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Malaysia Relaxes COVID-19 Restrictive Rules

Reading Time: < 1 minute Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin announced that new relaxed rules and standard operation procedures (SOP) shall be implemented, beginning this May 1st 2022.

After Shanghai, Beijing Is Next

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beijing on Tuesday launched mass coronavirus testing for nearly all its 21 million residents, as fears grew that the Chinese capital may be placed under a strict lockdown like Shanghai.

COVID-19 kills patients using an enzyme similar to neurotoxins in rattlesnake venom

Reading Time: 4 minutes Neurotoxins from a rattlesnake bite can kill a human within a couple of hours. The shock discovery could also shed light on long-COVID, which continues to cause symptoms weeks or months after infection. Those symptoms range from fatigue, headaches, and breathlessness, to fever and stomach pain.

China extends Shanghai lockdown as COVID spreads

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rumors have swirled on Chinese social media about some residents refusing to be tested, wary of being warehoused in huge quarantine centers with little privacy despite most positive cases being asymptomatic.

Malaysia: COVID-19 cases soar to new highs

Reading Time: < 1 minute New positive Covid-19 cases in Malaysia spiked to 32,467 on March 3 but less than 1 per cent have severe symptoms, the government said today.

Malaysia COVID19 daily cases reach all time highs 27,831

Reading Time: < 1 minute The number of newly detected COVID19 cases in Malaysia continued rising daily and reached an all time high of 27,831 cases yesterday. The previous peak was 24,599 recorded on August 26th 2021.

U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass 900,000

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source: ReutersBy Steve Gorman & Roshan Abraham The coronavirus pandemic reached a grim new milestone in the United States on Friday with the nation’s cumulative death toll from COVID-19 surpassing 900,000, even as the daily number of lives lost has… Continue Reading →

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