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Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. FOR THEY SHALL SOON BE CUT DOWN LIKE THE GRASS, AND WITHER AS THE GREEN HERB.

Psalm 37:1-2

In the context of false preachers or false prophets, the Bible did not suggest in any way that we should leave them alone and to mind our own business. In fact, the Bible clearly instructed us in Ephesians 5:8-12, firstly to have no fellowship of any sort with them, and secondly to expose all their works of darkness, so that the rest can see the truth of their schemes, and the damage they are doing to the church.

Dealing with false preachers, false prophets and their followers is like the daunting task of clearing weeds in the garden. They grow in every direction, and they cover the good grass and vegetation, that is supposed to be the prime highlights of the terrace.

And you need heavy duty tools. Handling them gently with bare hands and with a pair of garden shears, is a waste of time. They grow back again, and they grow and occupy very quickly. So you need at least a petrol-powered lawn mover or grass trimmer for the job. Do not even think of buying those fancy electric or battery-powered cutters. Trust me, they are not fitting for the lumbering task of removing LARGE, OVERGROWN WEEDS.

Sample of a rotary weed cutting blade from Walmart

Initially, use a strong and sturdy rotary, stainless steel, saw blades to remove a substantial portion of any long, lateral shoots. Once, you’ve TRIMMED DOWN AND WEAKEN THEM, the lawn then becomes easier to manage. Next, CLEAR OFF a portion of the backyard, to collect all cut weeds to one area. As more and more dead weeds are carried in, MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS at the backyard at all times, to ease any follow-up work.

Next, switch to using a standard DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD (Hebrews 4:12), errr….. I mean double-edged cutting blade. Then use this particular blade to bring down the height of remaining shoots of weeds further. While doing this, keep the blade constantly sharpened and polished with a suitable ROCK (Matthew 16:18), errr … I mean stone, in order to maintain consistent, piercing and cutting power throughout the job. Any ordinary diamond stone or Arkansas stone will do the trick just fine. As you work your way around the garden with this blade, regularly rotate your task to sweeping up dead weeds and casting them into manageable spots prepared and located in the backyard.

Then move on to the next step BY USING A SOFTER HEAD, with nylon cutting lines. These lines are sufficiently strong to trim weeds further down, but they are yet gentle enough SO AS NOT TO REMOVE ANY GOOD GRASS from the lawn. This stage is where you also prepare the final touches at the edges of the lawn, TRIMMING OFF EXCESS SHOOTS OF GRASS THAT ARE GROWING SIDEWAYS, to encourage the good grass to grow back within the compounds of the lawn as how it was originally planned. Don’t forget to sweep and CLEAN as you progress and bring all unwanted wastes to the backyard.

Before you end the day, gather all rubbish, dead weeds and excess grass in lumps, and pile them up to be burned. By now, you don’t need much resource to eliminate the garden wastes, other than a box of matches and SOME OLD NEWSPAPER. Once you are done, bury the carbon leftovers properly, to turn them into manure, for future gardening missions. After approximately 3 months, you will have fine compost ready for potting any new plants, flowers or to be use soil mix for any of your future vegetable garden beds. GOOD PLANTS, TREES AND FRUITS, WILL GROW VERY WELL, WITH THESE NATURALLY PRODUCED GARDEN HUMUS.

Real, good trees will bear real, good fruits, that grows well from real, good soil. Image shows bountiful good fruits from a Golden Dwarf Malayan Coconut tree, growing from good soil in my backyard.
Real good fruits, only come from real, good trees.

Once the garden is cleared and nicely trimmed, do routine checks for new shoots of weeds. By now, you no longer require heavy tools anymore. All you need is a standard hoe, to pry up new weeds together with its roots. Then cover it over with new patches of good grass. Water them occasionally, and let them grow and dominate all corners of the lawn. If this is done on a regular basis, new weeds shall no longer overtake, and make your garden look unsightly anymore.

For further information, landowners can obtain full details and step-by-step guide on how to remove weeds from the harvest, by reading Matthew 13:24-30. I’m now cleaning the carburetor on my mower, and it should be ready to get some work done by this evening. In maintaining healthy harvests, it is about separating the wheat from the tares. It is no longer about friends or family. The gold standard set in Scripture, is separating between what is righteous against what is wicked (Matthew 3:12).

Important Disclaimer

However, before anyone start developing any fancy ideas over what I’m trying to imply with this post, allow me to clarify two important points.

Firstly, I’m only the owner of the little plot of land next to my home and if you see my land being cleared of weeds, then it is certain I’m the one responsible for the clearing and the cleaning up.

Secondly, I’m not the owner of churches or any church in particular in Malaysia or any parts of the world, therefore be certain as well I have no authority over them. And if any church compounds are being cleared of its weeds, I’m not responsible in any way at all. The real Owner is the one initiating the cleanup of His churches, and this blog is merely highlighting the fact that He is coming soon, and that the signs of times are indicating that the process of clearing and cleaning up weeds inside His church, had already begun.

Happy gardening and enjoy your day!