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Organized by the Malaysia’s PPIM and Singapore’s Healing The Divide, don’t miss this exciting and inspiring event with legends from the Medical Freedom Movement, this coming April 23rd 2022 at 3pm to 6pm (GMT +8) via Zoom. Waking up requires courage. Click here to register for this online event. The broadcast ticket is FREE, for watch-only participants.

About this event

Dear Doctors, Lawyers, Patriots, Parents, Teachers and Concerned Citizens,

We would like to invite you to join us for the first-ever event organised by the ASIAN Sovereignty Coalition and the World Council for Health. Keynote Speaker: Dipali Ojha, lawyer from India who will share her journey of legal actions in India and milestones achieved, as well as how citizens could protect themselves from the mandates.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has wrecked families, economies and lives for the past 2 years. Yet, 2 years on, the nightmare is far from over. We have had to deal with unreasonable and traumatic Vaccine Differentiated Measures as they divided our homes, workplaces and society.

Ironically, these measures have opened our eyes to the deeper cracks and fractures in our world, the unseen powers, the puppet masters that operate in the shadows, and the media that give the illusion of safety and which continue to promulgate propaganda not based on scientific evidence.

Sadly, as a consequence, innocent citizens unwittingly end up paying with their health and their lives. Through our work, we have encountered victim after victim, patient after patient whose cancer has relapsed after taking the vaccine, those who suddenly got diagnosed with AIDS, and who collapsed suddenly after a workout or just slept and never woke up, post-Covid 19 vaccines.

The pain is worsened when doctors and hospitals gaslighted the victims and refused to acknowledge the symptoms and injuries they experienced were due to “Underlying conditions” or “Not due to vaccine”. Sometimes, the deceased were denied autopsies. Other times, their symptoms were not even recorded!

As Asians, we have a culture of not talking about “death.” We hide the unpleasant things in life. We don’t like to talk about our suffering and we would often rather keep our hardships to ourselves. There has been a lot of guilt, shame, fear, peer pressure and intimidation from not taking the vaccine. We have suffered in silence from the injuries and even deaths of our loved ones. Yet, the knot in our hearts can never be untangled as long as the authorities do not acknowledge the truth of what really happened to us / our loved ones and continue to spread propaganda not based on the gold standard expected in scientific research. Ignoring scientists and doctors in favor of the Big Pharma appear to be the new norm.

As we reflect on “How did we end up where we are now?” and “How did we allow evil to go on unchecked?”, we can only conclude that our Silence and Compliance allowed this to happen.

So today, as Asia opens our eyes, we see the inconsistencies in the official records of deaths and injuries after vaccines. We only have one thing to say, “It’s time to WAKE UP ASIA.” It’s time to open our eyes to see the people who are hurting inside. It’s time to open our ears to hear the stories of those who have lost their loved ones and it’s time to open our hearts to remember those we love, the lives we once knew and the bodies we no longer have.

Waking Up requires courage. We have to do it as a global village. We got to be there for one another, regardless of our nationality, language, race, religion and vaccination status. Most importantly, Waking Up requires embracing our humanity, our differences, in our collective efforts to fight the evil that knows no mercy and would spare no child in its quest for world domination.

It’s time to Stand Up, Brothers and Sisters. We invite you to join us in this event as a member/speaker /supporter and be the voice of the people in your country to speak up about the suffering of your people and be the protector of freedom, truth and courage in Asia.

We will have a special presentation from the World Council for Health on the WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations and why we should be concerned and what we can do to retake our Sovereignty.

As people suffer in silence and struggle with their health and fears of the future, you can be that beacon of hope and comfort in these dark times.