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For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:2-3

The seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls in the Book Of Revelation are indicative prophecies of what is soon coming to pass, revealing God’s divine judgment on earth. In my opinion, the events of these three types of sevens, are chronologically positioned. I don’t see how they could occur randomly, according to what some bible scholars are suggesting throughout many decades of research and debate.

The breaking of the first seven seals by our Lord Jesus Christ, clearly shows us evidence that some sort of agreement have been breached, resulting in the opening of the seals to reveal its impending wrath from heaven. Where covenants are involved, they could only relate to God’s agreement with His people, and likewise, any matter of breach of these covenants, would also likely relate only to God and His people.

Compared to the subsequent seven trumpets and seven bowls, the first set of seven seals appear to be mild warning shots, to notify the world that these prophesied, divine showdown is about to begin. Essentially, we shall be witnessing war, famine, deaths, martyrdom and cosmic disturbances, and these signs will only grow and become more intense as the world draws closer to the Day of the Lord.

By dissecting the components described in Scripture, we could then make some calculated assumptions, concerning the likelihood of these breaking of seals events, and how they shall impact the lives of God’s people. And the fact that there will be global unrest, large scale starvation and untimely deaths plaguing mankind, THESE ARE CLEARLY TRIGGER EVENTS THAT SEEKS TO WEAKEN AND TO DISLODGE OUR HUMAN PRIDE, BEFORE THE HEAVENS MOVE ON TO REVEAL SUBSEQUENT PLAGUES.

Health & Wealth Removed

Since 2020, we have seen how the world has been deceived into submission, that by accepting government-mandated inoculation programs and to be vaccinated, the global population were told that they shall be protected from potentially deadly flu-like viral infections. But instead of promoting protection, what we are witnessing today is practically the opposite, the removal of God-given immunity from human bodies, and people everywhere appears to succumb easily to various types of diseases; from heart failures, abnormal skin rashes, hand-foot-mouth infections, clotting of blood, unexplained surge of cancer cases, and many more.

And before believers could stake in another spiritual victory, they are now being plunged several steps backward, and have inadvertently exposed themselves to new battles, to fight for their lives and health.

On the economic front end, the plundering is hardly over. The sheer devaluation of the US Dollar and other global currencies since a century ago, points to the undeniable fact that human value made to be stored in fiat money, is being systematically drained, slowly but surely over time. A Dollar used to be exchangeable for an ounce of pure gold back in the 19th century. And a Dollar typically buys a family between 400 and 500 loaves of bread back then. That was exactly how much the money in our pockets have been depleting and is still continuing to deplete further.

Remaking Of The Great Depression of 1929

Typical market phase.

The above image is a famously plotted out chart diagram, that illustrates how hedge funds and market manipulators deceive the masses into making wrong moves, trading in the wrong direction over time and thus transferring the wealth of many into the hands of selected individuals.

The US S&P 500 Index monthly chart.
The Malaysian KLCI Index monthly chart.

Comparatively, we could clearly identify similar, emerging patterns in both the American S&P500 and the Malaysian KLCI stock market indexes. Take note, that both these charts are in monthly scaling, and therefore it takes long periods of time for subsequent chart plots to develop, and in these cases we are expecting them to take its course over the next several years.

Mathematically, the charts are telling us that a massive stock market implosion is about to happen. For instance, the Malaysian KLCI index has been trading way above its mean fair value since the early 1990s, and professional traders are fully aware that it is high time for a reversal to take place, to bring us back into actual, fair valuation.

You might say that this does not affect you in any way because you may not be involved in stock trading and if market trends downward, you do not suffer any losses. But this statement is not completely true. The losses incurred by amateur and novice traders is only one small part of the bigger equation.

As the market rises into its euphoria stage, a small number of people who bought at the extreme bottom, will start cashing out at the top. The first level of capitulation is suffered by those directly involved in the trades. They will the ones to lose their money, their cars and their homes initially.

Next, as the winners emerged, they shall then start buying up other cheaper assets, including new homes, new cars, new paintings etc. Life becomes a full signature of prosperity for these people, and you will be able to easily spot them as the new millionaires or billionaires of your time. As they spend and splurge their new-found wealth, their deeds will place imminent pressure on the supply chain and thus causing inflation to take its course, bringing the price of goods up another ridiculous level.

This is how fiat money, including the US Dollar, gets depreciated over time. Price of goods start rising rapidly and in order to balance out the economic unevenness, governments have to resort to print more money and bring them into circulation, in order to compensate for higher expenses. This money printing is what introduces further inflation and hyperinflation into the already saturated system. Technically, money printing does nothing more than shifting the wealth from our pockets into the hands of those in power.

At the end of each pump and dump cycle, there will be two major groups of losers. First are those who recklessly lost everything, trading without knowledge against professionals whom are far superior than them, in terms of market knowledge and experience. The second and the biggest among all losers are the ordinary man-in-the-street; those who hold fiat currencies and people who live their daily lives thinking that if they do not get involved in trading, they are safe from the capitulation. They will be the ignorant losers, who will soon suffer everything without even knowing what is about to happen to them.

Stock Exchanges Affect Everybody

Let me give you an example. In 2018, the Malaysian KLCI index rose its all-time high to 1896 points, the furthest in history, since its inception. Subsequently it started falling gradually. And in 2020, the sudden onslaught of the global pandemic, accelerated its decline to a low of 1,200 points by the month of March.

People start losing their jobs, businesses slowed down tremendously everywhere and prices of essential goods, food and supply, began rising rapidly. It was one whammy after another. Then, public discontent poured in and the people were hastily looking for political resolve to restore their state of affairs. And that was only the first leg down of 700 points, printed on KLCI’s chart. The simultaneous lost of income and rise in the price of essential goods, is more than anyone could bear.

While the world is being told that the global economic slowdown was caused by the pandemic, but nobody paid any attention to the fact that, smart money has been quietly exiting the markets as early as in 2018, cashing out and leaving others at the top, with overvalued and expensive stocks and assets.

Next, the cryptocurrency markets start collapsing by 2022. And these digital asset traders were jittered and spooked by the infamous take-down of Terra Luna’s UST, a popular stable-coin used and held by millions of Americans. The UST stable-coin fell from its Dollar peg to near zero, leaving investors with nothing, not even leftovers. And the avalanche began; other cryptocurrencies started collapsing, and by the time the blow-off phase is done and over, almost one to two trillion US Dollars were wiped out from the markets.

The Bad News Ain’t Over

Brick and mortar businesses have seen the effects of what a KLCI plunge from 1896 to 1200, a fall of almost 700 points, did to the real world economy. Peoples’ spending power were greatly reduced while shops and factories have to close or scaled down tremendously, in order for them to stay alive and relevant. But the recovery is small and meaningless. And another potential crash to take KLCI down to its previous lows of 500 to 600 points is but another level of serious trouble, just waiting to happen. And this time, most businesses who thought they could survive recessions, will be forced to shutter for good.

While we are witnessing markets imploding everywhere, the full repercussion of a global meltdown hasn’t reached the peak of its tentacles yet. Inflation have yet to soar to its all-time highs and while Malaysians thought the current price of one raw undressed chicken at RM18.00 is very costly, wait till you see what happens when prices scale up to RM100.00 to RM200.00 per bird. This is when ordinary people shall have no means to afford basic food and necessities. This will be the reality of hyperinflation and the Bible confirmed that this will happen as stated in Revelation 6:5-6.

However, the media will not be telling people the real reasons why these things are unfolding. Instead, they will suggest everyone to look to the wrong sides of the equation, with irrelevant resolve to stock up food and water, and to get ready for a great, big global financial reset. But what can a person do, if the real situation of famine is caused by hyperinflation and not actual shortages? This means, food and essentials will remain in abundant supply, but because things became so expensive, people will have no means to afford them, not even with money they have in their pockets.

Whereas, the more experienced and those whom are financially astute, were told to believe that another “Lehman Brothers” moment will be coming and kick havoc in the global economy. So while they prepare themselves for a systemic collapse in the financial sectors and expecting big banks to tank, the opposite will happen instead. Nothing will crash and no large institutions will come down as widely expected by many.

We live in times where computing power is able to simulate models of real life events, and with such available technology, financial industry experts were able to conduct such simulations, examine the catastrophic outcomes and thereafter formulate sufficient measures to contain any potential systemic risks, before they could even happen. Instead of a meltdown, we will more likely be seeing the introduction of large scale hyperinflation, where the wealth of the masses will be transferred into the hands of these big banks and institutions, in order for them to solve the imbalances that could potentially be harmful to what they are doing.

Divine Judgment In Motion

Hyperinflation and economic depressions are simply the repercussions of one type of God’s wrath being poured down from heaven, to make man fall on his knees, and to humble themselves. They are fighting an Almighty God who hates sin. And professing, charismatic believers thought they could speak away or sing away these calamities, as though by repeatedly reminding themselves that God loves them so much that He would not even think of punishing them. The big bad wolves are coming, and when they arrive, you and I won’t be realizing that they have already reached the door and knocking.

The wailing and the cries are now being heard. But according to the Bible, these are merely birth pains, and the real agony and horror have yet to begin. This is the result of man trying to play God, and in their evil commission of replacing the righteousness and holiness of our heavenly Father, with their own fables and their own version of what is goodness and rectitude.