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As soon as they had brought them out, one of them said, “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains, or you will be swept away!”

Genesis 19:17

“The owner will patch the cracked walls and repair the leak at the faucet, once you agree and paid the deposit for down payment. ” Said the negotiator. I was staring at the sheer size of the washroom, having dual basins against a large wall, with sufficient space to install a very big mirror.

“Seven bedrooms with six toilets, this bungalow will suit your needs.” the negotiator assures me. She added further, “Some units have extended porch by the side way, parking up to 6 cars. Next to this garden neighborhood, there’s a full-facility clubhouse, managed by the developer. And an eighteen hole golf course, is just minutes drive away. Maintenance fees is RM500.00 monthly, and the management takes care of the lawn for you.”

The price for the mansion is equally attractive. Over the years, it has fallen more than 40 percent off from its developer’s launching price. Shopping now for a landed home, after having sold off all my properties in Kuala Lumpur ten years ago, is worth the while and the long wait. Yes, ten years ago, I sold everything I owned, and moved to a rented home in Rawang. My family and friends thought I was crazy. With every penny left from the proceeds of my selling, I bought physical gold instead, from Maybank at the price of a steal – RM4,000.00 per ounce of solid triple nine Kijangs. Again, people around me thought I was crazy to be buying gold back then.

Today, after having recently surrendered the Kijangs back to the bank for cash, I managed to multiply my money and doubled my wealth. Coupled with the current depreciation in housing assets across the country, in essence I am exchanging a three-bedroom house for a seven-bedroom mansion with its own land, if I commit now. And doing this, with extra money left in the pockets, to last me and family for quite a while.

No, I’m not crazy. I’m unconventional. I don’t buy when everyone is buying. Likewise, I sell when the majority is buying. I don’t follow herds. And I don’t follow spotted sheep or take counsel from their lackadaisical preachers. Not only they steal from their own herd, but they also lead them into making wrong decisions, often resulting in poverty and loss of God-given wealth. A person who walks in the Spirit cannot be lacking, because God Himself is abundantly rich in resources and He is very capable of giving. Likewise, the same person also cannot be lacking in good health, because he is always under God’s protection from any intended harm. The Holy Spirit could only direct those under His care and counsel, to always do what is right and needful, for their own good.

Stay Away From Wolves & Hirelings

If anyone finds himself lacking, he should first and foremost read his Bible and check on his relations with God, instead of listening to false preachers and false prophets. What can they do, if these prophets and preachers themselves are not appointed by God to speak on His behalf? If you walk in the Spirit, it is impossible to misunderstand the truth that sets us free from serfdom.

In my life’s experience with false preachers and false churches, the welfare of my family and I go downhill when we were once part of these nefarious institutions. It is only after I took drastic measures to depart and to cease relationships with them, that we find ourselves restored. It is as though God is telling me off; if I’m going to give away my portions to the wolves and hirelings, soon He’ll remove everything from my family as well. This thumb rule is evident in my son’s work; after he disassociated himself from doing business with a company owned by a false preacher, today his income multiplied by more than a hundred fold. The incident shows too clearly that God desires us to stay away from corruption and corrupt individuals, than to associate with those who claim to be righteous and clean, but having no truth in them, and end up being corrupt ourselves.

If God plans to bless anyone, He certainly won’t be sending false prophets ahead of time, to tell that person, okay, the best is yet to come, or get ready by next year, God will soon shower you with gifts, money, wealth or health. If God wants to bless anyone, He’ll be doing just that; He will bless that person, He won’t wait, and He won’t keep that person suspended in thoughts. God also won’t be sending anyone to tell that person, that on so and so date and time, He will receive God’s blessings. People who engage in such false prophetic garbage, are not real preachers or prophets, but more aptly to be classified as career fortune tellers.

These wolves and hirelings place heavy chains on the necks of others. Then they subtly drag people into submission, while quietly leeching on their resources to survive. Biologically speaking, these preachers are like parasites.

Buy When Others Are Selling

I buy only when everyone else is selling. Ten years ago, while everyone is putting in their money for a new house and shying away from gold, gold prices at COMEX fell from a high of US$1.8k an ounce to US$1.1k. Ironically, I swapped all my properties for a handful of Kijangs, and literally kept them under my bed. Back in 2013, this sounded like the most insane thing to be doing. Practically, I sold my properties during the peak season when property assets were priced at its highest and at a time when the majority crowd is buying. Then I bought cheap gold, when gold price was melting by the majority’s perception; that gold is according to them, a useless relic. As if, herd thinking could influence gold price to fall further. That was ten years ago.

Fast forward today, I’ve sold every ounce of gold in my possession, while the banks are telling people to start investing in it. Similar to liars, cheats and false preachers, bankers and wealth gurus are no better; they don’t have new tricks or ideas, and they could only resort to old tactics, and repetitiously doing the same thing, over and over again to deceive people. They have always been maliciously telling the majority to buy properties when prices are high, and practically result in teaching people how to lose money. This is called rinse and repeat. As though bankers with university degrees can make the price of gold go up by merely saying it will rise.

Today, these banksters are advising people with herd mentality to invest in gold if they want to secure their future. Buy if you so wish to, joining the herd bandwagon is always fun and rosy, and no one is going to stop you. I, too, have no qualms, if anyone wishes to indirectly contribute to my early retirement fund. You are welcome to buy what I’m selling now. But before you do things that you’ll soon regret, do read up about gold’s triple top on its weekly, its declining status as a global currency, and how gold is presently being relegated back to its fundamental form as another ordinary industrial metal.

I don’t follow herds, and I have more realistic wealth management strategies that I obey strictly. It centers around these very basic Scriptural principles; do not do things that offend God, do not break HIS Laws and if in need, ask and it shall be given you.

Quest To Depart From Gomorrah

However, my planned departure from Rawang wasn’t simply about moving to a bigger home. The urgency has to do with timing. During Joseph’s era, God gave him visions, indicating that there shall be seven years of abundance, followed by seven years of severe hardship. And I’m bound to believe that the God who spoke to Joseph, is the same God yesterday and today. He never changed. With what He did in the past, He left behind hallmarks and clues for all mankind to observe, as to what He will be doing in the future.

The troubles in the town of Rawang started in the year 2020. And today, we’re at the midpoint of its first seven years. Today, we are still well within the formative, merrymaking years. And once the first seven are over, the next horrible seven shall follow suit. God’s long-suffering patience, will always give men lots of time to repent and turn back to his ways, before He executes His wrath.

In the past, when Scriptures were not readily available, God spoke to the people through His prophets, concerning troubled times. But presently, the situation is slightly different. We have the Holy Bible, and all self-appointed prophets who claim to be speaking on God’s behalf, are often found to be liars and phony deceivers. Christ Himself attested to this fact when He said, “for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ” (Matthew 23:39)

In Rawang, the signs are everywhere. It is already well written on its weird, daily cloud formations. If you don’t understand what this means, go consult sky watchers or astronomers, and they’ll be able to explain to you, a lot more. These sky watchers and astronomers, are professionally known today as weather experts. Don’t bother asking false prophets what the skies are doing. They are blind to God’s true powers and their minds cannot comprehend the marvelous and great things that God does with the heavens. (Job 37:11-12)

I tried to warn some of my friends, but in return, I was called a serpent instead and made into their enemies. But by summer next year, the heat in this town, will not be tolerable, and gaseous debris wrongly attributed as haze, will be difficult to endure, than this season. The conditions will mutate from bad to worse, until men come into full repentance. And my family and I are not interested to stay for the party.

The New Location

It is another town almost a hundred kilometers away from Rawang. Lush with abundant forests, farms and agricultural estates, the pursuit is like moving over to greener pastures, from browning ones. I’ve seen surrounding neighbors, growing pandan leaves with thick, dark green shoots, all across their lawn. The land in this town is favorably fertile. Drop any seed on its soil, and it will likely grow with relative ease. This town is heavenly. And my coconuts and papayas are going to be shifting together with me.

The new place that my family shall soon call home, is a far cry from our present stay. Since 2014, my family have been loyal tenants to three different semi-detached houses in Rawang. Space is becoming tight as my kids have now grown up, into young adults. With their needs to work from home, the new mansion will provide sufficient ground, to house our new home office, my daughter’s digital art room, and my son’s simulator rig, the training post for his drift racing, motorsports hobby. Plus, we are going to have a large garden for our two dogs and one cat, to roam freely.

But it never crossed our minds to move out from Rawang entirely, until recently. And after several phone calls to a few agents, we are well on our way to discover the rest of what Malaysia has to offer, outside Rawang. If I am not posting new articles on this site as often as I did before, it could only be due to the fact that my home viewing appointments recently, are keeping me busy. As soon as I settle down, I’ll be back in momentum again.

Presently, I’m very tempted to make an offer to purchase a new home. However, we are spoiled for choices. Properties everywhere from North to South of Peninsular Malaysia, are as though they are on fire sale across the country. There’s more desperate sellers than there are willing buyers. And thus, because the supply outstrips demand, the seemingly good and low valuation on property prices today, are not likely to hold steady in coming years, and could potentially suffer another major correction to the downside very soon.

So should I buy now, or should I wait a little longer? The catch is this; I’m still able to rent a RM2 million mansion for a mere RM2,500.00 a month today. That works out to a paltry sum of RM30,000.00 annually. And I’m not sure how modern property investors compute their returns, or whether they even know how to count at all. At today’s rental prices versus property valuations, proprietors are essentially subsidizing their tenants’ stay. Better still, I shouldn’t be thinking too much either. What I need, I’ll just ask God, and He will give, as promised in His Bible; “Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?” (Matthew 7:9) God has never failed to reward obedience with His abundant blessings.

Nevertheless, my family and I do look forward to our move to the countryside. To shake the dust off our feet, and to remember not to look back. The Scripture said, “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” (Revelation 22:11). It is time for my family and I to move forward to a new chapter in life, and to leave the people of Rawang to where they rightfully belong.

Meanwhile, you can hold this statement against me; buy cryptos and buy up all crypto sh*tcoins, as they start falling in coming weeks. Similar to what I did with gold ten years ago and people then called me crazy, those who came to know that I am buying sh*tcoins today, are also saying I am crazy now. Exactly like how it was ten years ago. As if, their negative opinions, would have anything that could impact me to become poorer or richer, according to their terms. However, I’m not the one complaining that the price of raw chicken is expensive or a cup of coffee from StarBucks is too costly.

But how terrible it must be, to become believers who think they are a blessing themselves, but constantly living under the spell and deception of false preachers. While they call themselves God’s children, they thought they are automatically entitled to be rich. But the truth and the reality is too obvious and otherwise; most of them are often struggling to even pay their bills on time. Yeah, this Sunday, put two hundred Ringgit in the offering bag, then go get a job as a real estate negotiator. In no time, God will bless you with a deal worth two thousand Ringgit. So say their wolves and their hirelings. This is how man-made churches would define the phrase, return of investment, but dressed and disguised as giving to the church, or giving to God. My property agent will probably laugh her toes off, if I tell her this.