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For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’

Isaiah 14:13-14

Their style of preaching is accommodating to carnal men in God’s church. While they assure and promise believers that Christians are not responsible for their own sins, on the other hand, they accuse unbelievers during their sermons, treating them as punching bags, attacking certain interest groups such as the pro-abortion groups worldwide. By eluding that if you come to their fold and believe in the Jesus they claim to be representing, all your sins will be forgiven because they, as the anointed men from God, said so. And those who do not believe in their teachings or who do not call themselves Christians according to their professing beliefs, these people who commit sins like abortion (that are profoundly described in the Bible as against God’s commandments), shall be the bad apples that these preachers curse and condemn in public. To them, God is partial between the believers and the unbelievers.

Who were the ones emulating Lucifer and his pride?

What They Do

This particular false prophetess and her husband, both from SIBKL, has been proactively involved in an ongoing dispute that took place in a small church in the city of Rawang Malaysia, by teaching that transgressors are not required to be held responsible for their actions. Over the years, the couple had also been actively preaching that if you sin, you don’t have to be accountable. By their imaginary version of faith in God, all sins are forgiven automatically, regardless of the damage done to the victims. But not abortion. If you commit murder and you kill a fetus, you will be chastised and condemned, according to their terms of salvation.

This couple is coaching members in that small Rawang church that because God loves them so much therefore any Christian in their fold who believes in what they taught them, shall not be held accountable by God for their deeds. And it was no small matter as claimed by Paul and Christina Ang. It started with a small lie, to misrepresent factual events inside a communal affair, involving three Christian believers in a business transaction. The issue eventually blew out of proportion after the victims were forced openly to provide proof that the transgressor did not lie.

After evidence were submitted, the matter had been deliberately swept under the carpet by those directly involved in the case, and to cover it up as though nothing had ever occurred. As how they describe it with their tongues without first properly investigating the case themselves, to Paul and Christina Ang, it was a small matter unworthy of any attention. Rather, it was a case that involved huge sums of money and huge losses to the aggrieved party. Similarly, as in how they were parties to the scandal in the defunct Tabernacle Of Glory church in Kuala Lumpur back in the 80s and 90s, it was a small matter and God had already forgiven them without repentance. If you are an ex-TOG member, you’ll be able to relate to this issue very easily. It’s the same sham, done by the same couple in the same fashion, being repeated all over again 30 years later to promote ignorance is indeed bliss in Christian living. What brings glory and puts money in their pockets is exalted and things that brought shame to them is demoted as the devil’s pride.

But it did not stop there. The real commotion began when several churches and a number of leading Christian preachers in the town of Rawang, banded together to defame and to intentionally damage the reputation of the victims by going on to social media and rebuking them openly. These are the names of the preachers who were directly involved in this fracas; David Lee Ying Kiat (City of Praise, Rawang), Grace Tsen Siew Lynn (City of Praise, Rawang), Tam Wah Fiong (Diakonia Christian Church, Rawang), Victor M. Sidhu (Full Gospel Christian Church International, Rawang) and another person from The Blended Church based in Indianapolis, United States whose name we shall not disclose until he state his stand publicly that he is involved. Other than these names, there’s also a bunch of women in the background, talking without thinking and playing the second fiddle in this game of blaspheming the victims. And within their alliance, the couple Paul and Christina Ang (from Sijil Injil Borneo, Kuala Lumpur), who fondly call themselves the father and mother of other believers in their fold, were inadvertently adding fuel to an already huge fire.

The false accusations went on and on, from social media to Facebook and even to the pulpits where sermons were delivered to Christians on Sundays, church facilities were used at their disposal to bring down and to sideline the victims and to glorify the transgressor as the one loved and saved by God. At one point, they even spread the lie and rumor that the victims have backslide and became unbelievers and accused them as demons disguised as humans. And while they carried on relentlessly attacking the victims, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM APPROACH THE VICTIMS TO ASK FOR CLARIFICATION OR TO QUESTION THE VICTIMS WHY THEY HAD DONE WHAT THESE PREACHERS CLAIMED THEY HAVE DONE. Not one of them reasonably gave any benefit of doubt to the victims to defend themselves, other than they continuously attack and cause damage to their reputation and repeatedly defame them without cause.

Moving Forward

All parties directly involved in this matter have already impliedly agreed to let God handle this dispute matter, and likewise the victims themselves have prayed and surrendered their case and cause to the Lord. Just as abortion is a matter of dispute between the mother, the fetus and no one else, likewise if there is any other Christian preacher who’d like to get involved in the dispute like how Paul and Christina Ang did, then rest be assured of this truth; YOU WILL BE TREATED AS A PARTY TO THIS DISPUTE in all submissions to the Lord in heaven by the victims.

This will go down in history as one of the worst cases of leadership hypocrisy in Malaysia, involving individuals who claim to be pastors, preachers and anointed men of God. If you are a member of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF), take note of this case as the story develops and as we disclose more ghastly details in coming months. These are people from your own flock and your own fold.