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But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

2 Corinthians 11:12-15

They start fights they couldn’t finish. They blatantly spread lies and false contentions, to create issues that they can use to openly censure others, for the purpose of lifting themselves in the sight of men. Like the devil, they demote others in order to promote themselves.

Once they come to realize that they are powerless to pursue, they blame it on persecution. They accuse those they labelled as their enemies, of judging them unmercifully, although no one lifted a finger to torture, kill or to put them down. And no one tied them up, to stone them. According to their simple minds, being queried equates to persecution. Therefore, if they are unable to answer, that would be martyrdom?

These preachers are also cowards. When confronted, they deny and chicken out from all rational dialogue or consultation. They fear people who question their motives, their deeds, and their teachings. Instead, they resort to using the pulpits and social media platforms, to spread more lies against those who spoke against them, in order to cover up their tracks. They are gutless souls, without any courage or bravery to stand before valid issues raised against them and against their questionable claims of divinity.

Rawang’s False Preachers.

All preachers named here, have one thing in common among them; they will not hesitate to call good as evil, and evil as good. To those who stand up against them, or question their false authority, they will relentlessly name call them as snakes, serpents or demons from Hell. They thought they are exceptionally appointed by God to be among men, and therefore they are willing, and dare to speak without reliable intuition. And they are the top examples of spiritual blasphemers in Malaysia.

Anyone armed with the truth, a few buckets of water and twelve stones, is capable of defeating these false preachers quite easily. Battling them is effortless, because darkness cannot come into the Light, and even if it does, total darkness can be overcome by the slightest presence of Light. Likewise, these false preachers and fake prophets are characteristically similar to darkness; they will self-disintegrate when confronted with the truth and the Light.

I don’t write much about other false preachers, other than these five. The reason being, I am their accuser and I am their victim. The rest of the bad apples, are none of my business. And I have every legal authority to speak out against these five preachers, in order to protect my well-being, as these five men have demonstrated no conscience, and are willing to inflict damage to the reputation of others, merely for their own gains.

Here are the famous five from Rawang, Selangor. Paul Ang (SIBKL), Christina Ang (SIBKL), Victor M. Sidhu (FGCCI), David Lee Ying Kiat (City Of Praise Rawang) and Tam Wah Fiong (Diakonia Christian Church Rawang). They have done enough to qualify themselves as false preachers, fake prophets and impostors pretending to be anointed men of God.

Paul & Christina Ang (SIBKL)

The husband and wife team of their own ministry, Paul Ang Global Vision (PAGV). For more than 3 decades, they are the principal behind all heresies spread in the town of Rawang and in Malaysia. By their sorcery, they deceived many, into believing that God only bless those whom are blessed by them.

They move from churches to churches, to conduct their sham gospel, speaking all kinds of pleasantries into the itching ears of many. They guard their unpresumptious behavior, to portray Christ-like gentleness and love for others. But when no one is looking, they’ll unleash their hard sell calls, replacing God’s Commandments, with their own speak-into-existence salvation and prosperity gospel, dishing it out among fools whom are still clueless regarding their dishonesty.

They promise everyone who cross paths with them, that God is willing to compromise, and willing to forsake His own values to save carnal men. They paint the impression that Hell is made by the devil and God is on an eternal mission to save men from Hell.

They called out Covid-19 virus publicly, as a tool from Hell created by the devil. In his own words, Paul Ang claimed that God told him that He will send the west winds to blow away the virus, in order to save men. And that government mandated inoculation programs are God’s answer to the deadly virus, which is yet to be scientifically proven to exist.

But little did they know that the rabbit hole is way deeper than they thought it is, and they were unaware that there’s another deception, much more bigger than theirs, working behind the scene against them and men. Thus, by their own stupidity, they led many into the pits, to suffer the marks of serious adverse effects, under the name of being saved by God.

From left: Christina Ang, Paul Ang & Victor M. Sidhu

They could not even save their own dying sister from apparent cancer, but yet they could claim that they have powers to speak health and wealth into the lives of many.

They demand that others learn to apologize for any error spoken against them, but they themselves never apologized for their own mistakes and rampant blunders.

Technically, they do not do what they preach with their mouths. Thus, their false ministry is all about pleasing the crowds, speaking empty promises, and insisting that no one should question their self-appointed stature as anointed by God.

They are the father and mother among the other liars on this list. They train others to honor them by addressing them as dad and mum, and they elevate themselves as higher above all other men in this world.

The only fruits forthcoming from this couple, are the bananas they pluck from their backyard, that they post on Facebook for the entire world to see.

Victor M. Sidhu (FGCCI)

A frivolous orator, who does only shouting and lots of shouting. His sermons are laden with garbled speeches, obscured and perverted to confuse people into believing that he is anointed by God to speak.

As long as he is welcomed and paid to preach, he is more than willing to tell anyone, all kinds of nice things their ears wish to hear. He is eager to speak lies in order to please, like claiming Christians are the richest and the wealthiest people in this world, despite that it is obviously not true. Or he’ll imply that sin is not a big issue in life, and if you suffer due to any reason whatsoever, it is caused by the sins of others, and not you. He teach believers to blame others, for their own shortcomings.

Like his mentors, Paul and Christina Ang, all that is more important than anything else, is for him to brag about himself on social media, day and night. He use these platforms to promote supposed godly music produced by him, by which he claims to be God’s blessings for others. But the blessings that he claimed, is nothing more than mere click baits that he devised, to mislead the public into accessing his ads-driven, videos and media content, in order for him to be paid. His logic is the more you click and support his feeds, the more you will be blessed. His famous cue, ‘Watch and be blessed’. This man have some serious thrill issues to deal with.

Hailing from Punjab, he is the one who taught the people in the City Of Praise Church Rawang, how to turn their spiritual confrontation into a full blown war. He spoke to them like as if he is an expert in dark secrets of the art of war, and showed them how to defeat opponents.

He taught them to first gather information concerning the opponent before attacking. He told them, that he must be in the know, before he can advise them on the next course of action.

This false preacher has a spirit and motivation similar to the rebellious angel, Azazel, who led pre-flood civilizations of men and giants, responsible for all matters related to warfare and witchcraft. He is a primary source of lawlessness, teaching men how to become rebellious.

He teaches carnal men to be firm in their own beliefs, and that God will fight battles for them. So, creating new enemies from time to time, is what this man does best, because he thought God is partial, and is siding him all the time.

He is not a preacher from God. He possessed a divisive personality, his thoughts are pure evil and his deeds are nefarious to the true Church.

But over the years, he has led more people to their downfall, than revival. His own church, FGCCI Rawang, no longer exist, a testament that God’s Spirit is never in this man. He calls himself a true servant of God, but in reality he is nothing more than a sheer bluff, and a false preacher in his own ludicrous form, having very little intelligence or sound judgment.

David Lee Ying Kiat (City Of Praise, Rawang)

He is gentle and unassuming. On the outside, he appears to be your typical model church pastor, soft-spoken and easy going. But inside this preacher, is nothing more than a ravenous wolf, ready to pounce on anyone, in order to take gains for himself.

If you haven’t seen how Christian believers are possessed by demons, take some time off and visit the family of this preacher. In his own home, you will find all kinds and legions of evil spirits, ready to speak to you straight to your face. This man have spent countless hours, procuring the services of all sorts of preachers and priests, to shoo them away, notably he is powerless to command them on his own.

From his wife, to his own kids, and to the children of his own relatives, being possessed by demons is like a common, trivial routine in life.

While it is recorded in the Bible that unclean spirits only loiters at unclean places, this man’s family thought that, because the head of their house is a pastor, therefore the devil and his minions will specifically target only their homes, and not others.

David Lee Ying Kiat.

He operates his own church called The City Of Praise in Rawang. His church is not exactly a church. Instead of a house of prayer, he runs his church like running a business. Apart from monetary income, there’s no other reason for this man and his family to keep the doors of their premise opened to public.

Lately he spends all his time and effort, to divert the attention of his church members, away from the truth and away from any discussion related to their state of affairs. He claims that believers should always look to God and not elsewhere, but he never specifically explain where to look, or where God is. To this preacher, God is akin to an unreal spirit floating somewhere above the clouds, that cannot be seen or felt. Therefore, to turn his members’ attention away from their problems originating from sin, he persistently tells them to look up, wait and have faith. But what is real in this world, including the obvious sentencing and punishment that his church is presently experiencing, should be ignored and forgotten.

And during Sundays when the coast is clear, he will turn back to his old ways and start telling others to put money in his offering bag. He claims that giving money to him, is a Commandment from God.

Most of the guest preachers whom are invited to speak in his church, are often people like him – without credibility, without knowledge, without sound doctrines, and speaks without truthful authority. If you are a preacher of God’s truth invited to speak in his church, soon you’ll find yourself not invited to speak again. Because that is how this man wants his spotted sheep conditioned; to be ignorant and to be eternally ignorant. For he knows that only ignorant fools will believe his lies.

He also devise plans in cahoot with fake prophets like Paul and Christina Ang, to deceive his own people into giving away their wealth to him and his family.

To this man, church is not about God’s family. There’s no harmony, no peace and no truth in his church. He is only concerned with gathering as many people around him and his wife, and what they could get out from fools whom are still following them.

Church to him, is merely another form of commercial activity to make money. The rest day given by God to this man, is no rest day. He spends 7 days a week, working, doing and finding ways how to get rich quickly.

Tam Wah Fiong (Diakonia Christian Church)

He is both a business owner and a preacher from the Diakonia Christian Church in Rawang. He champions anti-corruption on national TV, and is known to be an active participant with Transparency International Malaysia. But within his own organization, anti-corruption is just a hollow slogan used to project himself as a proponent of good market practice. When caught red-handed, he covers up his own, to protect his image.

He compels his suppliers to execute documents, making them sign on the dotted lines to affirm that he and his people are corruption-free, in order for him to pass his audit, and obtain his ISO 37001 certification. All his claims of good practices, are as good as dud, and of no value.

An ex-church member of mine, who works for this man, once threatened me that his boss is going to sue me. This preacher, his brother and their staff even tried to plant false evidence against my son and I, in order for them to bring up a case against us. Well, I’m still waiting for that day to come, or is this also going to turn out to be yet another fluff talk churned out by them to scare others into submission?

He should be sending his lawyers to sue me for this statement, so that I can reveal all evidence during trial, for public consumption, and for all to see.

On Sundays, he goes to church like any other Christian believer, pay his tithes and walk his humble talk. He mingles with commoners, and from the outside, anyone could have easily mistaken him for a God-fearing and righteous man.

Tam Wah Fiong.

Like other false preachers, he preaches worthless lip-service, that by simply uttering with our mouth alone, we can be saved and go to heaven. And he spread his false gospel to many in the town of Rawang, deceiving people into believing that to follow Christ is as easy as following him, according to his flimsy theories.

He also practices deviant, spiritual healing and claims to be gifted to hearing from God directly. He often spoke about receiving instructions from God, to carry out certain supposed God given tasks. But his explanation of how God spoke to him, is exposed as nothing more than his mere feelings, and his own urge in wanting to do the things that he believes God told him to do. He talks to himself in his head, and then bluffs himself that God is speaking to him.

The people under his stewardship are equally similar like him, they claim to be angels but deep inside their hearts, you can find nothing pure, that is worthy of any honor.