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New positive Covid-19 cases in Malaysia spiked to 32,467 on March 3 but less than 1 per cent have severe symptoms, the government said today.

Image courtesy of COVIDNOW, Ministry Of Health, Malaysia.

National COVID-19 information portal, COVIDNOW, provides latest data on new cases, showing significant spikes up to 32,467 as of yesterday March 3rd 2022.

From its GitHub repository, the raw information provided by the collection center indicates that out the total 32,467 new detected infections, 4998 cases are people in the unvaccinated category, 583 with single dosage, 11,508 with double dose and 15,378 having completed their booster dose.

Meanwhile death rates is recorded as of yesterday at 86 in total, and 115 on the day before.

The Malay Mail, reported despite the substantial increase of newly detected cases, less than 1 percent have severe symptoms, according to the Ministry of Health.

ICU bed utilization remains manageable although five states, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya all have reached a 50 per cent rate of use. Among the two federal territories, Putrajaya’s ICU bed utilization is the highest, now at 83 per cent.