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Over the past three weeks, sharp increase in the daily COVID-19 case counts were being reported and seen. Case numbers are probably much higher than global official numbers due to cases not reported and the lack of availability of testing resources.

As at January 25th 2022, global coronavirus cases stands at 352,709.500 and total deaths number to 5,616,487 worldwide.

Despite hard line measures taken by governments all over the world, new detected cases are hardly abating at all. In fact, they are spiking sharply upwards since early January, with leading nations like the United States, reporting record cases averaging 750,000 daily.

Chart courtesy of worldometer.

Data obtained from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, indicates other major countries like France, India, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Turkey; each facing similar counts, with their respective charts showing sharp increase during this winter season.

Chart courtesy of Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

In Malaysia, we appear to have been temporarily spared from this spike phenomenon. Leading news portal Malaysiakini, are reporting 3,214 new cases today, a paltry figure compared to other less fortunate nations, in particular those that are experiencing cold weather climate presently.

While Covid hospitalizations double in more than a dozen states in two weeks in the United States, we too are having our fair share of the predicament; sharp increases were seen among school going children throughout the country.

But history have shown us that this is not to be taken lightly, as the country subsequently plunged into record infection rates, several months after the initial COVID-19 outbreak were seen elsewhere, in early 2021 last year.