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Approximately a week ago, the Malaysian Health Ministry published a PDF guideline to list out the salients points in line with its endemic transition phase, effective since April 1st. The public in general is now being steered towards living and adapting life with the existence of COVID-19 in line with the reopening of economic sectors.

To download the PDF document that is written primarily in English, click here.

This document entitled #ReopeningSafely Guidelines, Religious Activities, Weddings, and Funerals, spells out the various best practices and the importance for Malaysians to understand and not underestimate the risks of COVID-19 transmission, practice preventive measures, and always to remain vigilant as we carry out our daily activities to ensure the safety of ourselves and our families.

We noted that in this separate document that pertains to crowd gatherings like Sunday worship in churches, there’s no mention of any restriction to the unvaccinated not being allowed to participate in church activities. As long as the rest of the essential rules are followed like face masking, one meter distancing and good personal hygiene, all is good to go for everyone now to attend church services again.

However, it must be emphasized that in a another PDF circular by the Health Ministry, parties that are responsible for any access to premises may prescribe additional conditions and requirements to protect employees, customers and visitors to their respective premises, as discussed in an earlier post that can be read here Malaysia Relaxes COVID-19 SOP Rules.