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The Final Wealth Transfer In The Last Days

Reading Time: 4 minutes A prominent currency exchange business owner once tweeted, the Internet is the technology that transfers information from one form to another, whereas blockchain is the technology that will transfer wealth or value from one group of people to another.

Malaysia: Inflation is real but broadly dismissed as trivial

Reading Time: 6 minutes With limited government assistance, many households are relying on charity to eat. Some pundits are even predicting that hardship may manifest into spontaneous demonstrations on the streets in the coming months. Source: Malaysia TodayBy Murray Hunter Inflation is increasing the… Continue Reading →

Fry-tening: McDonald’s Malaysia hit by shortages

Reading Time: < 1 minute There will be great earthquakes and wide-scale food shortages and epidemics. There will also be terrifying sights and great signs in the sky. Luke 21:11 Source: Malaysia Today KUALA LUMPUR: McDonald’s Malaysia has been forced to ration fries due to… Continue Reading →

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