. But if we pray faithfully, the bad spiritual forces will be defeated and the blessings will flow to us.” David Lee, The City Of Praise Rawang.

False Prophets Are Not Rejected People

Reading Time: 7 minutes It wasn’t much of a big time, power dealer meeting that I originally expected, as these wolves behaved identically like lost sheep, in the way they presented themselves during sharing sessions. They talked about the hurt and pain they endured when rejected by the people, like kids in a group therapy of some sort, while trying to encourage one another and to pick themselves to soldier on.

False Prophets Exposed: Benny Hinn

Reading Time: 3 minutes “You know what the track record shows? That man like my uncle, they are devouring people. The way that the prosperity gospel works is that if you believe in Jesus and you follow Jesus that He is gonna make you happy, healthy and wealthy. The problem is this; it’s just like a Ponzi scheme. The only guy getting rich, is the guy at the top. Costi Hinn

7 False Teachers in the Church Today

Reading Time: 7 minutes Satan’s greatest ambassadors are not pimps, politicians, or power-brokers, but pastors. His priests do not peddle a different religion, but a deadly perversion of the true one.

How To Know If Preachers Are Lying

Reading Time: 7 minutes Liars, I know, are already giving me all kinds of ideas to keep writing and to fill up this blog with all sorts of truth. Let this blog be the de-facto reference or source of authentic, searchable information for the public and the church.

Prophets – the true versus the false

Reading Time: 4 minutes But the Lord did not stop at addressing His people. He also specifically called out the false prophets among them, that all of them, from prophets to priests, from the least to the greatest among them, they had given themselves to covetousness, falsehood and lies. They were also described as people without shame, without honor and not knowing how to blush.

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