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These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.

Matthew 15:8-9

Not too long ago, a reader left a comment regarding the church, Sidang Injil Borneo Kuala Lumpur (SIBKL), and allegations of their entanglement in Malaysian politics. Tan said, “I thought SIBKL existed mainly as a political and business lobby garbed under the cloak of miracle Christianity’? The DAP, for example, milks the SIBKL and its affiliates for political agitation. The “Bersih” rallies used churches as launchpads.”

His comments indeed raised my eyebrows, but I wasn’t ready to write anything on this issue until I see solid evidence with my own eyes. And the proof just came from the horse’s mouth in no time.

On September 18th, 2022, Lew Lee Choo preached in SIBKL, and said this, “A few years ago, when I was praying for Sabah elections … the Lord made me get angry inside my spirit because the devil has lied to our friends in Sabah, that their votes do not count. This is the most stupid thing, and the greatest lie, that the devil can give us. And the Lord said this to me, every time a citizen of a land cast a vote, he has authority to choose, no darkness can take away his authority, no “king” can take away his authority, no “law” can take away his authority. The most foolish thing the Lord says, is when people do not use their rights to vote … Do you know, when you said no need-lah, you have just abrogated your responsibility, you have just left your position of authority, and allowed it to be given to the forces of darkness. I’m going to say categorically to all of us who are believers, don’t complain about the government on the day of judgment. And on the day you meet the Lord. Because the Lord would ask you, where were you, when I needed you to exercise your vote?”

Lew Lee Choo – Co-Founder Of Sidang Injil Borneo Kuala Lumpur (SIBKL)

By her statements, she is implying that man-made democracy is from God. By her statement, this woman is saying God needs our vote to keep His system of good governance in power. And by her statement, she is clearly saying that you and I will be judged based on whether we did or did not cast our vote during elections.

To her, judgment day is not the day about God’s righteousness or His justice, but is the day Christians get to grumble about past things in life that brought them discomfort. And God’s position as a Judge is to hear out these grumbles and to get into arguments with men, over what she claims they have not done what she thought they should have done. And she said the Lord said, that the most foolish thing is when people do not use their rights to vote. Now, how on earth did God said that to her? I’m curious and wanting to know.

But what’s worse than those mentioned above, is the fact that this woman claimed that in exercising our authority to vote, no king and law can take this authority away from us. Technically, Lew Lee Choo is saying, our voting rights are sovereign and supreme. What is merely a constitutional right to choose the government of the day, she had morphed into heresy, that not even God or His Laws has authority over us. And she added salt to the wound, by saying that no darkness can take away the authority, given to man. This is purely calling good as evil and labeling evil as good. That’s the level of idiocy that these false preachers are displaying from their hearts, through their mouths.

Before I move on, allow me to give you an idea of what Malaysian politics is like since the past five years. In 2018, the government of sixty unbroken years of grip in power, was toppled by opposition forces, led by former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammad. But in two years, this man broke his promise to handover premiership to his once jailed deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, and single-handedly brought down the elected government of Pakatan Harapan, through his own abrupt resignation. And by political convention, his resignation as the nation’s Prime Minister, meant that the rest of the Ministers, automatically lost their appointments as members of his Cabinet. His action subsequently enabled his own party (Bersatu) to form pacts with other political parties, only to bring old faces back into the seats of power.

When the previous government was toppled, many Malaysians were ecstatic, including Malaysian Christians. During the hype of the 2018 general elections, numerous churches were either directly or indirectly involved with political canvassing, including mega-churches like SIBKL. And with the defeat of the Barisan Nasional government, it particularly gave the Christian community, a new hope and a new sense of direction.

A couple of years back, one man was found loitering outside a school in Penang, handing out small Bibles to children, regardless of their race or religion. When he was approached by the police, questioning him what he was doing, he told them that he was distributing Bibles to the crowd, and that he has authority to do this, because he was told that after the previous government was toppled, Malaysia is now a new Malaysia, and giving Bibles freely is permissible, according to him. That was the extent of what toppling the government, in elections, meant to this believer.

Any outsider would have plainly agreed with what this man did, and what he did is the correct thing to do. But Malaysians, and especially Malaysian Christians, know what I’m trying to say here. Giving out Bibles publicly, including handing them to Muslims, is a cultural no in this country. The issue here is not about spreading the Gospel. We have church services conducted in all kinds of languages and mother tongues, and Malaysian Christians have grown accustomed to the fact that we are freely allowed to preach the Gospel within our own confines, without much restriction from the authorities. It is about respecting cultural norms here, that as peace-loving citizens, we do not do things in public that will agitate or create disharmony among the various races in this country.

But if churches start telling believers that God has chosen certain political parties as His preferred administrators of the land, and when these people gets elected, that’s how haywire happens. Believers will get the wrong idea, that such political victory equates to God-given, added authority for them to do as they wish, without assessing whether their deeds are wise or foolish.

On the contrary, if these so-called chosen candidates lose, everything ends up like what happened to Donald Trump and the United States recently, creating even more mess and confusion. But the horrid thing is when false prophets start using these grounds as their basis for their prophetic claims or that God told them to tell believers in Malaysia, as though if their chosen candidate wins, therefore their prophecy shall be proven right if they have guessed it right.

Even more depressing that ever, is the fact that the so-called God chosen political pact have caved in to in-fighting, resulting in their own downfall in less than two years in power. So did God also caused that to happen, or was it just good old dirty political tricks, and the Christians have been deceived by end game tactics of several powerful unseen hands?

It is 2022 now, where is the political change that is supposed to come together with our power to vote? Isn’t the 2018 Malaysian elections clearly a case precedent, teaching us to acknowledge the simple fact, that absolute power is never in the hands of the people? So what is this muck from the mouth of Lew Lee Choo, that no “king” and no “law” can take away our authority in our votes? Or is she merely referring to us having the power to walk to the nearest voting station on election day to vote, and once we are done, our power ends there and then?

Nevertheless, what our reader, Tan said about SIBKL and their dabbling with local politics, appears to be true. There’s no denying it for now. In SIBKL, the church is clearly used as a platform to promote man-made kingdoms, and used as tools to get as many as possible, to align people to the wishes of their church leaders, and not God. They would rather let their church be used as conduits to political parties rather than for the divine purpose of furthering God’s kingdom. These people draw near to God with their mouths, and honor Him with their lips, but their heart is far from God. And in vain they worship the Lord, TEACHING AS DOCTRINES THE COMMANDMENTS OF MEN.

While these false preachers are seen gearing their speech towards what appears to be a soon coming Malaysian elections, but I honestly doubt it will come any time soon or even happen at all. Throughout my time observing false preachers and their methods, it is not too difficult to see that they often choose to tie their prophetic descriptions to things or events that have a very high probability of occuring. And if it does happen, they’ll jump back to the forefront to declare, see I told you so! That is how most modern prophets conduct themselves. Seriously, these church preachers generally have no idea who are the ones wielding real power in this country or what these unseen hands are capable of executing. Even if it were to be explained to them in detail, these preachers will most likely be stupid enough to call it fake news, as all they care about is how many new members are going to their church service next week, how others perceive them, their reputation etc.

By their own words, these false preachers are also seemingly unaware that under Malaysian laws, as soon as a state of emergency is declared nationally, most of its citizens’ rights are suspended, including the right to vote and to choose the government of the day. And that the King, under advise from the sitting Prime Minister, has the legal authority under our Constitution to keep such emergency enforced indefinitely, for as long as he deems fit.

The country’s Constitution itself is a statutory statement showing us clearly, what Lew Lee Choo claims to be God-given peoples’ supremacy, is nothing more than an ignorant lie that came only from her own figment of imagination. And like other false prophets in their fold, all their claims about God speaking to them, can be treated as nothing more than mere trash talk, and deceptive falsehoods they deliberately manufacture to make themselves look like anointed men in the presence of others.