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… when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet as spoken it presumptuously; YOU SHALL NOT BE AFRAID OF HIM.

Deuteronomy 18:22

I looked at the timestamps on her feeds, and it appears to me, she was wide awake at 2am in the morning, rushing to send out a stark warning, reminding her readers to remember that what they sow is what they will reap. Then she continued at 9.30am later, and complained about anonymous writers, asking silly questions about why a person should be anonymous, as though remaining anonymous is a sin. My apologies, if she is referring to this blog and my writings here, it is not my intention to deprive her of any sleep or her right to her own well-being and sanity.

She quoted from 1 John 4:20-21, and demanded those who have done evil against anyone, including speaking evil or destroying people’s lives, to repent. And she ended her sentence with the vile threat to imply that if the person do not repent, he will reap what he sowed.

I’m not sure if she was referring to me or to others from an entire list of anonymous commentators whom had openly wrote about the TOG scandal since the Internet existed, whose writings can be found sprawled all over Google’s chatroom and on many other Internet forums. And this blog is not the first to go online with this scandal, there are already several other blogs and Youtube channels that have done their investigations and published their findings years ago before me. Or was she speaking to defend the folks at the City Of Praise Church in Rawang, over the many accusations of blasphemy and reprehensible pastors’ conduct, that were exposed and documented in this blog?

But reading from her recent rants, she appears to be very unhappy indeed. Again, my apologies, this blog is not created with the purpose to make her or anyone happy, and I have made this point very clear in the about section, since the very beginning, and will remain consistent throughout.

Well, let’s assume that she is talking about me, and about this blog. First and foremost, I do not owe it to her whether I should decide to put my name down or to write my posts without one. In fact, I am not unknown to her. She knows who I am. And her implied claim that she does not know who I am, is nothing more than another one of her outright lies.

To Them, I’m Not Anonymous

Her friends know who I am. And even more obvious, her God knows who I am. And if Christina Ang wants more specifics about who I am, she could also do her homework and check with those from the City Of Praise Church Rawang. They know who I am. David Lee knows who I am. Grace Tsen knows who I am. I have been with them, I sang on Sundays with them, and I was formerly one of them (Psalm 55:13-14). I was also actively on their WhatsApp chat group, until my son and I were told to leave.

In fact, even the people at Diakonia Christian Church Rawang knows who I am. Their pastors and deacons know who I am. Tam Wah Fiong and his legion of liars know who I am. Not only that all of them knew who I am, but they also have my personal records like my mobile phone numbers, postal and email addresses. Add to this, I have also tried to officially communicate with them on their church’s official Facebook page using my real Facebook account, and I did nothing to hide my real identity. But unfortunately, they have chosen to censor and blocked me from contacting or communicating with them.

My Blog, My Rights

If I start a blog to write about the truth from my own perspective, and if I choose not to put down my name alongside my articles, it is purely my choice and my right to do so. This is my blog, it belongs to me, not theirs and certainly not Christina’s. Similar to how these people have drawn their lines and have defined their own rules in their churches, and how they do all kinds of things to dominate the Christian narrative in Malaysia. Likewise it is no different over here, I too have my own rules on how this blog is operated, and how things are done here. Over here, these people, especially Christina Ang, have no say and no authority over how I choose to run this blog.

It is futile for Christina Ang to even coerce this blog to cave in to her ways and by attempting to do so, she certainly won’t be getting any decent reply from me as none of her demands, like suggesting that others are afraid of her, or there’s no weight to what is written here, or that I should not fear and therefore must do things her way, none of these callus demands have any authority that warrants any decent respond. Your church, your rules, and likewise, my blog, my rules. Get it, Christina?

These people are the ones running away. And if I speak the truth, there is even less reasons for me to hide or to be afraid of them. The funny thing is this, I knew and they all knew, that I’m just one phone call away from them. And this is also not a popularity contest. There’s no need for me to garner support or to get the world to agree with me. Anyone who reads what I write, against what Christina writes and sentences that comes from her lips, can judge for themselves. Unlike her, I’m not keen to control the narrative and I have no plans to. Controlling the narrative brings no value to my well-being as a believer. Or if I get more people to agree with me, would that even make what I said, more, or less truthful than before? No, I don’t think so.

Alright, enough with all the bitching, let’s move on to the pertinent issues to address her concerns.

Do Not Bring Your Matters Before The Heathens

Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous, and not before the saints? Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life? If then you have judgments concerning things pertaining to this life, do you appoint those who are least esteemed by the church to judge? I SAY THIS TO YOUR SHAME. IS IT SO, THAT THERE IS NOT A WISE MAN AMONG YOU, NOT EVEN ONE, WHO WILL BE ABLE TO JUDGE BETWEEN HIS BRETHREN? but brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers!

1 Corinthians 6:1-6

The Scripture spells out clearly that as believers, we are prohibited to bring our disputes to the unbelievers to be judged. Otherwise I would have personally sued these preachers and their bandwagon of liars in open courtrooms without any hesitation. The prohibition is also firmly implied in Matthew 18:15-20, when Jesus Himself taught us His way, how as believers, we are to address disputes.

Therefore, here’s a piece of advice for Christina Ang on how to go about her concerns effectively, particularly her allegations that people are speaking evil against her or doing things to destroy her life. She should go to her church pastor, and in her case, going to Sidang Injil Borneo Kuala Lumpur (SIBKL), and see this man by the name of Dr Chee Weng Chee, to submit her complaints to him. If he is the leader of a real church of Christ, he should be obeying what Christ said and do as what has been commanded in the Scripture; to establish a proper quorum to initiate proceedings under his authority as senior pastor of SIBKL, to summon and to call those whom are being accused of speaking evil or destroying Christina’s life, to answer to her charges.

To the people whom Christina is accusing of doing what she claimed they are doing to her, if these people are true followers of Christ, they should recognize this authority to summon them, by a senior pastor of a church. Because, true followers of Christ are not only Commandment-obeying believers, but they are also expected to be law-abiding believers. And the last thing they would want to see themselves fall into, is being questioned by the Lord on judgment day, on why they have not responded to a Scriptural and lawful calling, to answer the charges brought against them by Christina Ang. This instruction is clearly stated by Jesus in Matthew 18:17, “And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. …” But if those accused are reluctant to respond, Christina has nothing to worry about, because the situation then instantly becomes a ‘debt’ owing to her on judgment day.

Ultimately, as people of the book who follows a God who is fair and impartial, likewise the rules and methods that flow through His church, should also be fair and impartial; that in every case or matter of dispute, everyone should have the right to be heard and everyone should have the right of access to justice. Thereafter, it is in the hands of the church leaders to judge wisely based on Scriptural principles, and to deliver wise judgment. And if, a brother is soon after found guilty, the power is then in the hands of church leaders to command that person to repent, so that the same transgressions will not be repeated and forgiveness of sins according to the will of Father, will be properly pronounced and administered within His church (Matthew 18:15).

If Two Or Three Are Gather In His Name

And this simple process, that is pleasing and welcoming to Lord, is also affirmed by Jesus, when He clearly stated, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20) Make no mistake here, what Jesus said in verse 20, about gathering together in His name, is within the context of believers coming together in His name to settle their disputes. Jesus never said anything about two or three gathering together to pray, or that He will answer everyone’s prayers indiscriminately if they come together in His name or just because they gather in big numbers!

Repentance is therefore not something for anyone to casually demand from another, without undergoing the due course of justice, and especially so if the wrongdoing could not be established. And it is certainly not within the powers of people like Christina Ang, just because she claims to be a prophet, to blatantly state or to demand from those she does not like or those she does not agree with, to repent according to her wishes, without first establishing the facts of who is doing what is wrong.

SIBKL, A Real Or Sham Church?

However, if SIBKL is not a real church, but merely a Sunday entertainment services and events organizer, then Christina might be facing some issues. And I seriously doubt, that SIBKL even have any department that handles dispute resolution or counseling for the matter of fact, let alone to start one. Even if they do, they will more than likely open up a can of worms and invite a litany of members and ex-members to submit complaints against their own and against past conducts of their leaders, instead of merely solving Christina’s complaints. And these leaders from SIBKL, might not even have the knowledge, on how to properly settle disputes according to Scriptural-defined connotations.

The real problem is this, in Malaysia as well as in many parts of the world, biblical dispute resolution is never practiced by churches who claim they are real churches of Christ, thus contributing to this of lack of vital characteristic in the church, in its competency towards this subject. And as such, this gives birth to blogs like Spinning Shekel, to voice out the cries for justice, because these church leaders themselves have for far too long, denied followers of their basic right of access to justice and the right to be heard.

This problem does not originate from the believers, but it is their church leaders who fail to explain and to teach them, that there is such a thing known as biblical dispute resolution, as found in the Scripture. And such procedures, although they have been widely practiced during the times when the Lord walked the Earth and slightly thereafter, these rules were eventually kept away from the knowledge of believers, hidden for centuries, and done to nefariously protect the wayward ways of false preachers, and done at the expense of deceiving the people away from conducting themselves righteously, honorably and legally before the Lord. And the rest is history; the church then replaced what is righteous character before the Lord, with their own version of what appears good to them and the world; that by merely being nice to one another, doing this fulfills the tenets of loving one another according to them, and not to Scripture.

By wiping out the avenue for believers to seek lawful redress, the church leadership removed a very important component of the church, used as checks and balances to uphold righteousness to where the Lord wants it to be, in order for preachers to elevate themselves to become one class above the rest. Thus, they made their deeds no longer questionable by others, and all institutions and branches within the church that enables the process to query the conduct of leaders, are then removed forever from the hands of the common believer. And this is the very thing that attracts God’s wrath to initially begin in our houses of prayer, before its tentacles reach the ends of the rest of the world. Just as the Bible said judgment shall first begin in our churches (1 Peter 4:17), it therefore follows, church leaders will be the first to fall into hands of God’s wrath, then followed by the rest of the believers in the church.

How this issue develops from here, I honestly have to say, only time can tell. But I have done what I could to raise a very important matter; that pastors and church leaders, are no mere event managers, and in leading our churches, they are also supposed to keep themselves blameless and to be competent judges, like how in the days of the apostles, conducting their affairs at the Solomon’s porch, inside the Temple of Jerusalem.

To keep my answers short for Christina Ang, allow me to highlight to her what’s written in Deuteronomy 18:22, that as a prophet as how she is claiming to be one, if she speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass according to what she said, THEN NO ONE, INCLUDING MYSELF, NEEDS TO BE AFRAID OF HER.

Nevertheless, I do find it quite bizarre to hear the call for repentance coming from her, a person who preached only the gospel of professing with the mouth, all her life. Why and how she suddenly turns and demand others to repent, when all along she never taught anyone or called people to true repentance? Am I correct to say, that others have to repent if she’s the one suffering the consequences, but if she’s the one causing others to suffer, or if she is advising those who cause others to suffer, under such circumstances, repentance is not required?

False Prophets & False Preachers Pretending To Be From God

Isn’t Christina Ang and her husband Paul Ang, powerful prophets of God as what they claim themselves to be, and so what had happened to their powers of speaking things into existence or to speak things off with their tongues? Can’t they just chant away their problems, the peoples’ problems, and sweep the rest of the dust under the carpet, like how they have always been doing and teaching others to do?

These prophets are not real prophets. On bad days, they pretend to be powerful by using vile threats, and by subtly instilling fear and their garbage theology into the minds of unsuspecting believers. And on good days they prepare their mix bowl of flattery to be dished out to itching ears, to people who desires to hear their worthless flaunts and hollow praises for men. But the truth is, like empty barrels, these false prophets can’t even lift a stone with their words, let alone to move mountains, or to even follow basic Bible rules on how to resolve simple conflicts. In fact, they don’t care at all. As long as it does not hurt them, life is suppose to be always blissful according to their terms.

And are these people and their followers struggling with health issues and that they are dying? Isn’t it by false teachings from their own mouths that have caused them to be exposed to such unprecedented health crisis? Aren’t these false prophets the ones who proudly claimed two years ago, that God had sent them vaccines to protect them from viruses that came from the devil? Have these false prophets done their fact checking, and provided their followers with credible evidence, showing that COVID-19 viruses had been scientifically lab-isolated and proven to exist? Who is the one speaking real evil? And who is the one destroying the lives of God’s people?

What happened to their talks of “the name of Jesus is powerful?” Or are they simply abusing and using God’s name in vain for their own reputation and glory? Or is Jesus’ name not powerful enough for them to conquer death? What is so difficult with understanding what Jesus had said, that if we say we love Him, then follow His Commandments?

What else do I have to do to show these people, before they see the truth that the Commandments from God contains multiple “Thou shall nots” that functions to protect us from death? How many times more do I have to show them what the Bible said clearly, that the wages of sin is death? My family and I followed Jesus, we did not follow the ways of these false prophets, and therefore we never face any risk of dying. Get the picture? Or these people still need God to show them more wrath before they wake up from the spells of these false preachers?