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For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God
is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

The Scripture is clear that notwithstanding God’s lovingkindness, God Himself ordered the death penalty for sin (Genesis 2:17). The gift of His lovingkindness paid the price for sin. The gift of lovingkindness DID NOT replace the need for sentencing.

The death of our Lord at the Cross, is as result of this strict ORDINANCE by the Father, the sins of mankind are the CAUSE of His death and the act of God the Father giving up His Son for us is the REACTION because of His lovingkindness and mercy for us.

Christ Jesus obeyed the Father and finished the job at the Cross because He is submissive to the Father’s will. Christ recognize that the Father is angry with our sins and He demands the death penalty on all sinners. Christ did not die on Cross for petty reasons or because He likes us so much that He is willing to do anything for us. No, that’s not the reality.

But despite His strict standards, the Father in Heaven surrendered His only Son to become the ultimate sacrifice in reaction to and out of His lovingkindness for us. And that whoever believes in His Son should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

Christ agreed to offer Himself as the sacrifice because of one sole reason; that the Father in heaven demands it. He humbled Himself at the Cross to accomplish the Father’s wishes, not ours (John 19:30).

In context, to believe in the Son is to hold a PROPOSITIONAL ATTITUDE; that by believing, we are coming into the light and submitting to the truth, and in doing so we are no longer to practice anymore evil (John 3:18-21). Whereas in the context of the world, to believe is often wrongly interpreted as a form of ritual, that by professing with our mouth once and saying that we believe, our salvation is automatically or eternally approved. This is the false gospel rampantly being taught in churches today.

As such, to believe in Christ means we stand by His position of holiness and purity and we choose not to have anything to do with sin anymore. By following Christ, we enter into a new arrangement (covenant) with God the Father, and we no longer do things (sin) that grieves the Father’s heart. (Genesis 6:6)

With this plan, the Father in heaven maintains His strict, absolute justice that is of high standing but yet He provisioned the way for us to escape death through Christ Jesus and His lovingkindness. Therefore no one on earth or in heaven shall have the slightest excuse to question the Father’s integrity and stature of His holiness while those accepted by the Son shall escape punishment and be known by Him.

What Must We Do

Pray and seek the Holy Spirit, to teach us what is the relationship between God’s justice and His lovingkindness. Ask for Wisdom to understand the real reasons why Christ Jesus Himself have to die on the Cross and why there is no other way.

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