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But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, LEST YOU SORROW AS OTHERS WHO HAVE NO HOPE.

1 Thessalonians 4:13

Their authority is as good as chirp and chatter. They are like huntsmen having bows without arrows. The things they do is all talk with no action. They threaten and they instill fear in others. But inside them, they are like cowards without substance, and all they do is they frighten people with their rhetorics.

From an article at Christian Truth Center at this link, it was said that Jezebel ruled over many of today’s churches. And by their hands, nothing good ever comes from them. The dilapidated conditions of these churches, are testament to the fact that these Jezebels not only have zero leadership skills, but their pride and arrogance brought down many others to their destruction. A good tree cannot be fruitless. The absence of fruit in any church, is the underlying hallmark that one or more Jezebels are in charge, manipulating the house.

When they speak, they usually do not think before they talk. All they care is, they must appear authoritative, and be perceived by others as powerful and religiously correct. However, it is quite clear by now, that these Jezebels today are similar compared to those from the past – they all use the same pattern of intimidation and threats to induce others to conform to their ways. But like liars and cowards, they do not live up to their own words, and they do not do the things they say they would do. Their ways are nothing more than fear tactics, to scare people into submission.

There’s a saying that goes, by observing the mother, we can tell the daughter’s future. And likewise, by observing the daughter, we can tell the mother’s past. Therefore, from the action and inaction of modern Jezebels, it gives us a very good idea, why the queen Jezebel of Jerusalem acted the way she acted in the past. It also explains the trail of destruction that she left behind, how and why they occurred. So the same for the trail of destruction left behind by those in modern times.

The Ahabs, False Prophets & Jezebel’s Idolaters

They are like the devil. In everything they do, there is no truth in them, and they do exactly like the devil does. To make themselves look righteous, they turn those who does what is right, and paints them to look evil. Thus, in order for them to be respectable in public, someone else has to look really terrible for their sake. That’s how they gain their brownie points, and their notoriety.

While these Jezebels meticulously create the alarm and imagery that the world is no longer a safe place for them, they use verbal threats to seemingly add weight to their metaphorical bluffs. Their false prophets, on the other hand, will continuously provide them with their religious assurances, that God is with them and will protect them against their perceived evil ones. But unfortunately, their math do not add up.

Instead of finding or showing proof of sin in those they claim whom are evil, both sin and evil are found in every aspect of these people, their lives and in their churches. More than just the lies, the treachery and the moral corruption present in them, they too could not provide evidence to demonstrate how others transgressed, as claimed by them. In their false prophets own words, sometimes no response is the best response, and by their own words they demoted themselves further to nothing more than unworthy witnesses, and a bunch of worthless liars without any credibility.

Meanwhile, in all the troubles caused by these Jezebels, their Ahab remains defenseless, with each passing day, showing more imminent signs of his lack of direction to lead his people effectively. The Jezebels whom their Ahab once thought were the formidable strength that holds his house together, are now exposing themselves as powerless impostors and charlatans without faculty.

So like Saul, by their deeds they inadvertently took themselves and their followers down the valley of death and towards self-destruction. Ahab is now heavily talking about the dead, assuring his followers and himself that to die is okay. Even lately, his blog is full of articles concerning dead people. Like the devil, these leaders now appear to be agents and promoters of death.

Ahab would also speak proudly, depicting himself as the modern Joseph, appointed by God. He publicly garlands himself with self-flattery, that he is a man gifted by God with many dreams. But, he does not realize that the real Joseph not only dreams, but is also capable of interpreting them accurately. This is what Ahab thought he could do, but could not do.

Thus, when God showed him in a dream of a little baby girl, who talks a lot like an adult, Ahab couldn’t understand the significance of his dream. And neither could he grasp the meaning of himself, caught up in an examination hall, not finishing his exam questions, although he thought that he already did.

Not only he’s a false Joseph with no gift of interpreting dreams, but he also made up his own conclusion, to give himself false hope that his ways are on the right track with God. However, he tells his flock that like Joseph, someday his ‘brothers’ shall return to him to seek forgiveness from him, when he is in power. Let’s wait for Ahab to become a Prime Minister of some land someday, and we’ll see what happens next. My best wishes to him, his dreams of being endowed with power and authority, and all his future undertakings.

Winter Is Arriving Soon

The true sheep is still in the fold, among the goats and the wolves. Most of them, are already disillusioned or have given up hope of finding the truth. On their prop walls in social media, everything appears nice and tidy, life is good and all is well.

But when you speak to some of them, they ask questions like why do they still have to keep quiet any longer about people who transgressed and molested them, and why these criminals are still roaming freely inside their churches. And good leaders left the flock, for being put in difficult positions, forcefully compelled to choose what is wrong, against doing what is right.

Thus, it is obvious by now that the real sheep that hates evil have already been spiritually scattered away from the flock, as though God is doing this to keep them away from sin, protecting the chosen from the goats and the wolves. Some of the real sheep, no longer attend church meetings.

These remnants among them are the ones that the Lord kept close to His heart, awaiting the day when the Shepherd calls out to them once again. Then, the miraculous event of the sheep regrouping themselves will happen.

But until that day arrives, the rest in the pen will relentlessly move in their circles of insanity, doing the same things over and over again. And they will remain adamant, despite being repeatedly told of the foolish cycles they unnecessarily put themselves through every season.

When winter arrives, as it has been unmistakably drawn out since more than 2 years ago, the season shall come for the spotted sheep to start telling themselves that it is okay to be wrong, and to use all of their self-efforts again, to get things right.

And they do this to prepare themselves for what’s coming up in spring; as they move to convince themselves that they are indeed right, they band together others to strengthen and to fortify their belief in themselves rather than God, and to go against their perceived enemies again and again.

Like insane people, they do the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.