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But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.

Deuteronomy 18:20

One by one they are falling. And the streak recognizes not who they are, or what they call themselves, whether they are known as priests, pastors, deacons or bishops. One by one, they are dying.

Today, we heard the mournful news, of the passing of Prince Guneratnam, the founder and senior pastor of one of Malaysia’s largest megachurch, Calvary Church. But I have to apologize, that I do not have any condolences for him, or anyone else who is following the same paths in life, as chosen by this man.

Similar to Judas, these false preachers are in identical footings as the traitor. After his death, the world garnered sympathy for Judas, and we hear condolences and speeches of forgiveness credited to this man from generation to generation, even until today. But to the rest of Jesus’ apostles, they only have this to say about Judas; that another might take over his place and position, and that he is going to where he belongs (Acts 1:25). No sympathies. To the apostles, pandering to the religiosity of pretentious faith and public show of fake forgiveness, is utterly valueless. And so, the prophecy in Psalm 109:8, had been fulfilled in one particular generation, among those who lived and witnessed the ministry of Christ and the days of the people among his leadership.

But in the case of Calvary Church Malaysia, even in death, the church would ask for money and prefer not to appreciate flowers. To them blind eyes and deaf ears, to them, death is the celebration of what they thought, are their own well-lived lives. But the stealing and robbing from the sheep must go on. For the apparent legacy of their late pastor, have left them with a pile of debts owing to much bigger wolves, and the pain of repaying their financial liabilities and debt of sins, will linger and haunt them for a very, very long time. Between the lines, that’s the meaning when the family requested the public to give them cash that they desperately needed to pay off the debts left behind by the deceased for them to shoulder, instead of offering flowers in memory of him. To them, by giving them money to pay off their debts, is a contribution to the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. What absolute rubbish!

The smaller false preachers who operate their own smaller false churches, would look up to these bigger wolves as their role model, thinking how blessed they have been, to own big church premises and to command large congregations. But little do they know the dark secrets behind these modern den of thieves, and what is actually going on inside within their four walls, that were never publicly reported, not even to their own.

Whether they are skinny or fat wolves, big or small, these wolves are of the same species, and they are only skillful at devouring the sheep. And while they can’t see, but yet they claim they see, therefore their sins remained (John 9:41). In short, they are one and the same; they are all culprits of church funds mismanagement.

I shall not go into greater detail of what this Prince Guneratnam did because he is already dead. And a dead man has no voice to defend himself. But if you are keen to read up on the historic Calvary Church Malaysia scandal, every piece of its information is well documented at another blog since 2009, at this link .

No More Death Penalty For False Preachers?

Reading from the book of Deuteronomy 13:1-5, Dr Chew Weng Chee, the senior pastor of SIBKL, once said during a sermon, that the death penalty for being a false prophet is only valid in the olden days and not now. In his own words, this man read verse 5 as follows, “… that prophet or dreamer, olden days ah, not now, must be put to death”.

Such fallacious sham teachings imparted by these false preachers in Malaysia have matured to such an extent, that they no longer just teach without any reverence to Scriptural truth, they are even daring enough to twist and misinterpret Bible verses publicly from the pulpit and have their deceitful bluff aired and recorded live on Youtube for all to see and hear. If false prophecy is a criminal offense, it would have been so easy to gather evidence to convict them today.

I’m not sure how he arrive at the conclusion that the death penalty for those guilty of false prophecy is no longer applicable today. It could have been his own-distorted presumption, as though or as long as false prophecy is no capital crime on the land where he stands on, therefore what is written in the Bible is no longer relevant in this generation. This false preacher, probably needs to be reminded that it is also written in the Scripture, that our God is a consistent God, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Is he going to say too, olden days ah, God is not the same now?

They Will Deceive Themselves To Their Own Deaths

A couple of days ago, a piece of news caught my attention from The New Straits Times (link here), entitled “Health Ministry mulls free flu shots proposal”. This is where the rubber meets the road, and muddy waters get cleared up for all to see.

In the article, the Malaysian Deputy Health Minister, suggested that this (point in time) is why we need to transition from sick care to healthcare instead. He said that the elderly are likely to experience severe flu symptoms, acute respiratory distress syndrome and complications like pneumonia, inflammation of the heart and brain which can result in multiple-organ failure and death. And it gets even more bizarre from what he said, that flu could trigger heart attack and stroke within just three days after infection.

Oh boy, if what he said is true, I’d probably be one of the firsts among others to have died from flu long ago, as I’m born with sinus and I exhibit flu-like symptoms almost each morning, after getting out from bed.

And since when flu is known to lead one to breathing difficulties, pneumonia, heart inflammation or brain stroke? And how on earth can flu trigger multiple-organ failures? Do you see what I am trying to say here? Do you even see the real causes of such health symptoms that were once never an issue before the year 2020? I’m no medical doctor, but come on, isn’t it obvious that these symptoms that the Ministry is preparing the nation to face, are typically known vaccine-related injuries?

What Our Preachers Never Want To Tell Us

That in the book of Revelation 6:7-8, the angel told John that the seal of a covenant is broken loose, resulting in widespread deaths occurring, and power is given to Death, to kill over a fourth of the earth. And that in 1 Peter 4:17, the time has come for judgment to begin, and to begin first from the house of God. And as written in Romans 2:11, our God is an impartial God, and He does not have different standards when judging mankind, regardless of whether they are His believers or unbelievers.

Here is one more piece of fact that you will never hear anyone utter in any churches in Malaysia; that in this country, almost all church-going Christians have completed their inoculation program, and that unvaccinated Christians practically do not exist in Malaysia! That’s how deep the rabbit hole’s been dug in this country. And because of this fact, you’ll never hear the truth from our pulpits nationwide, regarding the real reasons why people are dying from causes that were once unheard of. The majority of Malaysian Christians have already descended into this pit, thus very few from Malaysian churches, could possibly be much qualified, to teach others how they could escape from this mess. And their preachers are as how Jesus describes the hypocrites; they shut the door to the Kingdom of heaven from people, they do not enter themselves and neither they allow others to enter (Matthew 23:13).

By now, they knew that they have committed grave mistakes affecting God’s people at-large. Out of shame, they refuse to talk about it or to admit it, and they are still trying to get their false prophets together to speak away the wrath that is all over them and their people. Therefore, because of their spiritual infirmities but yet their mouths still speaking pompous things, more tests will likely come their way, to make them choose between what is good or evil. They declare that they are no longer looking at the signs of times, but they are looking forward to the trumpet calls. Goodness, sometimes I just wish they knew what they are even talking or boasting about.

That by their own greed and longing to restore business as usual in their churches, our preachers have wrongly guided believers, sending them onto the path of destruction. Some were even audacious enough to preach the treachery that God had told them to command all believers, to be immunized so that they could attend their church meetings and under the pretext of not ceasing from worshiping God. That these inoculation programs are tests from God to choose between Him and the ways of the world. And by the sorcery of their own leaders whom they thought were great men anointed by God, the voice of the Bridegroom and bride shall no longer be heard in them (Revelation 18:23).

You will also hardly be told that the first casualty of COVID-19 in our country, is a pastor from East Malaysia. You will also not likely be told that many more pastors in Malaysia have already died and many more today including their own family members, are also near the brink of death.

Or if you are a member of Calvary Church Malaysia, try obtain statistics of other members in your church whom have died since the beginning of 2020, and compare the data with the deaths that occurred two years before. Then analyze the facts; why so many people have died, how they died and the cause of their deaths. But I doubt your church will even assist you by provisioning such information, because everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed (John 3:20).

The only thing you will hear at the funerals of these men, is their fellow false preachers saying that they have now gone home with the Lord or that they are safe in the arms of Jesus. And if you too shall die any time soon, that you will get to meet them in heaven in due course. While the Bible taught us that death is the wages of sin, these men celebrate death as though it is some achievement to be proud of, to disguise the fatal wounds inflicted on them by sin.

May God have mercy on the souls of these bogus believers, whose hearts and mouths speak not of any truth. And may God have mercy on the souls of those who have declared, that they are not afraid of dying.