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Inspired by Psalms 78

God used Jacob’s testimony and set forth the Law in their hearts, so that their children may not repeat their parents’ mistakes. But they did not honor their covenant with God and they refused His Law.

And they continue to sin and complained, questioning if God can provide them with the fancy things their hearts desire. But God fed them through His anger, and they ate food from the tables belonging to angels. God gave them what their hearts desired. And while they were eating, God’s wrath came upon them and struck down their selected few. But yet, they still choose to sin and in doing so, they continue to live their lives in fear.

When God surrenders them to death, they remembered God, they turned back and sought Him earnestly. However, they lied to God again and returned to their old ways of using flattery with their mouths and they remained unfaithful to their covenant with God. Despite their unfaithfulness, God remained compassionate and did not fully destroy them.

In their long suffering wilderness in life, they repeatedly provoked and grieved God. They tempted God to do things for them and they continue to limit His all-power abilities by their deeds.

And God continue to pour down His wrath on them. He made water bitter that they could not drink. He sent flies. He sent frogs. He allowed caterpillars to eat up vegetation that was meant for their food. He brought down trees around them with cold weather. He sent hail showers to wipe out cattles and sent lightning to destroy flocks that were suppose to be meat on their tables.

The saddest part of their journey is when God gave up their first born, to be killed by plagues. But yet God showed His mercy despite their arrogance and unfaithfulness. By the roaring sea waters, God defeated their enemies for them. But yet again, they never learn from their past mistakes. They continue to test and provoke God just like their parents did.

And again, God surrendered them into His wrath, and this time He led them into captivity in their enemies’ hands. Their boys will die by fire and their girls will not be desired by others for marriage. Their pastors shall be killed and their widows shall not weep over their deaths. While they cry out to God, God will continue to answer their grieve and drive back their enemies.

But out of this horrifying thriller of Jacob’s Troubles and his spotted sheep, God shall bring forth the rise of another little David, and he will shepherd and lead them according to the strict standards of integrity from his own heart and he shall guide them by the skills of his hands given him by God, leading the flock to wash their robes clean with the blood of the Lamb.