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But there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the Lord, because Jezebel his wife stirred him up.

1 Kings 21:25

There’s a popular saying that goes, behind every man, there’s always a woman. Likewise, it is also true to say that behind a bunch of false preachers, there are also a bunch of women. These are the Jezebels who run the show from backstage, taking cues from their Ahabs, who stand in the forefront of authority. And in this post, I shall discuss in full detail, these Jezebels found loitering in the City Of Praise Church Rawang, their origins, what they do and how they operate.

The Spirit Of Jezebel

The spirit of Jezebel is not a demon. For instance, if I were to translate the meaning of the phrase “The Spirit Of Sportsmanship” in Malay language, it cannot be read as “Roh Kesukanan”, but rather it should be correctly translated as “Semangat Kesukanan”. Unlike Malay, the word “spirit” is used in English language in two distinctly different ways. One is to refer to an actual spiritual being, and the other, to refer to the state of being motivated or one’s zeal to catalyze towards a certain goal. The latter is how the word “spirit” is defined with the Malay word “semangat”.

In Revelation 2:20, Jesus said that He is against Jezebel who teach and seduce His people in the corrupt church. Literally, Jesus did not mention of anyone in the church of Thyatira, as having being demon-possessed by the spirit of the dead Queen Jezebel. Dead people do not have power over the living. And dead people don’t turn into living spirits with capabilities to haunt others. If you believe in such things, your thoughts could not have possibly been Scripture inspired. And thus, the only way to practically make sense of what Jesus was referring to when He mentioned Jezebel; the spirit of Jezebel, is the zeal to do as she did in the past, and the motivations among the people in the corrupt church to carry out sins that are similar to things done by Queen Jezebel of Israel.

They captivate men, entice them, and turn them away from common-sense. Like Queen Jezebel as recorded in Scripture, these women are notorious, knowingly to do two things; they instituted idol worshiping among God’s people, and they violently purged the true believers who walk in the Spirit and in truth.

In the modern context of the church, although they do not physically institute Baal worship or actual idol worshiping, but their deeds result in the same outcome; they turn people away from the true God YAHWEH and His ways. They are described by Paul in 2 Timothy 3:5, as people who put on a form of godliness but denying its power. They blend themselves with the crowd by embracing Christianity, and they make themselves appear, outwardly, no different from any other follower of Christ.

But these Jezebels are organized to a certain extent, and wield a certain amount of authority inside these houses of prayer, power that is given them by their Ahabs, a.k.a. church pastors. And they are violent against any messages of truth, particularly teachings that enable men to see the true nature of their sinfulness, or any teachings that empowers people to turn away from sin and back to God.

Thus, they will always be up in arms to eliminate those who speaks the truth and those who brings the true Gospel of the Bible. Faithful men are incompatible with their wayward ways, and therefore faithful men will always pose serious threats to their positions of authority in these houses of worship.

And among these Jezebels found in The City Of Praise Church Rawang, includes David Lee’s wife, Grace Tsen, several other women, and some from the northern cities of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Despite the form they put on to disguise themselves as people of God, it is not difficult to identify them. Once they fail to convince others to conduct according to their ways, they’ll leak and show off their true self. They pose themselves as the ones in authority and power, and they demand to be respected. They are lovers of themselves, their own ways and their culture. Nothing more.

Northern Sumatra, And Its Cities Of Sin

They are culturally similar to people from Central Java, Indonesia. In northern Sumatra, it is a place where free sex is widely practiced, and their local authorities are regularly faced with difficulties dealing with this problem among their women and men (source news: )

Logically, there’s no way God would have designated Christians to govern these cities that they dwell in, as the Christians are too weak to deal with sexual sins in accordance to how God would have dealt with them. Hence, you will often read from the news, how their men caught in indecent sex are publicly shamed and caned, under Shariah Laws enforced by its Muslim authorities. Two examples from these links: and .

They are also into rituals, that have been their tightly-held religious secrets since the 16th century. They come together to have sex not once, not twice, but seven consecutive times every 35 days for perceived, mythical religious fortunes to work in their favor. It is not coincidence, but a well-established practice of sex with random strangers. And they give birth to commercial sex activities in the name of religious fortune.

And in 2004, the day after Christmas, many of them were killed in the city of Bandar Aceh, after a massive tsunami swept their lands, triggered by a 9.1-magnitude earthquake, one of the largest ever recorded—ripping through an undersea fault in the Indian Ocean. The Boxing Day tsunami would be the deadliest in recorded history, taking with it, a staggering 230,000 lives in a matter of hours. It would have been impossible to even think how God Himself would have systematically permitted hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to be killed in such a short span of time, without reasonable cause or purpose. What else could have resulted in God’s immense anger, as demonstrated by such unprecedented catastrophe.

Before God gave them up to the waves from the seas, God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator (Romans 1:24).

The City Of Praise And Its North Sumatra Connection

Some of them hail from these cultural parts of Indonesia, and they can be found in adjacent Malaysia, and in the City Of Praise Church, Rawang. They do the same things that their forefathers do, and they hold not the redemption presented by Christ, that we are to offer ourselves back to Him, Holy and acceptable as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2).

While they can haphazardly quote from the Bible without understanding much of its underlying context, they could claim that others are trying to teach them new doctrines, as though repentance or wrongful blasphemy, are new ideas that popped out in the year 2022. But the truth is they cannot tell from the facts, that they are the ones being told off; that the things they do is causing hurt and pain to people around them. While they accuse others of lying, but when you ask them what are the lies, they could tell you nothing. But indeed it is appalling that they even have the cheek to claim that these are ways how others are trying to teach them new doctrines.

These women guard their sanctuaries well, and like Jezebel, they will do everything in their powers to protect their ways within the church. They practically ensure that their source of authority remains undisturbed, i.e. their false preachers cannot be eliminated from their pastoral positions in their false churches. If these preachers fall, so will the end come for these Jezebels. Hence, change of leadership for the better, is a big no to these Jezebels.

When they could no longer keep up with apologetics, they will turn to the heathens and use their motivational ways or teachings, as alternatives to biblical context that people should follow. Like in the image example above, they promote loving themselves as the ultimate secret to successful marriages, which according them, are godly ways of living, that will enable relationships to thrive.

They like the way things are; the prosperity gospel, the preach-for-money scams, and their weekly dose of winning and losing strategies dished out by their false preachers. Anyone who uproots these customary practices of theirs, will be demonized and be pushed away from the flock. The false teachings fit well into the lifestyles of these Jezebels, because, it gives them a sense of righteousness, the thought that the things they do and their way of life is indeed the sanctified version of Christianity, approved by God.

They use religiosity as the cover to hide what they are actually doing; like their ancestors, they are experts in luring men with their charm and passion, and they will go to great extent to woo them, even if it requires them to sell themselves as sex slaves. Men will eventually leave them, or they themselves will be discarded, once they no longer prove themselves useful, providing money and needs to these Jezebels. Inside their church, they will teach other women to find men who love them more than they love these men, as the perfect solution to their art of trapping others into their schemes.

Thus, in the City Of Praise Church Rawang, among these Jezebels, you will find lots of broken marriages, broken families, and all kinds of rebellion between wives, husbands and children. And if you do anything to expose them and their deeds, they will resort to take every measure, to character assassinate you, publicly calling you demons and devils, until you cave in to their demands. As such, they can spend years formulating and fortifying their strategies, to publicly demean their adversaries, and like Queen Jezebel, these women won’t stop until one party perishes.

Am I trying to teach these Jezebels any new doctrines? No, not at all. The truth is they cannot tell the difference, between being taught and being scolded.