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Letters From Our Readers

About Churches
By Anne Robare

Hello, after looking at your website, I thought you might want to know the following.

In John 17, Jesus prayed for His disciples, “Holy Father, keep them in thy Name (THE WORD OF GOD), which thou hast given me, that they may be ONE even as WE ARE!” However, it is very obvious that today’s churches are not one, but He did not pray in vain. God’s Gospel is Christ Himself spiritually baptizing His true Christians and spiritually building His true Church.

His enemies, as described in The Revelation, began with the beast coming out of the (RED) Sea: unbelieving Israel, unbelieving Jews, false Christians, false churches, false schools, false ministries, etc. Over 300 years ago, the churches were proven false by true Quaker George Fox and other true Quakers of the 1600s. Those false churches horribly persecuted the true Quakers, even to death.

I learned what I did 3 years before I knew about the 1600s Quakers, and yet we learned the very same saving true Gospel. Then, another 2 years later, I read what Augustin of Hippo wrote on the Gospel of John. I UNDERSTOOD HIM, AND WE ALSO BELIEVED THE VERY SAME SAVING TRUTH. Augustin, George Fox and the 1600s Quakers are prophesied in over a dozen Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures. I have 8 undeniable dates that prove it. Here is a brief proof I have sent to others that will print on 4 pages, but I have more, just ask. – Anne Robare

Prophecies in Daniel and Revelation that prove the whole world is in terrible trouble, Isaiah 24 (8 Dates)

Jesus Christ warned us about the wolves in sheep’s clothing and extreme deceit in the last days, Matthew 7:13-23; Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 17; Luke 21 etc. His apostles warned us about the great falling away, the terrible lie, doctrines of demons, men that speak lies, only a form of godliness, evil beasts, dogs and their washed pigs, anti-Christs who deny that the Truth dwells in true Christians, mockers who do not have the Spirit, etc., 2 Thessalonians 2; 1 Timothy 4; 2 Timothy 3; Titus 1; 2 Peter 2; 2 John; Jude etc. All of these problems, also prophesied in Daniel and The Revelation, began long ago. There are eight past dates that prove it.

Daniel 7: The Lion, the bear and the leopard did not frighten Daniel. He knew they were of God, Hosea 13:7-8. The Lion is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Son of God took the form of a servant and became the Son of Man, John 1; Philippians 2. The bear is Peter, in Acts 10-11, and other saved Jews who had trouble giving up their Old Testament physical rituals. The leopard is the true Christian Gentiles, who rapidly spread the Gospel through their languages: Greek and English. The first large group of Christians lasted for a time of 360 years after 70 AD and the second group for a season of 90 years, Daniel 7:12. The fourth beast is a combination of the two beasts in The Revelation. In the last days, the beasts are almost identical.

Daniel 8: The little horn/king is the Sanhedrin and its lasting influence over unbelieving Jews. See Matthew 23 and Revelation 1:7.

Daniel 9: The last seven is the seven churches, of Revelation 2-3, where the entire 2000-year Church Age is perfectly prophesied.

Daniel 10: Daniel had a vision of the risen, glorified Lord Jesus Christ on the exact Feast calendar day that Christ arose.

Daniel 12: The two men on either side of the river are Augustin of Hippo and Quaker George Fox. The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, is the real Lord Jesus Christ.

See below for the 1290 and 1335 days/years. See Luke 9:23-26 for the New Covenant daily sacrifice and Luke 16:13-17; Galatians 3:10-12 for the Abomination of Desolation. John the Baptist and his physical baptism were of the Old Covenant, Luke 16; etc. Jesus Christ’s New Covenant Baptism is spiritual, Ephesians 1-6; etc. It is impossible to belong to both Covenants, Galatians 1-4; etc. To believe in and practice the Old Covenant works of the flesh is to deny the Cross and the Righteousness of Christ, Romans 1-11; etc. No one could continue with the entire Old Covenant after Jerusalem and her temple were destroyed in 70 AD, which is the first of the 8 dates.

Revelation 2-3: The Ephesian church is a description of all true Christians. To reprove false preachers and false teachers is the first Love. The true Christians of the Smyrna church age were persecuted by the unbelieving Jews and Romans who are the first synagogue of Satan that is also the first beast, Revelation 13; etc.

The Pergamum church age was overwhelmed with heresies. The Nicolaitans were like Nicodemus, in John 3, inexcusably ignorant of God’s Living Water of Life, Isaiah 55-56; Jeremiah 17; John 2-4; John 7; Ephesians 4-5; Revelation 21-22.

Donatists, a Roman version of Nicolaitans, began in 312 AD. They believed in New Covenant physical water baptisms. Donatists were named after Donatus, who is the man of sin and the anti-Christ among many, 2 Thessalonians 2; 1 John 1-5; 2 John.

The Thyatira church age was also a battle against heresies. Augustin of Hippo, who did not believe in New Covenant physical water baptisms, reproved the Donatists until he died in 430. From 70 AD to 430 is the first 360 years of Daniel 7:12. Then the Donatists began to overtake the Roman churches.

Jezebel is the Roman Catholics, and her fellow spiritual adulterers are the Coptics and Orthodox churches. Her children are the Protestant churches that continued with water baptisms for babies. Then, in the Sardis church age, came the immersion baptizers, also Donatists. They defiled their garments instead of spiritually washing them white in the Blood of the Lamb, Revelation 7.

In 1602, 1000 clergy prepared the Millinery Petition for King James and the Donatist heresy remained in the English churches. From 312, when the Donatists began, to 1602 is the 1290 days/years of Daniel 12:11. Then the blessed one, who waited until the 1335 days/years, came in 1647: Quaker George Fox. From 312 to 1647 is the 1335 days/years of Daniel 12:12.

The 1600s Quakers are the Philadelphia church age; it is a perfect prophecy of them. They kept God’s Word and did not deny His Name that is His one and only Holy Spirit Baptism, John 3:18. They did not believe in New Covenant physical water baptisms, as Augustin of Hippo did not. Between Augustin’s conversion in 387 and Fox’s conversion in 1647 is 1260 years. Between Augustin’s death in 430 and Fox’s death in 1690 is 1260 years. In Daniel 7; Daniel 12; Revelation 11-13, the “time” is 360, the “times” is 720, the “half a time” is 180, and they add up to the 1260 days and also equal the 42 months of 30 days.

All of these prophecies are about the 1260 years between Augustin and George Fox. This is when the True Church went into the wilderness and the great falling away overtook the rest of the churches. They all became Donatists. The Quakers knew they were coming out of the Great Apostasy, the great falling away. They knew the True Church had been in the wilderness. They knew about the long dark night of John 9:4 that had lasted many generations. Furthermore, they were right, although they did not have the dates and the details above. The Quakers preached the True Gospel to the churches, but the churches financially destroyed many of them, mutilated their bodies and mercilessly murdered them.

Those churches are the second synagogue of Satan. All of today’s water baptizing churches are descended from the churches that committed horrible crimes in the past, especially against the 1600s Quakers. When people continue in the false beliefs of their murdering forefathers, they are also held guilty of shedding that righteous blood, Matthew 23. Then, in 1737, the Quakers decided to institute birthright membership, but God decides who is saved, Matthew 22; John 1; Revelation 19. After a season of 90 years, 1647 to 1737, they fell apart exactly as prophesied in Daniel 7:12.

The Laodicean church age began in 1737. There is not one organized church today that is preaching the True Gospel of God’s Holy Spirit Baptism of His Power from on High, Isaiah 63. The bowls of God’s Wrath are specifically directed at those who have been blaspheming His Holy Spirit Baptism and His Holy Name, Revelation 16. Multitudes, who thought they were saved, are far from being saved. Repent, call on the Name of the Lord! Acts 2. Dump the dogma, ask God for Wisdom and study His one Baptism!

The Spirit and the True Church are calling, “Come! …take the Water of Life freely!” Isaiah 55-56; Jeremiah 17; Revelation 1-22; etc.

( To be continued )

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