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They do not call themselves anointed by God or even powerful men of God. These are preachers from the street that are known for their undisputed love for God and His Word, they preach direct from the Bible and only straight from the Bible.

These men came together during the 2022 G3 National Pre-Conference to discuss, among other things, various social issues gripping the Christian faith today, and possible post pandemic era and times.

Carl Hargrove, a staff pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, moderated the discussion. I would say this hour-long Youtube upload by the G3 Ministries, is a must-watch for those with zeal for God’s truth, to be aware of current affairs concerning spiritual battles between those who speak boldly and with honesty, against those who don’t; the false, the liars and the blabbers.

I do find it to be somehow intriguing, that the issues faced by our American pastors and churches are almost identical to issues faced by Christians elsewhere, including Malaysia, where I am residing. They talk about the hurt caused by leadership betrayal, literal interpretation of Scripture, the “phony” pandemic and even sensitive topics such as calling out false prophets by their names. Christianity is indeed a small community in a big world.

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