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“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

John 15:5

Jason (not his real name), was a national athlete and quite a rising star during his heydays. He is also the spouse of a friend and a former colleague of mine.

Back in the days when I was employed as a legal consultant, Jamie (not her real name) was my superior, and both of us were managing a small administrative team, handling legal affairs in our company. She died more than a decade ago, leaving behind her family and her husband, Jason. And Jason most likely remarried, years later.

It came about in the news media recently, that Jason suffered from health issues, and is making ends meet doing odd jobs at another sporting center, earning a meager minimum wage. Being an ex-national athlete, the news of Jason’s predicaments was recently published in the local media, done with good intention to reach out to people willing to provide financial assistance to Jason.

I was devastated, reading about Jason’s plight. He is not old, and is 5 years my junior. Not only he suffered serious setbacks in his career, he also lost part of his memory due to stroke, reduced coordination and motor skills, cognitive disability and short-term memory dysfunction. But it is obvious to me, why he is in such a state today, and it is due to his rejection of God’s ways of righteousness.

Trouble Is Not Limited Only To Non-Believers

Jason is one of the many cases we’ve seen in this world – from apparent success to downright failure and fall. As I know, he and his family are not known to be Christian believers, but such predicament shaking the lives of many is also common among people across all religious boundaries, regardless of whether one claims to be a Christian, a Muslim, A Hindu or an atheist, etc.

The consequences can be heart-wrenching, I have seen from lifetime impairments to sudden deaths, from wealth to shocking poverty, from power to sheer weakness, and the list goes on. And it is not good sight.

The curse of sin sees no color, and its ramifications are not just confined to any person from any particular faith or religion. If any person breaks God’s laws or disobey his commandments, disaster is sure and soon to follow to his doorstep.

What is stated in the Bible cannot be disputed, that the cleansing power of the blood of Christ, is only effective among those who walks in the Light, and only in the Light, can true fellowship (with men and God) be found (1 John 1:7). Thus, Christian believers and churches who remained in darkness, could not experience the true cleansing power of what Christ did for us at the Cross, nor true fellowship, which among them is practically non-existent. In short, they are still trapped in sin and in darkness, because of their express choice to assume that they are no longer required to obey God and His laws.

This situation can happen to anyone, Christians and non-Christians alike. God is impartial and His laws are universally applied to all. Just as we have seen many Christian believers fall into this trap due to their own preferences, likewise in contrast, we have also seen many non-believers having benefited from God’s blessings, in areas of both wealth and health. For example, members of the Islamic consumer association of Malaysia (PPIM) headed by Dato’ Nadzim Johan, are made up of mostly unvaccinated individuals. They are known to have gone nation-trotting, to create awareness concerning the truth about vaccines and its side effects. As Muslims, they are also particularly aware of sin, and that sin is the element in our lives that separated us from God. Because of their allegiance to the truth, they were protected from the harmful effects of mandated inoculation.

While members of PPIM warned people about the dangers of these medical programs being unquestionably bulldozed to the masses, Christian pastors in Malaysia instead, are doing the exact opposite; they promoted vaccination as the truth from God that will save His people from what they perceive to be an evil virus, and doing this with devious intents – to desperately bring people back into their churches.

From preachers who use social media to encourage and to state the supposed benefits of vaccination, to fools bragging about how they are able to travel again to preach after being vaccinated, these self-proclaimed anointed men of God, are willing to go to all sorts of ends meet, so long as they get what they want; that people must return to their churches, and put money in their pockets once again. So, these preachers inadvertently participated and became agents of a global scale, fear-mongering drive, in order to achieve the desires of their own heart.

In his own words, the false prophet Paul Ang said that God had spoken to him, concerning a state of revival that is soon coming, and that God is about to unveil His miracles through the use of technology, science and wonders, to save Christians from COVID19. Is this statement a lie? Or any part in this blog, any article that have been posted in the past? Where are the lies? Kindly point them out, so that any alleged misstatement can be re-investigated. Tell me, I want to know.

Repercussions Of Wrong Teachings

Relentlessly filling up the hallways with believers will not make more people turn away from sin. By orchestrating church activities, will not turn pastors into validated apostles. What the churches are doing today is completely wrong. Instead, they are driving believers straight into the pits, resulting in greater suffering and hardship.

Churches promote service offerings, under the disguise of serving God. But in actual fact, their leaders are using God’s name in vain for their own monetary gains, that they extract from the benevolent expression of their members. In one church in Section 51 Petaling Jaya, if members do not offer their help to clean the church premises, their pastor would label them as being possessed by the devil. That’s how he gets people to work for him for free, by claiming that they are doing it for God, and if they don’t, they are deemed to have been influenced by the devil. As if these pastors themselves are God.

Believers are persistently fed with the false gospel that as long as they attend church every Sunday, God will save them. Or if they get themselves baptized or partake the holy communion every week, they’ll be saved. But the factual truth remains; having immersed yourself in a pool of water or eating biscuit chips and drinking Ribena mixed with water in false churches on Sundays, will contribute nothing to your salvation.

These elements found in Christian practice, are essentially ceremonious in nature. Like a marriage between a man and a woman, the wedding is only a ceremonious event, after which, it still falls back on the deeds and doings of both the man and his wife, to make their union a successful one. Likewise, baptism and partaking of the holy communion, plays the role to remind us of our union with Christ, and it still falls back on our deeds and doings to make our Christian life a successful one. Christ made it clear when He said, “… do this in remembrance of Me.” (Luke 22:19). He did not say, do this and you will attain eternal life.

A youth member from my ex-church once questioned my son, how often have we been going to church. I said to my son and daughter, I felt sorry for that boy, that he had been wrongly taught and brought up in my ex-church. Because of the persistent lies and deception being rampantly spread, churches today replaced the true cleansing power of the blood of Christ, with rules of their own making; as long as you keep your church attendance card healthy and keep doing good works for the church, they are saved according to their pastors.

Pastor With Power To Send People To Heaven

According to Tam Wah Fiong from Diakonia Christian Church Rawang, during one of his recent sermon, he said he is glad to be in the business of sending people to heaven. As though, God has no more say, on who gets to enter heaven and who’s not. He replaced salvation by repentance, with his own protocol – hear God’s word from his mouth, say the sinners’ prayer, and ‘poof’, you are instantaneously saved. After which even if you die, you are assured of your seat in heaven. According to him, that is.

To this man, the path to heaven is similar to going to a cinema. And he’s the person manning the ticketing counter – he decides who gets to go in. This is how bizarre our churches have became.

The Cry Babies Of Rawang

Whereas among stagnant churches including The City Of Praise Rawang led by David Lee Ying Kiat, this is a forever young, forever infant church, and their members are never maturing in their walk with God.

Every year, they formulate fresh new year resolutions, but never accomplishing them. They are indefinitely caught in a vicious cycle of spiritual childhood, and having incompetent preachers added to their quandary, preachers incapable of bringing them to the next level of growth.

Therefore, like cry babies nagging for attention, their pastor could only incessantly remind them of how God loves them 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Every Sunday is nothing more than mere shouting routines, to flatter God in every way possible, hoping to get His divine attention to help them.

Unlike believers who grow in Christ, these baby Christians cannot take solid food (Hebrews 5:14). And it is because they are being persistently fed ONLY with milk, thus they became unskilled in the word of righteousness, for they are still stuck in the state no different from immature babies (Hebrews 5:12-13). They don’t have Bible classes or study groups to fervently look up to knowledge or wisdom. Their source of Spiritual intake, is limited only to their once a week, hearing from their pastor that God still loves them. Thus, they never grow up, they never progress in their walk with God, and they never understood what is meant to be walking in the Light.

Their pastor had been warned with dreams and visions of a baby girl, who is small but talks a lot. However, they refuse to recognize the fact that God is speaking and cautioning them of their state of immaturity, and thus they rejected the calling to pursue righteousness and to follow the ways of the truth. Hence, all they do is talk, but possessing no real power in them.

Be Mature

In Christ’s own words in Matthew 5:48, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” The word ‘perfect’ in this verse is actually not in its exact English meaning. Reading from Strong’s concordance, the word ‘perfect’ is defined as (a) complete in all its parts, (b) full-grown, of full age, (c) specially of the completeness of Christian character. In short, Christ is telling us to grow and to be mature as Christians.

The maturity to be attained by us as commanded by Christ, is hardly about instantly becoming absolute in state of perfection, or to be identical to the precise nature of God’s holiness, overnight. Rather, it is about growing gradually, growing to hate sin and growing to love righteousness, growing to become complete of Christian character, and to let this way be in us which was also in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5). And in the full context leading to this famous ‘be Christ-like’ verse, therefore consolation in Christ is not limited to love, fellowship, affection or mercy alone. But it requires the zeal to let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, not for anyone to look out only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others as well (Philippians 5:1-4).

Technically, this means church pastors who only look out for their own pockets and selfish ambitions, they themselves are practically doing things outside Christ’s instruction, His demand that we are to mature into perfection like God.

Wolves & Hirelings Made The Situation Worse

The false preachers and fake prophets are the scumbags among them. They spend one day a week preaching from the pulpit and making themselves appear as though they are appointed by God to speak on His behalf. And on six other days a week, they loiter on social media like kids, dishing out their punch lines, on issues they thought could contribute, to change the world.

They spent lots of time on platforms like Facebook, to endorse, or to feel envy, or to sense out in others, who are the ones better off than they are. Thus, they developed the “fear of missing out” mentality, a pervasive apprehension that others might be having greater reward experiences from God, ahead of them.

On Sundays, they go back to their pulpit to preach according to what they believe is best for the rest of the world, while they redefine Biblical salvation according to their own limited means. In order to qualify for righteousness according to their terms, everything else that others around them say or do, must be done in harmony with their beliefs and false religiosity. If you challenge their claim that they are anointed by God, you are then either a snake or the devil himself.

Like hirelings, these false preachers and fake prophets move from church to church, to promote their “best is yet to come” theology; as if our God is a God who makes His own people wait, even during difficult times of financial or health emergency. Even at the brink of death, the best will still be yet coming, according to them. For the folks in the City Of Praise Church Rawang, they have been told of this “best is yet to come” fairy tale since three and a half years ago. But instead of improvement, their situation has gotten from bad to worse.

They treat the Father in heaven, like their back-and-call, claiming that God is by their side all the time. God is nothing more than their babysitter, He will cheer them up or lift them, when they are down. God will fight for them. God will provide when they are in need. More shockingly, they treat God like their boyfriends or girlfriends; He is there to make them feel loved when they are lonely. Their garbage perception about God the Father, couldn’t get any better than this.

But they were never told that they are destroyed due to lack of knowledge, and because they have rejected knowledge, God also rejected them. Because they have forgotten God’s laws, they are also forgotten as God’s children. (Hosea 4:6)

Adding to their dilemma, little did any of them even realized, that these false preachers have instead been using encouraging Scripture and verses meant for God-fearing and obedient believers, and hap-hapzardly applying and showering them across their hallways, thinking that God is even desirous of listening to the prayers of evil, and unrepentant carnal men.

Their End Is Near

Whatever fallacy being preached by these hirelings, ultimately it is the visible results in peoples’ lives that really matter. Inadvertently, these false prophets have also delicately hung their own credibility on such achievements, waiting for its final moments before revelation of the truth. It’ll just be a matter of time before their followers throw in the towel and stop following them.

If they preach good times, and good times are not seen to be coming, these false prophets will be in trouble. If they promise that sick people will get new organs from God, and if nothing happens, they are in trouble. If they preach that a righteous God will bless everyone equally, and if it does not turn out to be so, they will also be in greater trouble.

So, in order to mitigate the potential risk of being rejected by people, these false prophets made up their own theology, that our God is a type of “best is yet to come” God. By cleverly cascading these catchphrases over their sermons, they train into the minds of those listening to them every week, that it is okay if they are not blessed today, there’s always tomorrow. And another tomorrow, and another and another. It goes on and on, but however, the best will never appear to be in sight, right to the day their false ministries utterly collapse under the Light of the truth.

But horrendous are those pastors among them who claim that they have powers to send people to heaven. If they fail to perform healing miracles to cure sick people, or to alleviate death, the least they want to see happen, is to be seen by public of them assuring dying people, that if they say they believe, they’ll go to heaven, immediately upon breathing their last.

Inasmuch as these false preachers and fake prophets are clueless as to where exactly heaven is, they too probably have no knowledge at all, regarding the difference between Sheol and Hell. Their simple minds tell them that as soon as a person becomes dead, he has no power to question them over their fake assurances, and if the dead ends up on the lesser side of Sheol, they’ll have no voice to speak against them and to expose these liars whom are still alive.

I have shown these people the powers that can be in our possession, if we obey God’s laws and observe the ways of righteousness according to how God desires it. For three and a half years, I have shown them what will happen to them, if they their lives remained in sin. And I have also shown them how to experience God’s blessings and protection, by simply following these rules set in the Bible. And I’m not even a church pastor. Because I have repeatedly reminded them, that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), I’m called a devil’s advocate and a serpent, according to the wry logic of their fake prophets.

It appears to me, they have nothing left in them that they can use to defend themselves from the exposure made against them, other than to repetitiously provoke and to call me a snake. They are hoping that if they spoke frequent enough, the people will believe them instead of believing in the truth. As if, it will change anything for the betterment of believers. As if they can take over God’s role as key maker of the heavens and the earth. This is classic, calling good as evil. This is classic, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit – to label what is good as bad.