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It wasn’t much of a big time, power dealer meeting that I originally expected, as these wolves behaved identically like lost sheep, in the way they presented themselves during sharing sessions. They talked about the hurt and pain they endured when rejected by the people, like kids in a group therapy of some sort, while trying to encourage one another and to pick themselves to soldier on.

Yes, you’ve read the title of this post correctly. Contrary to popular belief that false prophets are a rejected lot, the truth is they are not shunned by people.

Just take a look around us; for instance, the largest church in the United States is in Lakewood, Texas, founded by Joel Osteen. And the list of other big names goes on, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Steven Furtick and many more. These preachers are no small people, and they command a significant cult following from the Christian crowd.

In my own country Malaysia, we too have our own list of false prophets or preachers but most of them are not as popular as those from the West and their influence is questionably limited in that sense. Personally, I spent most of my Christian life in a city megachurch in Kuala Lumpur and throughout my stay with them, I have seen a fair share of ups and downs, struggles with false preachers and deviant teachings. I must say, respectable churches in Malaysia are also not perfect churches. But rather, they advance over time, what is bad is pruned and removed, and what is good is retained and seeded for growth.

In Matthew 7:14, Jesus said, “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” By this comment, Christ Himself made it clearly known that the numbers of those that are eventually called and saved are few in numbers and hence it would also be reasonable to assume that on the other end of the spectrum, many will be deceived.

In this post, I shall dive in to micro-examine false prophets and their churches, using real life experiences and my encounters with some of them since 9 to 10 years ago, after I’ve moved to where I am presently residing. I discovered that there is always a persistent pattern in the conduct of these false preachers, as though they follow some sort of master script that is written or formulated by a higher authority, and all of them that I know, seems to be speaking and doing the same things over and over again.

I also wish to reiterate that this blog is not paid or influenced by any church institutions in particular and the opinions here are solely the author’s own, and nothing more. Just as I’ve written favorably in support of some churches, it is by no means that I am influenced by them when I blog about what I believe are false prophets and false churches. Due to lock down restrictions, I have not been attending church for quite a while, and my assessment here of what is true and what is false, is independently my own and not persuaded by any third party.

The objective of this blog has always been to speak the truth and to give credence only to the truth. Beyond the truth, all lies shall be denied.

Why False Preachers Are Popular

For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

Matthew 24:5

Evidenced by what they do, false preachers and false churches are usually successful people and organizations by human standards. If you are a false preacher, and should you be still struggling with limited support or rejection by people, then you are not doing it right, compared to what “successful” false preachers are supposed to be doing. If people are leaving your false churches, then it is true to say that your formula to run a false institution is not effective, so to speak, as in how other “successful” false preachers have been conducting theirs.

False preachers and false churches have no concern with sound bible doctrines. They operate like businesses and their purpose is only to make money. And the successful false churches are the ones with false preachers having good business acumen, as opposed to being rooted in Bible wisdom. False churches dominate in communities they operate in because they are like motivational centers for extroverts – providing a weekly avenue to those seeking to recharge themselves with ideas and good thoughts, after spending 6 other tiring days in a week, sloughing through life.

When people turn up at false churches, they go with high expectations of wanting to be told that they are worthy of something greater, something higher than them that they have yet to attain or discover. It can be anything related to human living, like bad relationships, career objectives, seeking blessings, healing or any type of need that people sought after, which they believe a church could offer them and nowhere else could. Therefore, successful false preachers are masters of understanding these human desires that are written between the lines, and they know how to effectively fill in the void in peoples’ hearts and to provide for their impetuous demands, in exchange for monetary contribution that they claim is given to the church and to God.

The Heart Of The False Preacher

False preachers are not typical empty barrels as what many thought they are. Some of them are highly educated individuals, holding academic qualifications from prestigious universities. It is untrue to say that false preachers are “stupid” people. No, they are not. It is just that they have different priorities in life. Take, for instance, a good preacher; he is purely dedicated to God, the Bible, and he takes seriously the subject of teaching sound doctrines as what is instructed in the Bible, as what is required from men who teach. Likewise, a false preacher is the opposite of a good preacher, his objective is not about conveying sound doctrines but of something else that gratifies his own motives instead of God’s.

Recently, a false preacher from my town, conducted a “ministerial” session for his group of other false preachers, and he made his address public by airing the discussion with his group, live on Facebook. This gave me the opportunity to see what is going on within the inner circle of these false preachers when they group together. Well, that is the advantage I have as opposed to being attached with a church in particular; in the sense that what I do or put up in this blog, I am in no way restricted by the unwritten convention that church leaders are predominantly not suppose to get involve in the affairs of other churches. You can call this blog a tabloid if you wish to, but this is what it is; being independent and unaffiliated, we are on good footing to provide many insights concerning certain headlines from the Christian world that others could not. Honestly, without the presence of false preachers, I’m not sure if this blog would even have had existed in the first place.

Let’s call this false preacher the guru among the rest. As a guru, he guides his little wolves, feeding them, encouraging them and providing a place for them to obtain emotional support. This guru has a long history of self-admiration, and he literally instructs his pack of wolves to call him “dad” and he would call them “son”. The pattern of pride here is consistent with the gods of Israel’s past, where Yahweh the true God is sidelined as second to these idols. The little wolves no longer see the Father in heaven as their Shepherd, but instead they look to this guru for coaching and captaincy.

The topic they discussed recently was “Rejection”. So they dealt with leadership rejection by the people and how to cope under these circumstances. It wasn’t much of a big time, power dealer meeting that I originally expected, as these wolves behaved identically like lost sheep, in the way they presented themselves during sharing sessions. They talked about the hurt and pain they endured when rejected by the people, like kids in a group therapy of some sort, while trying to encourage one another and to pick themselves up to soldier on.

But the most obvious thing about these wolves is that during the course of their entire discussion, their focus is fixated on getting healed from apparent rejection and what they should be doing from thereon, to be accepted by men. This is where the rubber meets the road; while respectable preachers are only concerned with what God wants and how to deliver the true gospel message to the people according to how the Bible prescribes it to be, these wolves were only thinking about how to win favor and acceptance from men. In their world, it is all about “I, me and myself”.

They never detail out what instructions the Bible gave to teachers or even discuss anything concerning what God wanted them to teach and preach. The gospel is merely an excuse they occasionally refer to, falsely assuring themselves that they are on the right page with God, while they candidly pursued favor and acceptance from men for themselves. The more conspicuous corruption you’ll find in them, is they treat acceptance from men as the fruit of the Spirit instead of goodness, righteousness and truth (Ephesians 5:9).

The Notorious False Preachers

Other than the example above, there are also those false preachers on the ground, burdened with managing their own churches, and are already facing cracks and fractures in what they do, or they are already experiencing imminent threats to their survival as church leaders.

These notorious false preachers are the ones, under strained circumstances, being pushed to their limits, and in the course of what they do, they started showing their fangs or the ugly side of who they really are. Recently, I came across an example of a church, in what I believe is their pastor, publicly shaming his own followers and those who opposes him. I’m not exactly sure what is the real nature of opposition he is facing from his own flock, but from what I gather, this particular preacher is complaining about people leaving and not wanting to serve in his church anymore. More details about this pastor and his church, in an earlier post here.

This preacher had his Facebook pages littered with inconsequential quotes by men, phrases that he selectively choose or created on his own, posted and used to send out veil messages to his followers, to remind them that he is the boss and that the boss above him is God, and if people do not do as he tells them to, it is as though they will face the dire consequences of punishment from God Himself.

What The Bible Say About False Preachers

Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” The Scripture made it all clear and without an iota of doubt that if we reject knowledge, God will reject us as priests (or leaders) for His ministry. As such, for pastors and preachers, it no longer matters, whether men accept or reject them, if God rejects them for any reason whatsoever.

Without knowledge, not only leaders will be rejected by God, but He will also extend His rejection to their children as well. Men, by themselves, do not owe these preachers anything, lest they owe them acceptance simply because they claim that they are appointed by God. As believers, we all have our own mission to get our lives right before God and to be acceptable and pleasing to the Almighty.

If any church fails to deliver the guidance that believers need to stand right before God in righteousness, justice and loving kindness, the church has already failed in its function as a House of God and is therefore not worthy to be considered for any form of acceptance. It is the constant state of being deceived and the unwavering desires of men wanting to wander away from obedience to God that keeps these false preachers and false prophets in business.