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In spite of this, they still sinned, and did not believe in His wondrous works. Therefore, their days He consumed in futility, and their years in fear.

Psalm 78:32-33

The story of the spotted sheep is never really about their false preachers. It never was, and never has been. It has always been about the remnant few among them, that were chosen by the Lord. If we read the entirety of Psalm 78, the parallels of the Israelite and the plight of the spotted sheep is unmistakable and strikingly similar. Their false preachers have been identified as their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation that did not set their hearts right and their spirit was not faithful to God (Psalm 78:7-8).

The children were known as the children of Ephraim, although armed and carrying bows and weapons, but they were cowards who turned back when battle looms (Psalm 78:9). Their fathers, priests and leaders, were never mentioned until Psalm 78:64, where it was said that they have been struck down by the sword and fell to their deaths. While their fathers embrace themselves with their own worthless legacies, the Scripture also stated that their funerals shall be with no lamentation, not even from their own wives.

They labelled others as self-righteous, calling them pharisees, but they themselves are in fact the pharisees of the day, practicing not what they preach and accusing those who do good and those who does what is right before God, as evil people. And they confirmed their roles when they did exactly what the pharisees themselves do; with their mouths, they blaspheme against the Holy Spirit and made the Lord and everyone else angry.

The Spotted Sheep & Their Never-ending Cycle Of Spiritual Insanity

Originally drawn and posted on Instagram, before this blog existed.

The origins of the above chart were drawn in early 2020, and this copy was finalized together with the signs of seasons in July 2021, after approximately one year of careful observation, against the backdrop of their culture and customs. Like people trapped in pits, the spotted sheep move in predictable circles, and they do repeated things like insane people, with the expectation of different outcomes and results each time.

But the gravity of their deeds are found in their rebellion against God. They continually test God from the heart, seeking blessings that are materialistic in nature. The more the Lord provides to them, the more embolden they become to ask for more (Psalm 78:18-20). As such, they trapped themselves in a vicious cycle of futile vanity, always demanding for good food to eat, nice clothes to wear, good jobs, high wages etc. Their quest for materialism to salve their hunger for prosperity, morphed into obsessions that rooted, and became inseparable from them, like drugs and addicts. As such, they turned themselves into serial complainants; what they don’t have, they must have, and what others have, they must have even more.

Their troubles stem from what’s in their hearts. They never really believed in God, and they never really trusted His salvation (Psalm 78:22), despite the fact that their fathers and false preachers, once a week on Sundays, proudly proclaiming their allegiance to God.

The truth is; to them, the issue of salvation never really bothered them, because they lived their lives in bliss and ignorance, thinking all is well, and they still have much time ahead of them before they reach any actual spiritual turning point, that requires them to make, what they thought are difficult decisions. Hence, the only thing that bothers them is when they see lousy food on their tables during dinner or when payday arrives, they grumble why they do not have enough to spend on their pleasures. And on Sundays, like senseless extroverts, they go back to their church in groups, to listen to their false preachers remind them, everything is alright, have faith, God will bless them and God loves them unconditionally. Or they are told to “sow” more cash into the offering bags, and God will reward them with bountiful harvests, money shall soon fall from the sky into their hands.

But the situation is not the same for their false preachers and their fathers, whom are presently worried about divine emancipation, as by now, they could see that nature is closing in on their delusive conducts and that God meant business, when He demands accountability.

Today, we are at over half cycle, crossing to autumn season, and the spotted sheep are rightly where they are, and doing what they have been predicted to be doing; they sensed something is wrong, but it’ll take several more weeks before they arrive at their own conclusion that things are definitely not right. Thereafter, they’ll repeat and start doing the same things over and over again, searching for answers on why things are not right, and how to resolve them, as the weather gets colder towards winter.

No Zeal For The Truth

Life has always been nothing more than euphoric dreams of extreme success, because all their lives, they have been brought up and taught not the true Gospel of Christ, but the gospel of winning and losing. In their church, you will hear them chant endlessly, “Kita Akan Menang!” or “Kemenangan Bagi Kita” (We Will Win! or Vctory Is Ours!). Their fathers taught them from young, how to worship and chant that way, and that spiritual growth is all about winning, victory and success.

I recall, in those days when my family and I were among them during worship sessions, I often tilt my head down when they shouted “menang” or win. Following Christ is as simple as you’re either with Him or you’re against Him (Matthew 12:30). What is there to win? Win what? There’s nothing to win.

Thus, they have been blinded from the truth since birth, not knowing that God demands holiness from man, or the fact that accepting Christ and salvation comes at the price of turning away from our sins (Acts 3:19). They are brought up, void of the true Gospel and true faith, and they are taught that faith is merely something that they do to flatter God with their mouths, whereas sin and shame are things they cover up with their lying tongues (Psalm 78:36). In church, or at work, among friends or even among themselves, there is hardly any truth in them. The false gospel imparted to them as Bible knowledge, turned them into living accessories for the devil to propagate his lies, and to infiltrate what appears outwardly to the world, as a church. But inside them, they are nothing more than a den of liars and thieves being stewarded by their own false shepherd, hirelings and wolves.

Nevertheless, they have no desire to progress, and they remained exceptionally comfortable, in vitro, where they are. They never wanted change, and thus they continually do things that will provoke and grieve the Lord (Psalm 78:40). They score themselves as chosen people of God, and because they thought they are God’s chosen people, they expect the Lord to treat them differently from others; that rules and commandments do not apply to them, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a doctrine that should conform to their culture, customs and habits, and not as governing authority for them to live their lives right before God.

Professing to be wise, they became fools, and they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man, like themselves (Romans 1:22-23).

God Gave Them Over To False Teachings

Because they lack desire and zeal for the truth, the Lord turned away devoted preachers from them, and the credible ones who crossed paths with their church, usually left disappointed and disturbed by what they saw. So what’s remaining in them, is nothing more than a few false prophets who regularly speak flattery into their itching ears or motivational speakers disguised as preachers, dishing out ways of life or ways of the world on how to accomplish this or to get that. And so because they rejected the truth, the Lord has been sending them greater fools and bigger idiots, to teach them wisdom and knowledge, according to how in their lunacy, desire it to be.

In their church, they pride themselves with preachers having international standings and preachers from all over the nations. But they practically have thieves teaching them how to give or how not to steal, and adulterers coaching them on how to be successful in marriages. As a result, they are like the blind leading the blind, and shrouded further by their own iniquities, they could not even recognize the fact that they cultivate among them in their fold, a congregation of people full with broken marriages, untrustworthy businessmen, men without knowledge, malevolent women, and hollow preachers who speak not from God, but from their own folly.

As a church, they do not march forward into God’s inheritance but they constantly derail themselves backward into serfdom, debt and sin. And in exchange for what’s lacking, they bloat up their appearance by putting on false pretense and fake sanctity. God’s love is nothing more a trump card they flip out, when they run into trouble. But when life is good and treating them well, their speech reverts back to all about winning and winning, and everything victory for themselves. Therefore, Christianity is nothing more than a lottery ticket that they bet their money on and expecting exceptional, big returns. Thus, their lives will remain adventurously full of tests and temptations, and they will often find themselves standing at odds against the Lord (Psalm 78:41-51), always on the wrong side of His spectrum.

Their Hope In The Lord, Is Found In Leadership Change

While they chose not to listen to true knowledge and wisdom, nature somehow will always find ways, flagging to them at where their eyes are looking and where their ears are hearing; that serious communal crisis management, requires good leadership. But they can’t see, until you show them where to see.

And in their cries and prayers to the Lord, in time, God shall choose a little David from their own sheepfold, to shepherd them through their troubles and woes (Psalm 78:70-72). Unknowing to them, for there is one boy presently dwelling among them; staying, eating and living together with them, a heart and soul chosen by God to steer and to lead them towards true salvation. This person is loved by the Lord, has strong integrity in his heart, have skillful hands, and whose ways in life are pleasing to the Lord. And this boy, will eventually rise and lead them out of their complications and misery.

Thus, their story will not end without a bang, and when they are done and over with God’s wrath and their trials, they shall emerge and sing songs like the Israelite:-

“Great and marvelous are Your works,
Lord God Almighty!
JUST and TRUE are Your ways,
O King of the saints!
Who shall not FEAR You, O Lord, and glorify Your name?
For You alone are HOLY.
For all nations shall come and worship before You,
For Your JUDGMENTS have been manifested.” (Revelation 15:3-4)

Similar to the Israelite, they shall praise God of His greatness, His JUSTICE, His TRUTH, FEAR OF GOD, His HOLINESS and His JUDGMENTS, all from one song. For when the time comes for their redemption, they will begin to understand these things, that the Lord shall soon write in their hearts, together with his Laws (Jeremiah 31:33).

After their little David leads them to Christ and to their sanctification, the Holy Spirit resides in each and every one of them, and the truth that they once could not see, shall become visible to them. No more shall any among them teach another, saying, “Know the Lord” or “have faith”, for they shall all know the Lord, from the least to the greatest of them (Jeremiah 31:34).

A Story About God’s Love For Them

The spotted sheep and their story, will indeed become a story about God’s love according to His dictates, and not according to the whims of their false preachers and false prophets. But to those among them who chose to remain in their wickedness, these unfortunate few shall soon perish like their false preachers, during the transition of their sheepfold, from darkness to Light.

However, from the way things are presently playing out, it is more than likely, that the spotted sheep will soon be scattered in the wilderness before they are regrouped again, for their calling to offer themselves as a living sacrifice, to be holy and acceptable to God (Romans 12:1-2). Because of sin, what historically happened to Israel as a nation, will most likely be happening to them.

But for now, the only beneficial thing that others can do for them, is to hammer the truth into their heads, until they see what is real and what is false, because dishing out sound advice to them is purely a waste of time. Right now, they listen to no one, except only to people from among their own fold and to false preachers, whom are willing to lie to them, telling them things that only their ears want to hear.