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But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18:6

There are many ramifications of falsehood, what it does to us, ranging from causing minor squabbles to extensive wrongdoings where trespassing accelerates to unimaginable levels, eventually leading to sin. In the extreme form, it leads to murder.

In some case, we could clearly see how deep false teachings have rooted itself in the minds of the people that the Bible described this as the time when people will not endure sound doctrine, but shall go after their own desires, having itching ears and heaping for themselves teachers of their liking and turning their ears away from the truth, and to fables. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Take for instance examples of false prophets and their social media pages. When these teachers speak of things that glorifies the human soul, you will see immediate likes and thumbs up marching in by the dozens, putting their stamp of approval to suggestive words that is obviously authored to please human desires.

Put up a post like this one and immediately you see how the masses respond to what is music to their ears. Scores of followers will like and give their thumbs up.

But when the same teachers start to come to their senses and utter a little truth like “be responsible and obey God”, their crowd and followers are immediately thrown into confusion, rendered incapable to respond to the thread.

Throw the line of reason and truth to the same crowd, instructing them to obey Christ, and you’ll get everyone confused and not knowing how to respond. Almost half a day gone past, with zero likes or thumbs up.

Today, the ordinary believer could no longer tell the difference between what is pleasing and what is detestable to God. That is the extent, the amount of damage done to the mindsets of people, when for years (or even decades), these false teachers train into the thinking of people, and impart teachings from their own worthless visions, and not from God and the Bible. Jeremiah 23:16

And it becomes lethargic, when other teachers start jumping on to the bandwagon, and they viral these fables with their own social media and blogging accounts. Therefore, if one false prophet starts claiming he is seeing angels, the rest of his fellow preachers would follow suit, duplicating and forwarding the junk news without first fact-checking and questioning the legitimacy of the claim. As a result, they inadvertently amplified the garbage, and the mess it creates later on shall eventually lead everybody to nowhere other than straight to the dump yards.

This is no different from what happened in the United States several years ago when truck loads of false preachers started to make prophetic statements that Donald Trump will win re-election. One prophecy after another, and more and more preachers, those who go about carrying out their church business in the name of Christ, piles on to each another’s prophecies and assuring the public that indeed Donald Trump is going to win. It is as if these preachers were making prophetic statements from what they feel is likely going to happen and from their own biased motives rather than being instructed by God to speak. And after Donald Trump lost, it leaves behind a trail of mess for others in the churches to clean up.

Therefore Christ Himself personally cautioned preachers, of the severity of judgment against them, those who causes the little ones to stumble (Matthew 18:6). He said it would be better for them to tie stones around their necks and jump into the ocean than to live. For it is also written that those who teach shall receive stricter judgment than those who don’t (James 3:1).

Imagine this; on the day of judgment Cain finds out about Jesus and he says to God, I have accepted Jesus as my Savior therefore my brother Abel no longer have a case against me. In this regard, try not analyze the facts from Cain’s perspective. And neither from Abel’s point of view. Try imagine what you think God the Judge will do when the matter is brought before Him for decision, while keeping in mind that there is no partiality with God (Romans 2:11).

For this reason, Christ taught us to settle our matters and bring everything to peace, before such matters are brought before the Judge for a full trial (Luke 12:58). And He also promised us that if two or more gather in His presence to resolve disputes, He shall be there to assist (Matthew 18:15-20). That’s when Christ will mediate, commanding the sinner to confess and instructing the accuser to forgive. The job of the preacher is neither to command nor to instruct, but to facilitate and to inform believers of what the Bible requires us to do when dealing with sin.

But worse, by teaching God’s children that Christ is the reason we are no longer required to confess and repent our sins, these preachers are in fact thwarting His divine authority to mediate between brothers, and replacing Scriptural instructions with their own fairy tale version of salvation, done without any of God’s commanded repentance.

That is how many preachers have acutely failed to educate the people in their churches of the essence of truth. But instead, they chose to persistently speak things into existence as if they are God. From using the facilities at pulpits to assure believers that as long as sinners claim they believe in Christ, God will not punish them, to self digression and subsequently to the bizarre need that these preachers had to repeatedly reassure themselves as well; because God loved them so much therefore it only made sense in their simpleton ways that God will neither condemn them nor their sins. Christ is no longer the truth nor the way to the Father but a new, quick fix to their problems when they run into troubles.

While they put themselves and their church members to suffer the pains and agony of God’s wrath that is unfolding in the world today, on Sundays they would gather inside their church buildings, look at each other and attempt to explain with their own efforts, why bad things are happening to good people. And the foolish and frivolous preachers would march in and blatantly proclaim God’s anointing or declare victory is at hand, despite that they themselves do not even know what race they are trying to run.

Having said this, I have only one little thing left to add; the damage that false teachings does to the people and children of God is catastrophic. I’ve seen with my own eyes, believers claiming they are no longer required to be responsible because of Christ, and doing it with their pastors’ blessings. It appears to me that these preachers are so blinded that they can’t see the ruckus they cause to the lives of people in the community around them, arising from their misguided teachings and fiction they pass on as the truth.

The resulting outcome would be none other than the continued fall of men, many years of living in fear, failure to repent and total blindness from the truth that could essentially set them free from the clutches of sin (John 8:32).