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He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. Therefore, if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?

Luke 16:10-12

Several years ago, after my eldest child turned 18, I sent him out to obtain work experience as an apprentice. He was fortunate to have found a job at a computer retail chain franchise, working in one of its stores located at a mall close to our residence.

My son said they can’t pay him much because he was young and inexperienced. But I assured him that the salary shouldn’t be his concern. Seeking the opportunity to be taken in and accepted, is the initial step he needs to launch his career.

He spent about a year working as a retail sales assistant cum technician. He did gain useful working experience, serving walk-in customers, handling sales and how to effectively troubleshoot and fix problems for his clients. But at the top of all things that he learned, it was from one guy who approached him, not to buy anything, but who came to ask him for help.

Not All Who Claim They Are Christians Are Trustworthy

So, on one fine day, a stranger came to my son’s shop and started talking to him. He asked my son if he was religious, and my son told him that he is a Christian. Then this man exclaimed, that he too is a Christian. And the conversation instantly became comfortable between the two of them.

The man then told my son that he was urgently in need of some temporary financial help to pay off several medical bills before he gets his paycheck by the end of the month. Somehow, he managed to coax my son into parting with some of his own cash, to help him out. And in the evening on that same day, my son came home and told me about this incident and how he helped him.

But I said to my son, that it is more likely that he was cheated, and that he will never get his money back. Initially, my son did not believe me. Then the man came back to him after several days, and asked him for more money. But this time, my son checked with me by messaging me, before he decides to do anything further.

So, I told my son to tell this man politely, that you have already given him a lot of money, and that you don’t have much left to give again. Then I told my son to remind him that, by the end of the month when he gets his salary, he is supposed to return all the money that was lent to him. I ended my note to my son, saying to him, by the end of the month, you will never see his face again. And obviously this man never came back. That was the end of the story.

After the scam, my son was very disappointed, and he related the incident to several of his friends in the church. And my son was told by the people in the church, that he was under a “spell” or “kena pukau” when he gave his money to this man. And as always, my kids will return home to tell me about their day, what transpired, and what was going on.

If You Are Being Cheated, You Are Being Cheated & Not “Kena Pukau”

I told my son and taught him how to think logically, why he landed himself in trouble being conned by a man who merely came to him, asking to borrow some cash temporarily. I pointed my son back to his conversation with that man, what made that man’s words appeared so convincing to him. And my son said to me, he said he was a Christian, and so he believed him.

After that, I gave my son a nice, lengthy lecture, connecting the dots for him, showing him how he is in the state of mind that he is, blindly believing anyone who comes to him, claiming to be Christians. And I grilled it into his head, that being cheated, has nothing to do with magic spells, witchcraft or sorcery, according to how people in the church had told him.

It all begins in the church; he mixes with friends who call themselves Christians, and he was taught and trained by church pastors to always believe and to have faith. I told my son, there’s nothing wrong if a church teaches people to believe and to have faith. But things are certainly not right, if people are not taught to believe and to have faith in the real God, instead they disguise their teachings for something else; to deceive others into believing and to have faith in them instead; these men and women who claim they are Christians and pastors, who put on an appearance as though they are appointed by God to speak to others on His behalf.

The kids in the City Of Praise Church Rawang, were not taught true knowledge that equips them to face the world at later stages in life. But rather, they are fed with lies and smooth flattery, that as long as anyone say they are Christians, they should be automatically treated as dependable and trustworthy people. And these church pastors and leaders continuously brainwash their followers with such theories, in order to instill confidence in the church and on its leadership.

Unfortunately, these false preachers do not see the long term damage inflicted to the minds of the young ones. As they mature and grow up, they began to sense that certain things that they were taught since their formative years, do not add up or make any sense. People, and especially Christians, are not as trustworthy or dependable as they were told they are. They cheat, they lie, they deceive and they do all kinds of things like the heathens do. They are as dark as the darkness in the world but yet on Sundays, they could group together and proclaim that they are the Light of the world.

Some even came to our home to stay over, and said stupid things to my son such as, if my brother calls you, tell him I’m not here with you. My son once asked me why a Christian brother would want him to lie concerning his whereabouts. All I could do is to point my son back to his church friend’s upbringing, what his father and mother taught him, and what his church pastors trained him out to be.

While the world has this saying, that the student will always be better than the teacher, but this is not so true according to the Bible. In Matthew 10:24, Jesus said, “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.” Therefore, I said to my son, unless the ones whom are responsible for your friend’s upbringing, are themselves liars, your friend would not have blatantly lied and told you to lie like he does. That is what the Bible is telling us.

The Defunct Sunday School At City of Praise Church, Rawang

A church whose leadership teaches their children to believe and to have faith in themselves, instead of God. That when they grow up, it is compulsory of them to give ten percent of their income to the church. And if things go wrong in life, just blame it on something else, blame someone else, or blame it on magic spells that bad people cast on you. The best is to blame it all on the devil and his demons. Thus, those who tell them that sinning is not right, they’ll chastise and call them as demons marching out to discourage other believers in the church. But inwardly, these Christians are themselves the ones doing all the things that the devil does; they lie, they cheat, they deceive and they steal.

As long as they can find excuses to explain what is going on, and if the people (especially children) buys the idea and believe them, then they can sweep the problems under the carpet and move on. If the money keeps coming in to the church and into the pockets of these religious bigots, they don’t really care about the upbringing of their own believers, not even their own children.

But it is most disappointing in the City Of Praise Church, Rawang, that unless you are a Tsen or a Lee, you will not be getting any decent treatment as a child of God. The smooth talking and flattery that goes on in the church every Sunday, is nothing more than worthless speech from the mouths of their preachers, to cultivate followers that they could enslave, and to train people to submit to their nefarious schemes, enabling them to leech on the resources of others, for their own benefit.

And when these preachers’ own kids leave for college or university, they are funded with other peoples’ money. Before they go, their parents and pastors will ask them to step forward and share, how God have blessed them in life and how they have been given places at institutions of higher learning. While doing this, they keep the rest of the sheep in their flock entertained, clapping hands and praising God, and to marvel at the purportedly wonderful and good things that are happening to these Tsens and Lees.

So their followers will continue to blindly say wow and praise God for these good things that they themselves witness with their own eyes, thinking that someday God will bless them too, as how He had blessed their fellow Christian brothers and sisters. But as time goes by, these blind followers will gradually begin to see the truth, and one by one, they will leave the church. Because, when the truth hits the fan, their pockets and their faces, they’ll start to wonder, where are all the blessings that are suppose to come along as claimed by their preachers. When they don’t arrive, needless to say, disillusionment will quickly set in, that all these while, they have actually been taken for a goofy ride, being cheated and being lied by people that they themselves fondly call as their own brothers and sisters.

Thus, the Sunday School at the City of Praise Church Rawang, that was once full of children and toddlers, is today completely deserted and decimated. Because, the parents of other kids and children, saw the uncomfortable truth, that this Sunday school, is not a school that trains people towards godliness or teach people about God, but they push their lies to the kids, to believe and to have faith in these false preachers and their schemes, that as long as they call themselves Christians and pastors, they can be trusted without questions asked.

Always Do What Is Right

As for the plight of my son, after the terrible lessons he learned through his own mistakes, he became smarter and started developing skills to always question between what is good and bad, and never to take anything in life for granted. Today, at barely over 22 years of age, he runs his own software company with a small handful of people he calls his own colleagues, and with his small team, he is capable of handling multi-million Ringgit public tender projects – dutifully, honestly, and without being cheated or scammed.

For now, he appears to be on solid footing, living by the motto in life to always stand up for the truth, and never be afraid to lose anything for the sake of the truth. Even if it means to lose jobs or valuable contracts, giving them up is surely better than to offend the Lord by not being truthful, as Christ demonstrated that He is the truth (John 14:6), and He expects us to be the same (1 Peter 1:16).

For it is written in Scripture, “And you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the LORD, that it may be well with you, and that you may go in and possess the good land of which the LORD swore to your fathers …” (Deuteronomy 6:18)

Stay tuned to this blog, as next week, I shall reveal more about the Jezebels in the church, and the mother of all its Jezebels; its co-pastor Grace Tsen.