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When they had assembled with the elders and consulted together, they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers, saying, “Tell them, ‘His disciples came at night and stole Him away while we slept.’

Matthew 28:12-13

No, it is not when a person slanders and stand as a false witness against you in any matter, thus leading you to being falsely accused of being untrustworthy.

Yes, it is fairly straightforward and painless to acquit a person who had committed corruption and abuse of power.

It is not too difficult to forgive another person who cheated you and by doing so, causing you to lose property or opportunity or even tainting your reputation.

It is quite easy to excuse the ignorant, for overseeing the plain fact that covering up sin is wrongful, and to absolve them from the responsibility of being careless in their unwise judgment.

Neither it is the worse unkind deed when the leadership of a church fails to arrest idle chatter and gossip among its women, who speaks not to edify but rather to deliberately vilify.

Nor is it really a terrible thing or so unforgivable if a church fails to administer justice for the needy, but instead chose to be partial and accord preference to wrongdoers instead of extending fairness to those did what was right.

According to the Bible, the most unkind thing to say to another person, is when what is good is called evil and what is evil is called good, to repeatedly insist that what is false is true and to frantically uphold the lie among men and to create more division and hatred between brothers, in order to salvage whatever credibility that is even left for these religious liars and blasphemers.

It becomes a grave and horrible thing, when not one but the entire town of pastors and preachers, who claim themselves to be men of a righteous God, to band together like the Pharisees of the Sanhedrin, not only to accuse falsely, but to shamelessly create the narrative that as though observing biblical righteousness is a heinous crime for the church and should not be tolerated as good gospel.

Before Christ was nailed to the Cross, the significant events that led to the crucifixion was none other than hatred and jealousy that the Pharisees had for Jesus. They followed Him wherever He was preaching and healing, and at every available opportunity, they would falsely accuse Jesus of blasphemy (Matthew 9:3).

The false accusations against Jesus didn’t stop, but widens and expanded to the point where full fledge blasphemy against the Holy Spirit emerges from the tongues of the Pharisees (Matthew 12:22-32).

And the continual denial, defense and consistent maintenance of what is wrong to be insistently right, and doing it in the name of God’s love, is their seal or open pledge that their blasphemy is upright, proper, legitimate and should be taught and promoted to other believers as well.

But will these fanatics, who lead our houses of prayer, ever stop with what they do? No, I don’t think so. Like in the days of old, they will go all the way until Christ is dead and after Passover, on the third day, they will still maintain that Jesus did not rise from the dead, but His disciples were the ones who faked the incident by taking His body away. Through their act of bribing others TO PERPETUATE THE LIE speaks much of the extent of their plot and evil strategies in desiring to maintain the lie (Matthew 28:11-15).

Jesus wasn’t crucified because they solely hated Him for who He is. They killed Him because He spoke the TRUTH, does the TRUTH and upholds the TRUTH. And to evil men, the Passover is not about the Resurrection. It is about themselves, of how they could leverage on the circumstances to maintain their lies and to sell their story to others as the legit one. The Pharisees never passed over to salvation; but instead, they remained firmly in their sin by choice (John 9:41).

The visible difference between Pharisees of the past and the modern day false preachers/prophets; while the former maintained their lies with another lie by denying Jesus had risen, the latter maintains theirs by attempting to mask it with the truth instead, akin to attempting to cover up darkness with light. Now, how could that even be possible without exposing more of their lies?