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For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of fore, it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Falsely accused and wrongly rebuked, even these are things that the apostle Paul experienced during his ministry. He was considered inferior to other false prophets. He was accused without committing any sin against those who accused him. He preached for no fees, and they accused him of taking from the churches.

Despite being like other ordinary men in need, he asked for nothing so that he does not become a burden to anyone. Despite the truth of Christ in him, HE WAS ACCUSED OF NOT LOVING OTHERS. And you can read all these accounts in 2 Corinthians 11:5-15.

And Paul made a quite shocking subsequent statement by saying what he did, he deliberately done it, so false prophets may be cut off from their delight in boasting about themselves. (2 Corinthians 11:12). Accusing them back as false apostles and deceitful workers, who disguise themselves as preachers from Christ, he warned them that their end will be according to their deeds.

Did this episode happen to Paul? Or does this sound more like the fracas that occurred in the Rawang community recently?

The Never-Ending Commotion

To those who told them not to sin and not to cause grieve to others, they called them demons and devils. They carelessly rebuked those not in the wrong, while they elevated transgressors as worthy men forgiven by God. Furthermore, they labelled transgressors as dogs under their care, and they caution whosoever wanting to beat up their dogs, that they better be careful with whom the owners are, before raising hands against their dogs. They expect other men to be afraid of them, just because they rub shoulders with local politicians and renowned men in the country. And yes, one preacher really did say such things, directly and publicly from the pulpit.

Months later, they tirelessly banded together other preachers to support them in their despicable acts. They could have let the matter rest without deliberately defaming those against them, but they sought to do so in order to make themselves look good in the sight of men. They neither cease nor desist. They went on and on, despite knowing the fact that what they do will create much hurt and cause a lot of dissension and division. And they lit fire with sparks and let the rest of their followers carry on their wickedness in progress, to demonize their victims.

They arouse and incite people to hate those whom are against their evil schemes and the things they do. They allowed their followers to call others as apostate and to spread lies after lies, by using everything at their disposal, from social media chat groups and even directly from the pulpits meant only for preaching God’s Word.

And when they failed to achieve the results that they desired, they continuously defamed their victims by calling them sons of the devil and workers of evil. Everything or any force that is against them, is labelled by them as evil. They strengthen each other among themselves (Psalm 64:5) from one sin to another. They regard themselves as anointed men of the Holy God. They call themselves that, and they gave themselves such titles, expecting other men to honor them, despite having in them, no attributes of the good name of the Lord and truth that they claim they are representing.

But today, their deeds are haunting them (Numbers 32:23, Luke 12:2, Ecclesiastes 12:14). Just as how it was written and said by Paul, two thousand years ago; people described as false preachers, they are like those whose end shall be according to their deeds. The following are two examples from a list of six. More will be updated and posted in the near future, as we move forward.

Like the rest of their false-preaching friends, these two men below-mentioned, have one peculiar thing in common between them; remission of sin is not achieved by repentance as commanded in the Bible (Acts 3:19), but they believe they have the power and authority to speak sin away, in their favor. In the absence of Christ on earth, they believe they are His anointed vicars and that God could only perform missions through them simply because they entitled themselves as pastors.

But rather, they have demoted themselves like Cain, causing his own brother Abel, to relentlessly speak out against him, even until today (Hebrews 11:4). Similar to Cain, what these two men thought is within their false anointing and power to do, by their own iniquities, they have inadvertently given away rights to others to speak out against them until the day of their final judgment.

Tam Wah Fiong (Diakonia Christian Church, Rawang)

Tam Wah Fiong breaking down while speaking at Diakonia Christian Church, Rawang

In his capacity as pastor in one of Rawang’s more established house of prayer, he could have ended the impasse by doing what was right. But he did not. Or he could have let the matter settle in the dust on its own. But he did not, despite no one having done anything to adversely pursue him.

Instead, this man, Tam Wah Fiong chose to compel those who did him no wrong, forcing them to execute documents, in order to protect his own from shame and so that he could get his ISO certification, to show the world how clean and corruption-free, his organization is. To make matters worse, he chose to use the pulpit to speak ill against those who did him no wrong.

He prides his life with the ways of the world, filling his cabinets with awards, trophies and all sorts of manmade recognitions, to remind himself and the people around him, of how great his achievements are. And in the church, he does the same things, basking himself in self-glory, with charitable works and his contributions to the community in Rawang. He does the same as the heathens do; make his money by capitalizing on human labor, while giving pennies back to publicly display his philanthropy. However, he goes beyond the heathens by adding one more insult to injury; he champions himself as a zero-corruption advocate in Malaysia, portraying himself as a righteous man who despise graft and bribery. But inside his own organization, there’s no truth in what he preaches or what he claims to be practicing.

He expects God to be always at his back-and-call, treating heaven like his launderette. Each time he commits a sin against other men on earth, he turns to God and demands to be forgiven. Instead of being blameless and conducting himself as a living example to his followers, holy and acceptable to God (Romans 12:1), there’s no end to his dirty linens. And he draws strength in continuing to live his life in sin by falsely assuring himself that what Christ had done for him at the Cross, is his license to carry on with his carnal ways, business as usual forever. Yet, he baffles the world, by claiming that as a pastor, God has put holiness in him.

He demands God to show him miracles, so that he and his church could continue to have faith and believe in God. Clearly, he passed himself off as one who does not even understand the definition of the word faith. And by late 2021, he resigned under self-pressure, as senior pastor of Diakonia Christian Church, Rawang. The above short video, is one of his final moments standing behind the pulpit, before his departure, and in tears.

David Lee Ying Kiat (City Of Praise, Rawang)

David Lee Ying Kiat and his group followers wailing and screaming, and they thought they are speaking in tongues and speaking to God.

This man thinks and acts like Ahab. He believes he is king-like, anointed and specially called by God. Like lazy Ahab, he is a man of few words and most of what he do, he does by way of delegation to his wife and her cronies. He let women rule over him, and allowed them full authority in carrying out what they thought is good for his church. He never fact-check what is good or bad. Likewise, he is not bothered. All he cares is how much money he can scoop out from the offering bags each week. Everything else, is not worthy of his time and concern.

This man and his followers are the primary instigators that caused the scandal to erupt in the sleepy town of Rawang. And in the course of events, he encouraged and strengthened his people to move against what he perceived as potential threat to his reign as self-appointed, false pastor of his own false church.

His church is already watered down to become worthless in the community of Rawang. In his church today, people can be heard wailing and screaming as though they have been given over to debased minds (Romans 1:28) or as if they have been possessed by demons. They thought they are praying in tongues but anyone who witness what they are doing, will most certainly and reasonably opine, that they have gone mad. And David Lee blames all these on his perceived enemies, whom he thought is more powerful than God, capable of doing spiritual things to block God from blessing him and his false church.

Despite being responsible for the upheavels, he chose instead to publicly declare that he has forgiven his victims, as though he was the one being offended and as though others require any forgiveness from him at all. His words are as idle as his deeds; having speech without action. To this man, similar to his method of preaching Christ’s gospel, it is all mere talk and believers in his false church have been taught by him, that they have the power to speak their way to heaven and eternal life, as long as he say so.

His strategy of leading his flock into spiritual battles, is by way of speaking away all signs of punishment from heaven which he thought are bad omens cast on him and his people by his perceived enemies. He teach his sheep to do everything necessary, including praying relentlessly in order to avoid repentance, while assuring them it is wise to hold on to the blissful hope that someday they might earn some brownie points from heaven, for what they thought are things that they did in their version of faith and in their own deception-mistaken-for-truth.

If you wish to see how a classic corrupt church (Revelation 2:18-29) looks like today, make your way to the City Of Praise Rawang, and pay this false preacher and his false church a visit. This man and his wife, could not even keep their own home tidy or clean, let alone to shoulder the responsibility of governing a church with any respectable integrity. Other than the rantings that he dishes out weekly from the pulpit of his own false church, you’ll hardly see this man preach from any other platform, because very extreme few ever invites him or sees any credibility in the messages he deliver.