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… that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you,

1 Thessalonians 4:11

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Christina Ang wrote that God had spoken to her husband and told him to pastor ‘the church’, which I believe Christina is referring to the fallen, Tabernacle of Glory (TOG) church in Setapak. Then she accused someone whom she termed as ‘smart aleck Tom’, of deciding someone must take the blame by writing a lengthy mocking story.

According to Christina Ang, she claimed that after God told her husband to pastor the fallen church, it was hard for them to obey God, and that only fools would take over a church with heavy debts. Then she claimed that all debts were settled and the church was blessed with a premises paid by cash with sufficient surplus in the bank, and thereafter they resigned.

Christina Ang repeatedly stated the good things that she and her husband did for TOG, the deeds that she and her husband had been doing decades ago, but yet leaving many questions unanswered. Some of the pertinent questions were raised and published in this blog, but both Christina and her husband chose to remain without comments, and even when they speak, they spoke little to shed light against the many allegations and accusations made against them.

Her article is laden with denials, warnings of speaking up against them and sporadic mentions of Bible quotes, to disguise themselves as though they are not guilty of any of the shortcomings that had befallen TOG. They are like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar and having crumbs all over their mouths and lips, and in the state of being questioned, they are left but only to repeatedly deny, and claim it is not their fault.

This blog played an active role in exposing this scandal-plagued couple, and I will continue to do so without fear or favor. But many must be asking why am I doing this, since TOG has nothing to do with me, and I was never one of those deceived by this couple or any of their past father figures. Nevertheless I do have my reasons, and it is due to the fact that Christina Ang and her husband often desire to take other peoples’ affairs and making it their own, and by doing so they became busybodies interfering in matters that is none of their concern. And it is by their own recklessness that they drew themselves, and getting involved in a massive conflict that recently rocked several churches in the sleepy town of Rawang. They thought they are doing the community a big favor.

Read on, and you will know why this couple are called busybodies, and why they are reminded of their terrible past, and that because of their past, they have no authority, power or wisdom to claim that God told them to do the things that they did in Rawang.

Double Standard Christianity

In her recent article, Christina Ang valiantly draws the distinction between the old and the new covenant.

Christina Ang is correct when she quoted Hebrews 10:10, that followers of Christ have been sanctified through the offering of His body at the Cross. However, it is also on this argument that she and her husband use to assure churchgoers that as long as you say you believe in Christ, therefore they are automatically saved. And on this premise as well, she indirectly moved the masses into believing that as long as you go to their churches, pay tithes, and declare that you follow Christ, you are surely saved.

But I find it strange when she also spoke about the dangers of gloating in sinful pleasures. In her own words, Christina Ang said, ‘Therefore we have to treasure and value what He had done on the cross for us. We cannot afford to gloat in sinful pleasures and be buried in the iniquities of gossip, slander, murder, wrath, evil speaking, fornication and lies.’ She also cautioned that if one believes wrongly and indulges in a hateful contentious way, one is risking his own salvation. Now how does this statement ties in with her claim that Jesus has forgiven all and as long as you declare and say that you are a follower of Christ, therefore you are saved? Technically, Christina Ang is contradicting herself.

Other than what Christina Ang claims to be gossip and slander that are detrimental against her and her husband – what about the other sins of lying, cheating and corruption? And what about the detestable sin that God hates the most, the sin of blasphemy? What about they themselves calling good as evil and calling evil as good? What about the sin of calling others as snakes and serpents and claiming that they are possessed by demons when they are not? Aren’t these sins more dangerous than talking negatively against false prophets like Paul and Christina Ang, if talking against them is even a sin at all?

Christina, if you are unsure what gossip is, I’ll give you a fine example that you could easily relate to. Because of you, the people (especially women) in The City Of Praise Church in Rawang, once blatantly spread wild rumors about me and my family backsliding from God. Now, I know this is a lie, because you’ll never find any statement by me, indicating that I am denouncing God and Christ. For a gossip to be called a gossip, it has to contain lies and non-truths. Gossip is idle-talk, that brings zero benefit to the truth. And because you told them that God will fight their ‘enemies’ for them, women in my ex-church took vehement actions on their own, thinking God has spoken to them, they thought they could disparage and discourage me from exposing the truth.

Christina, you are the source of all these gossips, because as a pastor, instead of taking a position to be impartial like God, you chose to take sides, you added fuel to the fire, giving them false impression and courage as though you are sent by God to them, and whatever you said can be taken as spoken by God. And while this is going on, their pastors David Lee and Grace Tsen, stood idle and not lifting a finger to find out the truth, whether did my family and I really backslide. To David and Grace, this is how they thought they could win spiritual warfare, by letting gossips inflame the minds of their own members. Their approach to Christianity is similar to the devil’s motives, in order for them to rise, they must bring others down. And the stupid thing they did is their willingness to pitch conflict among their own people, instead of seeking rightful solutions that pleases God. Are these gossips in the City Of Praise church? Yes, they are. Then are they the truth? No, they are not.

Most shockingly, Christina Ang said, once you are saved by the confession of your mouth, and uttering the sinner’s prayer, it doesn’t automatically pave a way for your salvation. Your way of living and your deeds qualifies what you have said. Ahh, huh? But what have Christina Ang been preaching to her followers since the past few decades? Why is Christina Ang today so concerned about salvation, and what happened to her prosperity messages? Isn’t the best is yet coming for her and her followers? Or could it be more and more people are dying now, and because she is powerless to do anything about it or even explaining it to her followers is becoming a tedious task? As such there’s an urgent need for her to reinvent herself and to explain her version of sanctification in order to make herself appear continuously relevant to society around her?

It appears to me that those who spoke out against her and her husband, or those who questioned their integrity, doing these things equate to gloating in sinful pleasures. It is as though highlighting their wayward ways is gossip, slander, speaking evil or even sinful. If you do this (speaking out against them), you will lose your salvation. But if you are one of those who attend church meetings with Christina or Paul Ang speaking at the pulpit, then you are okay, no matter how bad your sins are, God has forgiven you, according to the ridiculous teachings of this couple who call themselves ministers of God.

It is quite easy to rebut their double standard Christianity, and my only reply is to point out the fact that the matter of salvation, is a personal matter between God and the individual. Salvation has nothing to do with false preachers and false churches, and an individual’s salvation is none of their business. They should be more concerned about their own (salvation), because instead of Life, I’m seeing more and more deaths among them and their herd of followers who believed in their bluffs.

Gossips Or Genuine Accusations?

“One must be careful not only what one hears but how one hears. Try to find out why that gossip is created?” Christina Ang wrote.

Allow me to make some correction to her statement. I don’t deal with gossips. I’m not interested with gossips. Only careless women and blatant Jezebels speak such things. But Christina, I can’t stop you from doing as you wish, or your instruction to others to be careful when hearing or how one hears. But excuse me, I would just like to ask, if you are trying to control the narrative of what others should be hearing as well? What do you mean by ‘how one hears’? That if all words are spoken in your favor, it is then the truth and everyone should hear them, and if it is not in your favor, then they are half-truths and everyone should not be hearing them? Oh my, isn’t this another way of describing manipulation? So what about the victims and those suffered under the doings of your hands? Are they not allowed to speak up as well or is the public not allowed to read and hear their side of the story, as opposed to yours?

Secondly, I’m unable to explain why so many people are uneasy with you and your husband, but I’ll tell you why I’m one of them. And I stand to correct your statement again, that I’m not keen with gossips. However, I can openly tell you that the posts and opinions published in this blog is created to counter the lies and slander that false preachers like you and your husband are promoting and propagating in churches in Malaysia. Similar to scumbag preachers like Tam Wah Fiong, David Lee Ying Kiat and Victor M Sidhu; instead of preaching correctly from the Scripture, you and your husband have been using the pulpit to talk against those whom are against you, and in doing so you believe that you can get away with it without being responsible for the damage and hurt you caused others. You thought that just because false preachers like you have access to the pulpit, and others don’t, therefore you can do and speak as you wish without consequences.

Of course, half truths and deceptions are dangerous. And you should be reminding yourself, your husband, and your other preacher friends in Rawang how dangerous it is to speak half truths and deception; for example, calling other believers as demons or serpents when they are not. In your own worthless standards, whoever stand against your nefarious ways, shall and will be treated as serpents. You should instead be mindful that with the access to the pulpit, also comes responsibility. But instead of preaching the truth, you and your husband played the role of godfathers to these unwitting people who group together once a week and called themselves Christians, but doing nothing to demonstrate that they are one. You told them they have done nothing wrong. You told them God had forgiven them and will continue to forgive them over and over again. Your teachings implied that it is okay to live in sin. And worse of all, you taught them to declare forgiveness against those who DID NOT transgress nor sin against them. Basically, you and your husband are the real arbiters of deception and the ones promoting lies.

Unlike you, I do not need to ask you why you are doing what you are doing. As false preachers, your achievements can only be measured by how popular you are. Other than that, you and your husband are typically empty shells, glossy on the outside but hollow in the inside. To you, everything is about how good and well you appear in public. The greater the impression others have on you and your husband, the easier it is for you to deceive them. Your prophecy-for-money ministry is all about speaking as much nice things as possible to those willing to pay RM5.00 per session to listen to you, while on Sundays, you speak at churches that invited you, to indirectly promote your sickening services to believers whom are unaware of your hidden motives. When all else fails, you go back to them and to your social media wall, telling people it is okay, if they die, they will go to heaven, as though you are the one who decides who goes to heaven and not God. Now that your deeds comes into scrutiny, you quickly twist legit questioning and allegations, labeling everything that is not said in your favor as half-truths and deception, and calling them dangerous. Yes, indeed it is dangerous, to you and to your husband that is, but not to others.

Nevertheless, in this blog you too shall be given space to answer to all the many allegations made against you and your husband. And you have my assurance, if you do it correctly and in accordance with rightful powers that are given you as stated in Scripture, your right to be heard shall not be denied, contrary to what you and your friends are fond of doing; suppressing the truth and actively denying others the right to be heard. And make no mistake, when I mentioned ‘rightful powers that are given you’, by no means am I referring to any of your bogus theatrics, like powers you claim that you have been given by God to speak things into or away from existence. Far from ignorant believers who fall for your bluff and schemes, I’m not afraid of you and your lies. If you are still daydreaming concerning what powers that are given you from the above, then go read the Bible and find out yourself, before you even try to instigate another reply.

Christina Ang Should Mind Her Own Business

Nope, no one is taking any pleasure at talking negatively against Christina Ang and no one is gossiping against her either. Setting up a blog to continuously monitor and to counter the lies and slander from the mouths of false preachers; this is evidently not gossiping or idle-talk at all. In fact, I am dead serious, on points of my written opinions. If she choose to get involve in the affairs of others and teach people all kinds of heresies that lead to more dissension among brothers and sisters, then perhaps both Paul and Christina Ang have no more grounds to claim that people are merely talking negatively against them. They chose to get involved and in this blog, their terrible past is highlighted, to demonstrate their careless attitude and non-repentance, and that they are hardly qualified to deal with dispute resolution. And the things they do today are probably the same things they did in TOG decades ago, that led more people into disputes and ultimately to their own departure.

The more they do, the worse it becomes and the more people will suffer. While they claim they are ministers of God speaking on behalf of the Almighty, but yet it is common sense that God never do things to divide people in His church. Instead the Bible have shown us that Christ Himself promotes dispute resolution that leads to repentance. But in the eyes of Paul and Christina Ang, repentance has nothing to do with dispute resolution. Repentance is probably some sort of boxed presents from heaven above, that they thought God have appointed them, and giving them powers to speak into existence for other believers. If you sinned, just say it to Christina and Paul Ang with your mouth, and after doing that, do expect a gift from Santa this Christmas. The best is yet to come according to Christina and Paul Ang, but from my observations, the best that they promise others is always and eternally yet coming. So to become their faithful follower, not only one needs to be completely blind to their bluffing but also to have absurd amounts of patience to wait for their empty promises that will never come true.

Those who attend these false churches may continue to indulge in the lies perpetuated by Paul and Christina Ang, but as far as I am concerned, I’ll keep it short and sweet for them to understand; if they do not wish to get themselves into trouble, then they should stay away from trouble. If they do not wish to see others questioning their integrity, then they should stop doing things that will cause others to question their integrity. And if they teach some to wrongly call out others as demons and serpents, then the matter shall no longer rest in the hands of their accusers. Because, the Bible meant it well, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin, said so by the Lord Himself.

To end this note, I wish to state that I’m not keen to caution Christina and Paul Ang concerning matters related to their salvation. Whether they go to heaven or fall into hell, is pretty much none of my business. But if they choose to interfere with matters that has nothing to do with them, then they too should be prepared to accept the consequences of their own action.

In practically every dispute, there’s always one party in the wrong and one party in the right. There are no known cases where after both parties having done what is right, but they still end in dispute. And the Bible stated clearly, that God only listens to the prayers of those who does what is right. Therefore, it follows, if Christina and Paul Ang wish to participate in disputes that doesn’t concerns them, then they better brace themselves for impact, if they are siding those in the wrong. That too, if they are even aware that God is impartial; and if negotiations failed in any dispute between brothers, it will then fall into the judgment hands of God. In short, it will be one set of prayers versus another.

All your rantings and complaints about gossiping, who said what bad things to you or who did what to your husband, those are mere noise in a much bigger picture that you can’t even possibly handle as a pastor that you claim you are. Get it, Christina?