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And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,” should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Isaiah 8:19-20

He makes the rest of his false prophets look like kindergartens. To him, teaching deception is nothing more than a stroll in the park, and he could twist the enormous efforts by the rest whom are trying to do the same, as child’s play. But Jesus said so, a tree is identified that by its fruit, and only bad fruits can be produced from bad trees (Matthew 12:33). Therefore, from the state of his church, SIBKL, we can tell what kind of preacher he is. At best, I would call this man, a worthy adversary.

Two days ago, as I was scrolling social media, looking out for good sermons, I saw that Dr Chew Weng Chee is going live from the pulpit of SIBKL, and the title of his message was “How Do We Overcome Spiritual Oppression”. I said to myself, this I must hear what this man has to say, because it is about time for someone who helms the microphone, to start speaking the imperative, to address the root cause of Christianity’s wide array of problems today. The mere mention of the phrase “spiritual oppression”, sums it up that this man knew clearly things are not right, and that he had to address it. And so I thought, while the rest are still playing with mud, in their quagmires.

False Preachers Start By Speaking The Truth

If you think all false preachers are idiots who never read the Bible, or they do not have an iota of knowledge, well, I must say that Dr Chew Weng Chee can prove all his critics wrong. A prominent preacher once said, most false preachers started off on the right footing with God, and over time, they swayed, detaching themselves from the truth, and gave themselves up to go against sound doctrines. Dr Chew is one such person, at least according to my observation.

Two days ago, Dr Chew was preaching from the book of Judges chapter 3. He is probably the first false preacher in Malaysia, that I heard saying this – other than the love of God, there is also another side to God, His wrath. Now, how often do you hear these religious pied pipers talk about God’s wrath? But this man, most likely, broke all of their conventions and common practices, to boldly speak about the other acrimonious side, and truth about God’s nature.

Usually, the narratives of false preachers, isn’t much alluring. Spotting their lies is often easy-peasy; everything a false preacher say is usually laden with all sorts of untruthfulness. Some frivolous orators are so bad with what they do, that I don’t even bother to investigate or report about them anymore, especially those who only shout and scream during their sermons, uttering nothing except obvious garbage and trash. But not with this man, Dr Chew Weng Chee. And in this post and the next, I’ll tell you why.

From Judges 3:7-8, Dr Chew correctly said that because the Israelite DID EVIL in the eyes of the Lord, a.k.a. they did evil while God was looking at them, they aroused God’s anger against them, and this resulted in the Israelite being sold into slavery, into the hands of their enemies. So far, so good. At every pause of his sentences, I couldn’t detect any lies from his mouth yet.

He used this verse to point out to his followers, if today they find themselves trapped in difficult circumstances in life, Dr Chew said that the Bible said so, it is because they did evil, even when God is looking at them. By now, I was having high hopes that this man will be speaking more truth, and he will continue to preach straight out from Scripture. At this juncture, I was already glued to his sermon and wanting to hear more.

He said, you always hear about the love of God, but did anybody tell you about the wrath of God? And the anger of the Lord burned, because you forgotten about God. Not only you forget God, but you did evil in the eyes of the Lord. In other words, in front of God, you did evil. God looks at you, but yet you continue to do evil.

And he said on, people are always wondering, why they are in spiritual depression for so long. Why is there no peace for so long? Dr Chew explained, that as Christians, we often come out of one oppression, and only to go back into another one. And in the process, we merely became smarter crooks, and we go back in again, thinking that we can outsmart God. And yet people are still wondering why they are stuck in oppression for so long.

They Gave Away Their Legal Rights

Dr Chew also said it correctly that the Lord obeys legality. It’s all legal (affairs to God), he said. God cannot violate Kingdom principles, he added. And I could not disagree with him on this fact, because the Scripture said so, that the Lord our God is Himself an impartial Judge, and One who loves justice and righteousness. And in all that He does, He does without favoritism or partiality to any one particular person, or group of men. However, it is also from this point forward, that the truth in Dr Chew, started to dwindle.

“God cannot bless you, if you voluntarily give access to the evil one to ravage your life. He cannot bless you even if He wants to.” said Dr Chew. Here’s where he started drifting towards falsehood. My contention is, when a person does evil, it is not a voluntary act of giving access to other evil people to cause problems in their lives. The truth is, the Bible said so clearly in Judges 3:7-8, that because man did evil, God became angry and by His own will, God delivered them into the hands of other evil men. There’s nothing voluntary in giving access to evil, by doing what is evil. It is just in a person’s plain habit to enjoy, and taking pleasure in doing evil, nothing else. And it was God who voluntarily gave them up to suffer other evil.

By preaching that God cannot bless us if we voluntarily give access to the evil ones to ravage our lives, is sheer irresponsibility of this preacher to shift the cause and the blame. He makes it difficult for believers to identify the root cause of their problems, their sins. Therefore instead of sin, the people see the source of their problem as, they themselves doing silly things to give away their rights, and as such, the solution is to do something else to prevent this from happening. It then becomes a challenge to them, to rectify and to do what is necessary to reverse these conditions that they got themselves into, instead of addressing their sin.

The correct flow of definition is while the people did evil and angered the Lord, their deeds resulted in punishment from God in the form of being delivered into slavery and into the hands of people more evil than them. People then lose their income, because other men are taking over their jobs. Businessmen go into bankruptcy, because their competitors have overtaken them. And peoples’ health are crippled, or they are dying, because God turned them away from the truth and allowed them to be deceived by murderers. And God is allowing it to happen, because He was angry with them.

Now, how do we equate God’s punishment as prolong,
cruel and unjust exercise of authority?

But Dr Chew would define this as spiritual oppression, as a prolonged period of cruel or unjust exercise of spiritual authority over peoples’ lives and their families, resulting in mental, emotional or financial distress. Now, how do we equate God’s punishment as prolong, cruel and unjust exercise of authority? While he said spiritual oppression is when we open the door for the enemy to come into our homes, but technically, he is blaming God for being unjust. Worse, he is teaching others to blame all of their shortcomings to injustice.

And then he moved on, and told his followers, that he is going to share the secret on how to get out from spiritual oppression once and for all. Ain’t this going, getting more and more interesting? Well, I said it earlier, that this false preacher is a worthy adversary, don’t you agree? Read on.

The Solution Is To …

“Today, I am going to share with you, once and for all, from the authority of the Word of God, how you and I, can get out from spiritual oppression.” Dr Chew declared. Dr Chew then went on to explain that there are three things we must do to get out from spiritual oppression.

Number one, is we must have an overcomer’s mindset. One must have the desire to call it the day (to end oppression), and must have an overcomer’s mindset. He related how in the year 2020, he studied the book of Revelation, after which he wrote a book about it. And he referred to page 17 of his book, describing to overcome, one must have the mindset of an overcomer, have a never-say-die spirit, and never to give up no matter what circumstances or the cost.

According to Dr Chew, one must overcome by the blood of the Lamb. He cannot overcome for you, and you yourself must be your own ovecomer. So, to overcome, we must have the mindset of an overcomer. And the method, he is showing believers that in order to overcome spiritual oppression, we have to start with being an overcomer. The art of going in circles.

It is similar to David Lee from the City of Praise Church, Rawang, when he said that self-control is success, and therefore success is self-control. And they’ll go round and round in circles, until their fiction appear and becomes like truth to the rest.

Dr Chew said he is going to share, once and for all, from the authority of the Word of God, how to put an end to spiritual oppression. But then, he pulled out his own book, written by him, and started reading.

But, Dr Chew, isn’t the Scripture crisp and clear, in Judges 3:7-8 that you yourself quoted, the source of the problem is THE PEOPLE DID EVIL in the eyes of the Lord? Therefore, shouldn’t it be that the people need to first and foremost, overcome their own desires of doing evil before anything else? And to overcome our evil desires after been found guilty of doing them, isn’t that repentance, turning away from sin and going back to God?

“How come they (their enemies) are winning, ah? Winner’s mindset!” exclaimed Dr Chew. “You must want to overcome, and you must want to win!” he said. Well, you heard it from his own words. It is all about winning. And I always wonder where smaller false churches get their winning and victory preaching ideas from. Now I know, it is all in the same family roots of these false churches. Big or small, these false churches promote the same false doctrines.

The “Olam Of God”

Number two is, according to Dr Chew, the crux of his message; that believers must ask for the “olam” of God. According to him, The olam of God is the infinite. That which is eternal in the wisdom that goes beyond the finite limits of time. He said, “I cannot even explain it and craft in it human language, … but I cannot even begin to put it and frame it in such a way, what is the olam of God. It is the ancient wisdom of God.” Now, don’t you agree that this is one false preacher who speaks interesting things?

Dr Chew made it clear that he himself cannot fully understand the olam of God, but he tries hard to explain it to his congregation in English, that it is the wisdom, that is not even wisdom. It is the knowledge (of God). It is theology of who God is. It is the character of God, that God never lies, and that God is holy. That God means what He says. It is that kind of intimate knowledge of God that is not (just) wisdom, (and) wisdom. It is the resourcefulness, it is the divine initiatives. It is the courage (of God). It is the ancient wisdom of God that goes beyond how clever we are.

But I do know what this man is talking about. What he termed as the “olam of God” is merely the characteristics of God and eternal beings that differentiate them from humans, in our three-dimensional forms. Needless to say, God is beyond the dimensions of our world. God is timeless. And God is multidimensional. Let me give you an example; when God looks at a man, He does not see that person like how you and I sees the person, per se. In the eyes of God, He sees the person before he was born, when he was born, after he was born, how he grew up and right up to seeing what has yet to happen to that person, the day he grows older, the day he retires and the day he spends time with his grandchildren or great-grandchildren, and so on and so forth. In short, God’s all-seeing powers, penetrates the past, present and future, all at once. This is the unexplained wisdom, which is not wisdom, that Dr Chew is trying so hard to present.

God’s ability to see things in its completeness, is what sets God apart from us, as opposed to our limited visibility. And because of God’s infinite character, and His all-seeing capabilities, His knowledge, power and wisdom, far supersedes ours. It is like trying to play chess with a person who knows beforehand who is going to win, and he knows what move you are making before you even lift a finger. In 2 Corinthians 4:18, Paul even said that “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, BUT ON WHAT IS UNSEEN, since what is seen is temporary, BUT WHAT IS UNSEEN IS ETERNAL. Paul is talking about the things that God can see, but our human eyes can’t. And Paul described it as the unseen, because in our present bodily state, we are not multidimensional, and we can’t see things beyond the third dimension. If you are keen to dig deeper into all these dimensions and math stuff, go talk to a quantum physicist, and he’ll be able to explain things better to you than I do.

This thing, described by Dr Chew as the “olam of God”, is exactly the same “characteristic” exhibited by eternal beings, beings that are not confined to the limits of time. And according to the Bible, prior to the process of experiencing eternal life, one has to undergo the process of sanctification before reaching eternity. Sanctified people have similar characteristics as God; they are holy, they are clean, and they are pure (Acts 26:18, 2 Thessalonians 2:13 & 2 Timothy 2:21). Sanctified beings are eternal beings, and they are not limited by time.

Sanctified people can see things that ordinary people in this world could not see. It is this beyond-human capability to see things far beyond what their eyes could not see, that made many false preachers become afraid of sanctified people, or people whom are undergoing the true process of sanctification. They thought sanctified individuals have higher levels of knowledge and wisdom than them, because they draw their resources from the devil. They thought godly people could not be anything better off than they themselves, as such smarter people could only be demons in disguise. And Dr Chew called these people as, clever fools out there, with first class honors.

(To be continued)