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And anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but to him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven.

Luke 12:10

When Jesus was teaching at the temple, His word are usually authoritative and the people who listens to Him, are often astonished at His teaching (Luke 4:31-32). You can imagine how this – being astonished set up could be like, visibly; the crowd would probably have their ears locked to His speech, the crowd would also be so quiet themselves that probably you can hear if a pin drops, or their attention towards Him who is speaking is unmistakably obvious, so engrossed with His teaching that they might be having their eyes set towards Him completely, with their jaws half opened and doing nothing else other than with ears listening attentively.

If Christ and the Holy Spirit are “present” and “speaking” to a church of people today, the same conditions as if Jesus is physically present would also most likely be prevailing. When the Word of God is being delivered, the crowd, the sheep and the people would be astonished, they would be quiet, their eyes staring at the speaker in awe, ears locked in to the speech and with their jaws half opened. And whoever man preacher who stands before the pulpit then becomes irrelevant. The attention is on the words of what is spoken.

When Christ and the Holy Spirit speaks to us, they don’t have to emphasize the word “Amen” at the end of each sentence, as if to seek the agreement of men. When Christ and the Holy Spirit speaks, they deliver their words straight from their hearts, and it is irrelevant whether we agree or not, with what is being spoken. The truth does not require our consent.

When Christ and the Holy Spirit speaks, there’s no abysmal shouting of “hallelujah” or praise this or that, or would the people clap their hands in between phrases of the truth. When Christ and the Holy Spirit speaks, the people would be so caught up in astonishment, that they automatically becomes speechless and not knowing how to react.

One Malaysian preacher, a favorite and a person always on my look out radar, is none other than Franklin Morais. When this man speaks, I myself would become astonished, speechless and not knowing how to react. And probably the people in the church he spoke at this morning, would have experienced the same symptoms. Franklin preach and teach straight from the Bible and he always delivers the heart of the Word of God, without adding or subtracting anything from it, rendering the crowd in astonishment, as if Christ is speaking in person.

Franklin’s Message At Diakonia

Pertinent excerpts from Franklin Morais’ sermon:-

“Look at what Jesus say … Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. So what’s leaven? … Disciples, beware of that small little thing, and he connects it to the Pharisees, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. And he does not leave us in the dark, he’s going to identify the leaven. And he identifies the leaven as HYPOCRISY.

“Many of us know what hypocrisy is like. I would say many of us don’t like hypocrites. Well, let’s look and see how Jesus describes a hypocrite. Jesus goes on to say … there is … (hypocrisy is) COVERED or HIDDEN. Do you realize that hypocrisy is something like that; hidden, covered? Hypocrisy is something hidden and covered and you don’t really know the real thing. You don’t really know the genuine thing, the authentic thing.

“But look at what Jesus says … He says hypocrisy will be found out. … Whatever spoken in the dark, will be heard in the Light. Whatever spoken in the year in private, is going to be proclaimed in the house … And I think there is a warning to us, His disciples. You and I can try and be hypocritical and not even realize we are being hypocritical, and Jesus says YOU WILL BE EXPOSED. You and I, our hypocrisy will be exposed.

“Then Jesus moves on and starts teaching about HELL. And look at what He says. … Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that, have no more that they can do. And then Jesus says, you want to know who to be afraid of? Do you want to know who to be really afraid of? YOU BE AFRAID OF HIM WHOM AFTER HE HAS KILLED … (he who) has authority to throw you into hell. Who do you think He is speaking? Jesus, good old wonderful, gentle Shepherd of our soul, Jesus.

“And brothers and sisters, my dear friends, disciples of Jesus. Remember that the Lamb of God is also the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The God who gave His life for us is the God who has the power to throw (us) into hell. Jesus says, fear Him. Fear Him who has the power to cast into hell … Jesus is already teaching us, the way not to be a hypocrite is to fear God. Jesus continues His teaching. And after teaching His heavy duty message on hell and about fearing God whom alone can throw people into hell …

“Now he moves on to the part, whoever CONFESSES ME before men, My Father would confess Him before the angels. Whoever denies me before men, will be denied before the angels of God. Now as I studied this verse, and I encourage you if you study Scripture, IT IS TIME TO MOVE BEYOND YOUR DAILY BREAD AND YOUR LITTLE DEVOTIONALS. Can I challenge you, encourage you and urge you, START LOOKING INTO LEXICONS … lexicons are dictionaries … start with Strong’s dictionary. Because that’s what I did. And when I look at the word “CONFESSES”, the meaning of the word of Jesus is this; WHOEVER WHO IS NOT ON THE SAME PAGE WITH ME, TODAY’s EQUIVALENT PHRASE. JESUS IS SAYING WHOEVER WHO IS NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH ME (JESUS), WHOEVER WHO IS NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH ME, I’M (JESUS) NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH THEM BEFORE GOD, I’M NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH THEM BEFORE THE ANGELS.

And so Jesus is showing us something very strong, opposite to a hypocritical life. Jesus is showing that to walk in alignment with Him, is to agree with Him, is to be like Him, it is to be with Him in every single aspect of life.

Then He moves on to a very tough thing; look at what He says … anyone who speaks against the Son of Man will be forgiven Him but to Him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven. … I’m going to tell you this … this is what Jesus says, there are some who will speak against the Lord Jesus. They will speak bad of Him, they will speak against Him. And if you look through history, you will find many … who have spoken against the Son of God, who have spoken against the name of Jesus Christ. And look at what the Lord says, look at His mercy and grace; it will be forgiven Him. And then the Lord says, and He uses a different word, … he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit.

“Then Jesus goes on, He is still talking about hypocrisy. He moved from (the topic of) hell … the important thing that Jesus is teaching is this; A LIFESTYLE OF HYPOCRISY IS GOING TO GET A PERSON TO HELL!”

About The Speaker

Franklin Morais is a born again believer and he serves at Hope Evangelical Free Church in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a small community church with leaders having known for their activism and immense contribution in communal matters, including social and local politics.

Host Church:-
Diakonia Christian Church
77-81 Jalan Bayu Permai 5
Taman Bayu Permai
48000 Rawang, Selangor
West Malaysia.